SEO Design Chicago has worked with hundreds of different companies from startups to enterprise clients in Chicago and across the country. Every marketing tactic should be focused on the specific industry that you are targeting in each specific service area. Some industries see great success from email marketing, some industries see their sales multiply using social media strategies.  In this article we will focus on what strategies worked best for each industry based on empirical evidence from our marketing campaigns and case studies by industry that include:

  • Custom Paid Search Campaigns
  • Audience Targeted Social Media Strategy
  • Local Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  • SEO Optimization Best Practices
  • Keyword Research of Competitors
SEO online marketing strategy

Marketing Industries

Let’s take a look at each of the industries that SEO Design Chicago has worked in and talk about some of the best strategies and results we obtained by industry. We will classify the industries by parent categories to make it easier for readers and marketers to look for their specific industry. Some industries can overlap.

Search for your specific industry below:

Healthcare Marketing & Advertising Strategies 

Assisted Living Marketing

SEO Design Chicago has worked with assisted living centers throughout the United States, including Minnesota and Florida. We help assisted living centers attract new residents using our professional digital marketing strategies.

We have worked with memory homes, nursing homes, assisted living centers, and more. Many assisted living centers are using outdated ways of attracting new clients, and we help fix that. In our experience, the most valuable marketing tactic for assisted living centers is a continuing content creation and SEO campaign for your website.

Assisted living local SEO

Ambulatory Services Advertising

We also provide ambulatory service advertising and marketing services to clients across the United States and Canada. SEO Design Chicago helps hospital-owned and ambulatory services win new patients and increase revenue.

The top marketing strategy for ambulatory services is SEO. We make sure that ambulatory services do not get lost on the hospital or health system website and help these services stand out online, where more and more people are doing research regarding their healthcare choices.

top ambulatory service marketing strategies

Cardiology Marketing

SEO Design Chicago helps cardiologists and cardiology practices attract more patients successfully, so you can help more hearts and lives. Our cardiology marketing and advertising strategies can help you stand out from other heart-care professionals.

The top cardiology marketing strategy, in our professional experience working with top cardiologists in Barrington, IL, and elsewhere, is a professional ongoing content creation and SEO strategy to make sure patients in you area find your cardiology practice first.

top cardiologist marketing strategies

Chiropractor Marketing

SEO Design Chicago provides chiropractor marketing services for chiropractors in Chicago’s suburbs, like Aurora. We specialize in helping chiropractors improve their SEO and making sure they are included in online chiropractor listings.

One of the keys to chiropractic marketing is to ensure your branding is present on your chiropractic practice’s website. SEO Design Chicago can update your web design and branding to align with your goals and attract more patients.

Chiropractor Listings

Dentist Marketing

No dental practice can grow without a digital marketing and advertising plan. SEO Design Chicago knows the best SEO strategies for dentists to attract more patients. We can optimize your website based on your practice’s specialty with the correct keywords. 

We offer social media management and other marketing services to dentists across the country. As a nationwide marketing agency, we have worked with dentists in San Antonio and Chicago to build their practices and find more patients. 

Dentist Social Media

Doctor Marketing

SEO Design Chicago helps doctor’s offices across the U.S. find, attract, and retain patients. We specialize in marketing and advertising for doctors in a variety of specialty areas in towns like Highland Park

It is more important than ever for doctors to have a professional, optimized website and digital presence in order to find new patients. Whether your practice is located in Arizona or Chicago, we can help you grow your practice while you help your patients. 

medical marketing

Hospital Marketing

Competition has never been more steep for hospitals. SEO Design Chicago provides patient-centered marketing services to help hospitals appeal to more potential patients. 

Just like you want your patients to be healthy, you need your hospital website’s SEO to be healthy, too. SEO Design Chicago has helped major-market hospital groups in cities like NYC improve their search ranking and improve their brand recognition. 

best hospital marketing strategies

Marketing in Healthcare

SEO Design Chicago offers marketing services for all different types of healthcare groups. From plastic surgeon marketing services, to SEO for orthopedists, we do it all. 

We created a content marketing plan to help one company be found in organic search results and created an attractive WordPress website for them with a smooth user experience. They saw a 395% increase in organic traffic over six months. Let us help you grow your site, too. 

seo for healthcare providers

Massage Therapist Marketing

Gone are the days when clients would find your massage therapy practice by walking down the street. Modern massage therapy practices need modern digital marketing techniques to survive. 

SEO Design Chicago offers massage therapist marketing services. We have several proven spa marketing ideas to find new customers. For example, we can create a blog for your website that boosts your SEO and educates your clients about the health and wellness benefits of massage therapy. 

massage therapy website

Medical Practice Marketing

SEO Design Chicago offers medical practice marketing services. We can help your medical practice stand out online using our professional SEO techniques. 

We created a content plan that included more than 100 unique articles for one medical group, and we used this content to dramatically increase the practice’s ranking for several competitive words. Contact us to learn how we can help boost your search ranking. 

medical practice

Marketing for Mental Health Professionals

SEO Design Chicago offers marketing services for mental health professionals and psychologists. Seeking out help for mental health is more popular than ever, which means so is the competition. 

For one medical association, we created a targeted B2B campaign to a group of medical professionals in order to boost attendance at multiple medical conferences. It created a 347% increase in organic search results. 

Mental health marketing

OB/GYN Marketing

Every woman needs an OB/GYN at some point in her life. SEO Design Chicago helps those women find you when they are in need of a gynecologist with our OB/GYN marketing and advertising services

The top OB/GYN marketing strategy is ensuring that patients can find you online with our Local SEO Services. We have worked with OB/GYN practices in Los Angeles and other major cities to improve their search ranking and attract new patients. 

reproductive health content creation

Pharma Marketing

SEO Design Chicago offers pharmaceutical advertising and marketing services to pharma companies across the U.S. and abroad. We have experience marketing to both physicians and directly to consumers. 

The key to marketing pharmaceuticals is choosing the right marketing agency. Pharma marketing requires professionals who understand the market. We are experts on the ins and outs of pharma marketing. We market to both consumers and/or doctors, depending on your company’s needs. 

Pharma marketing

Physician Marketing

Creating a successful physician marketing strategy today begins with knowing how patients choose physicians. This means having a professional website and plenty of excellent ratings and reviews online from happy patients. 

We have successfully marketed physicians in the past in suburbs like Elgin by marketing the physician and the services and skills they offer. SEO Design Chicago’s expert marketing services for physicians focuses heavily on the physician themselves, their accomplishments, and qualifications. 

Physician SEO consulting

Plastic Surgeon Marketing

SEO Design Chicago offers plastic surgeon marketing services to doctors around the country. More Americans than ever are turning to cosmetic surgery. We make sure that they find your practice, and not your competitor’s. 

The top marketing strategy for plastic surgeons in search engine optimization. Every plastic surgery practice could benefit from SEO services. We have proven success marketing plastic surgeons across the U.S., and we can help market your practice, too. 

plastic surgery marketing

Podiatrist Marketing

SEO Design Chicago has worked with podiatrists in suburbs like Glenview to advertise their services. Podiatry marketing is about helping solve people’s foot problems. We help solve your problems by performing your marketing and advertising services. 

The key to finding new podiatry patients is Local SEO. People want to trust their local podiatry practice and know who you are before they visit. We help the people who need your help find your podiatry practice on Google, social media, and through positive reviews and local online listings. 

Podiatrist SEO

Food & Hospitality Marketing & Advertising Strategies 

Bar and Nightclub Advertising

SEO Design Chicago provides bar and nightclub advertising services to help attract more customers. And now, bars and clubs need our services more than ever as we help you navigate past the COVID-19 pandemic and help you survive. 

Local SEO is the best marketing strategy for bars and nightclubs. We helped one local tavern to be found more often in local search. We used keyword research and local SEO to optimize the bar’s local online presence, resulting in a 288% increase in search inquiries from Google My Business. 


Restaurant Digital Marketing

SEO Design Chicago is an expert restaurant marketing agency. When people are looking for somewhere to eat, they search on Google. We make sure they find you. Trust the marketing agency with the best restaurant marketing ideas.

We have worked with restaurants in Des Plaines and other suburbs. The top restaurant marketing strategy is PPC ads. We created unique ad campaigns for both Facebook and Google for one neighborhood cafe, and optimized their website and content for local search. Our efforts resulted in a 224% increase in web traffic from online advertising. 

restaurant marketing

Business Services Marketing & Advertising

Agriculture Marketing

SEO Design Chicago offers agriculture and farm marketing services for agricultural businesses across North America. We know that connecting farms and the companies they need to sell their produce to is a difficult task right now. 

The key to digital marketing for agriculture is finding the right marketing agency to help you. We specialize in helping farmers connect with the right brands to sell their products. Being based in Illinois, we are the ideal location to connect agricultural businesses with the marketing services they need.

best agriculture marketing strategies

Airline Advertising

SEO Design Chicago has the unique experience of providing advertising services for airlines based in Chicago and across the United States. We specialize in helping airlines lure more customers away from their competition and filling airplane seats. 

The key to marketing airlines is PPC Ads and content creation. We have extensive experience writing content for the travel industry, and we have the ability to market an airline, airport, or new airline route. We have the benefit of being based near O’Hare and Midway airports, two of the largest hubs in the nation! 

best airline advertising strategies

Architect Advertising

SEO Design Chicago offers advertising and marketing services for architects. Architects traditionally rely on their reputation, relationships, and referrals for new business. 

The top marketing strategy for architects is website design. We know the marketing strategies that actually work for architects. SEO Design Chicago has helped architectural firms in Indianapolis and across the country find new projects, without having to wait for referrals. 

best architect marketing strategies

B2B Advertising

SEO Design Chicago offers B2B Advertising services. As a B2B business ourselves, we know how to create successful B2B advertising campaigns. We are the expert B2B marketing agency.

The best marketing strategy for B2B businesses depends on the company and its goals. Whether you need B2B SEO, a B2B social media strategy, or a B2B demand generation strategy, SEO Design Chicago can help your B2B business connect with more potential clients and grow.  

B2B SEO strategy

Car Rental Advertising

SEO Design Chicago offers car rental advertising and marketing services. We have worked with automotive clients in Denver who offer car rental services, and across the U.S. 

More people are renting cars than ever, which is great news for you! But we ensure that those people are finding your car rental agency, instead of another one. We use display advertising, sponsored listings, and Local SEO to help your car rental business succeed online. 

automotive vendor seo

Career Coach Marketing

Even a career coach can use some help sometimes when it comes to marketing! SEO Design Chicago offers career coach marketing services to help career coaches find new clients who need someone just like you.

SEO is key for marketing for career coaches. SEO Design Chicago knows the top SEO strategies to help career coaches rank high on Google and find more clients. We have also used LinkedIn marketing with great success for career coach clients in the past. 

career coach digital marketing

DJ Marketing

SEO Design Chicago has worked with internationally-renowned DJs to help them build their online presence, improve their websites, and book more gigs. 

The top marketing tactics for DJs include website building and social media marketing. Due to our extensive experience working with DJs, we know everything there is to know about DJ Marketing and how to promote DJ businesses. If you want to book more DJ gigs, you need SEO Design Chicago.  

best dj marketing strategies

Entertainment Marketing

SEO Design Chicago offers entertainment marketing services and has worked with dozens of individual entertainers and representative agencies over the last decade. 

For one entertainment company, we created custom conversion and coding to allow CPA and CPC across various platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and Bing Ads. This resulted in a 278% increase in search traffic results

people at a party drinking champaign and laughing

Fashion Advertising

Our marketing experts have worked with fashion brands in Chicago, San Diego, and across the U.S. to build their brand awareness online. 

Fashion sales are booming online right now, which means so is the competition.The key to selling clothes online is keyword research, PPC ads, and social media marketing. For a fashion company to stand out online, you need the expert fashion advertising and marketing services from SEO Design Chicago. 

Facebook Ads tutorial

Franchise Marketing

SEO Design Chicago is a franchise marketing agency. One of our specialties is working with franchises that have locations across Chicagoland. We have collaborated with franchises not just in the U.S., but also in Canada.

We understand that marketing franchises and any business with multiple locations comes with a set of unique challenges, but also opportunities. The key is consistent branding across the board and Local SEO services for each of your franchise locations to help you succeed. 

top franchise marketing strategies

Insurance Marketing

SEO Design Chicago works with insurance providers to handle all of their marketing needs in Houston and other cities across America. 

Many insurance companies are still using traditional advertising methods, which means you can get ahead by using our digital marketing tactics. Our agency helps you improve your SEO so potential clients find you on Google. We help you find clients for your insurance company.

talking about insurance

Legal Advertising

If you are looking for professional legal advertising services, you found the right agency. SEO Design Chicago has legal experts on staff that work full-time on our advertising and marketing campaigns for our clients who are lawyers and legal firms

We know the best digital marketing options for lawyers and we are the experts in Lawyer SEO. Our legal staffers know all the necessary legalese to write excellent legal content for your website.Trust SEO Design Chicago when you need to advertise and market your law firm. 

Lawyer SEO

Life Insurance Agency Advertising

SEO Design Chicago provides life insurance agency advertising services. Everyone should have life insurance, and every life insurance agency should work with a marketing agency to find new clients. 

The key is attracting consumers who don’t have life insurance, and are in need of a trustworthy insurance salesman or agency. We worked with a life insurance agency in Austin to help them update their website in order to generate new leads and find new clients. 

woman discussing a piece of paper with older couple

Limousine Marketing

If your limousine company is going to compete with the likes of Uber and Lyft, you need the limousine advertising services of SEO Design Chicago. We market to clients who can use limos in their day-to-day life and for special occasions. 

If you are the owner of a transportation company that is having trouble filling up bookings, we have a proven limousine marketing system that helps you find more leads. Our top strategy is to implement a booking app directly on your website. We have helped limo companies throughout the U.S. with our expert services. 

digital marketing for limousine owners

Locksmith Advertising

SEO Design Chicago provides digital marketing and advertising services for locksmiths. When someone locks themselves out, or needs to change their locks for some reason, they turn to Google. We make sure they find you. 

Our agency has worked with locksmiths in the past. We know the top SEO strategies for locksmiths, and how to use the best locksmith keywords to help your business grow. Our team of in-house writers also has experience writing valuable content for locksmith websites, with outstanding results. 

locksmith SEO

Marketing for Construction Companies

If you’re looking for marketing or advertising services for your construction company, you found the right place. Our marketing experts have more than a decade of experience providing construction companies with services to help them grow. 

One of our construction company clients needed help creating a custom software application that merged multiple systems in the concrete industry. We created a 100% responsive, custom application, and they saw a 156% increase in new leads. 

construction company marketing application software

Musician Marketing

SEO Design Chicago offers musician marketing services for bands, individual musicians, and even orchestras. We can help you achieve your goals through adding a booking app to your website, updating your social media, or improving your band SEO. 

We created a new website for a band client who wanted to engage more with their listeners. We embedded a hi-fi music streaming player on their site, and they saw a 235% increase in new interest via their site. 

Wedding band music case study

Retail Advertising

It’s time to swap out mailing catalogs for digital marketing strategies for your retail store. SEO Design Chicago works with retail clients all over the Midwest, like in Schaumburg, and provides retail advertising strategies for both small and large companies

We helped a national entertainment and retail brand redesign their website and added e-commerce integration, which helped them see a 254% increase in online sales!

retail store marketing ideas

We know the top marketing strategies for staffing agencies. For example, we helped one staffing firm by using a LinkedIn advertising campaign to target businesses that needed staffing assistance. 

seo for staffing agents

E-Commerce Marketing and Advertising Services

Jewelry Advertising

SEO Design Chicago works with jewelry e-commerce websites to build beautiful websites, increase brand recognition, improve Jewelry SEO, and create digital advertising campaigns. 

We helped one e-commerce jewelry business to create a custom Shopify website to brilliantly display and sell their products. The site saw a 55% increase in online sales in the first six months. 

jewelry marketing

Medical Supply Marketing

Our marketing professionals have worked with e-commerce medical supply clients across the U.S. and internationally. 

We know that many medical supply companies are moving into the world of e-commerce with online stores. Our team ensures your website is up-to-date and optimized for search engines. We make sure you don’t miss out on any digital marketing opportunities to sell your medical products and expand your brand. 

best medical supply marketing strategies

Wine Marketing

SEO Design Chicago has worked with wine distribution clients in San Jose, California and other parts of the country to expand their brand and sell more wine. 

The best wine marketing strategy is social media marketing and pairing with influencers to sell more wine. Our experts have the necessary experience to market wine online legally, with email marketing, SEO, digital advertising, photography, videography, and social media management for wine companies. 

wine business local seo

Home Services Marketing & Advertising

Home Builder Advertising

SEO Design Chicago works with home builders across the country to advertise their services. Whether you specialize in building new houses in Hinsdale or Houston, we can help you find new homebuyers ready for you to create their dream house. 

Our experts know the latest home builder marketing strategies to make your firm a success. We worked with one local cabinet maker by designing a brand-new website for their company, and supplementing it with a Local SEO campaign. Their site saw a 300% increase in organic traffic. 

best home builder marketing strategies

HVAC Marketing

The HVAC industry is growing, which means it’s time to move on from traditional marketing methods to the latest digital marketing techniques to find customers for your HVAC business

The key to HVAC marketing is SEO, so that customers can find you when they need you or have questions. SEO Design Chicago knows the top SEO strategies for HVAC companies and excels at HVAC marketing. Contact us today for all of your HVAC marketing needs

hvac marketing strategies

Local Services

Auto Advertising

SEO Design Chicago works with automotive clients in Chicago and across the U.S. We know the best modern auto marketing and advertising tactics to help your auto dealership, car wash, or automotive business thrive. 

We helped one B2B auto vendor achieve their advertising goals in a competitive keyword field via an expert digital ad campaign. The auto vendor saw a 354% increase in organic traffic over six months. 

automotive advertising

Cannabis Marketing

SEO Design Chicago is one of the leading marketing agencies for cannabis businesses in the nation. We were at the forefront of the cannabis marketing trend and specialize in cannabis SEO. In addition, we also work with several CBD companies.

We created custom cannabis content with our team of in-house writers for one cannabis client’s website and reached out to influencers in the cannabis industry to expand their reach. The client saw a 413% increase in organic search results. 

Cannabis advertising

Carpet Cleaning Marketing

If you have been looking for a marketing agency for your carpet cleaning company, you’ve found us! Our marketing experts work with carpet cleaning clients to help them create a robust carpet cleaning internet marketing strategy

We help carpet cleaning businesses improve their SEO, create an updated and optimized Google My Business page, and utilize other digital marketing tactics to help carpet cleaning clients find more business. 

carpet cleaning marketing

Church Marketing

SEO Design Chicago has worked with churches in Chicago as churches have begun to embrace digital marketing as a way to spread the word of God in the modern age. 

We know that it can be overwhelming for churches to try to find and retain new members. We have come up with the best marketing strategies for churches to grow their congregations. Many churches don’t have an updated online presence. Let us help you reach more people and fill your pews. 

Church advertising

Contractor Digital Marketing

In the past, contractors have often relied on their good reputations to spread the word about their excellent services. These days, however, when most clients need a contractor, they turn to Google. 

SEO Design Chicago offers contractor digital marketing services to help contractors find new clients in need of their services. Our top contractor marketing strategy is SEO. We target specific keywords depending on your specialties and the types of services you offer. 

contractor measuring wood

Dispensary Advertising

Along with the increasing legalization of cannabis has been the increasing competition between dispensaries. SEO Design Chicago is one of the top digital advertising agencies for dispensaries in Chicago, California, and across the U.S. 

When you are choosing a dispensary marketing agency, you want to choose an experienced agency that knows how to navigate the rules and regulations of dispensary advertising. SEO Design Chicago knows how to legally advertise your dispensary, effectively. 

Dispensary advertising

Electrician Advertising

SEO Design Chicago provides electrician advertising and marketing servicesThe key to digital marketing for electricians is website design, SEO, local services ads, and PPC ads.

We know the best marketing strategies that actually work for electricians. While you light up your clients’ homes and businesses, let us light up your online presence. 

SEO for Electricians

Funeral Home Marketing

We know that the priority of funeral home owners is providing excellent service and caring for families during a difficult time above all else. That’s why we offer funeral home marketing services.  

SEO Design Chicago helped a funeral home that had an underperforming website. We updated and optimized their website, added additional service, and created new content, which resulted in a 45% gain in revenue over six months. 

funeral home web design results

Garden Supply Store Advertising

SEO Design Chicago works with garden supply stores to market and advertise their business locally. 

We know it can be difficult to compete with larger chain garden supply stores. We use our professional SEO, content creation, and digital advertising services to help your store flourish as much as the flowers and plants in your garden. 

website creation for gardening enthusiasts

Gym Marketing

SEO Design Chicago has more than a decade of experience marketing gyms. Now, more than ever, most gyms need marketing services to find more members. But don’t worry! A lot of people are looking to get fit post-quarantine. 

From advertising your latest membership specials to marketing your latest class offerings, our professional marketers help attract more gym rats to your gym over your competition’s using the latest gym marketing tactics. 

local SEO for physical trainers

Hardware Store Advertising

When was the last time you updated your hardware store’s website? If you want to attract customers to your hardware store, you need to update your store’s online presence. 

SEO Design Chicago works with hardware store clients to improve their SEO, update their websites, and attract new clients to their local store rather than the large chain. 

best hardware store marketing strategies

Landscaping Marketing

SEO Design Chicago works with landscaping companies that service the suburbs of Chicago, like Naperville, to grow their clientele. We can help find more customers for your landscaping business.

Our landscaping marketing services include upgrading the company’s website, creating expert landscaping content written by our in-house team, regularly posting to social media accounts, and boosting their SEO. 

landscaping marketing

Lawn and Garden Advertising

Many of our lawn and garden clients have a green thumb, but unfortunately the green thumb doesn’t work as well for knowing the best marketing strategies. 

SEO Design Chicago provides expert advertising and marketing services for lawn and garden companies across Chicago’s suburbs and beyond. We have worked with lawn and garden businesses that service towns like Oak Park

digital marketing for lawn and garden industry

Accountant Marketing

SEO Design Chicago offers professional marketing services for accountants. We ensure that your online presence makes your accounting business one that people will want to trust with their money. 

The most important digital marketing strategy for accountants is SEO. Every accountant needs SEO, but understandably, most accountants are more interested in the numbers than search engine optimization. We can help market your accounting firm for the digital age. 

Web Developers for Accounting agency

Mosque Advertising

Our digital advertising specialists work with mosques to increase their visibility in their area and to draw more Muslims to their services. We help you target your audience online and draw more people to prayers. 

The key digital marketing tool for mosques is their website. SEO Design Chicago has helped one mosque client improve their website with our professional website design and development services. Reach out to us today to learn how we can improve your mosque’s website. 

social media content for mosque business

Nail Salon Marketing

These days, it seems like there is a nail salon in every town and on every block. SEO Design Chicago helps market nail salons to stand out from their competition and build their clientele. 

The key to nail salon marketing is using Local SEO to stand out. We use the latest nail salon marketing tips and tricks to help book up your appointments and attract more walk-ins to your salon. 

nail salon marketing

Personal Trainer Marketing

SEO Design Chicago has worked with physical trainers in Southern California, Chicago, and across the country to increase their online presence and find more clients. 

The key to marketing for personal trainers is social media. We create a social media marketing strategy to help you show off your results, your techniques, and build your client list. 

personal trainer ads

Pest Control Marketing

SEO Design Chicago offers pest control marketing services for pest control companies across the U.S. We are a proven successful pest control marketing agency.  

The top digital marketing strategy for pest control companies is SEO. Our professional marketers create a SEO strategy for your pest control business that keeps you top of mind when potential clients realize they need help. We specialize in pest control SEO services.

why is seo important for pest control companies

Photographer Marketing

SEO Design Chicago provides photographer marketing services to professional photographers across the country. We have the best SEO tips for photographers, like using alt text on every photo on their website. 

We helped optimize one local Chicago photographer’s website for local search, and created additional content for their specific niche. Our work resulted in a 315% increase in local search results. 

photographer marketing professional

Plumber Marketing

Another area we specialize in at SEO Design Chicago is plumber marketing services. From creating a plumbing website that converts to claiming your Google My Business listing, we are experts in plumbing marketing.

We have worked with plumbers who serve suburbs like Morton Grove. Most customers now use the internet to find a plumber when they need one. We use our creative plumber marketing strategies to make sure potential customers find you in their time of need. 

plumbing marketing strategies

Power Washer Advertising

SEO Design Chicago offers power washing marketing services. We have worked with pressure washing companies to help them improve their SEO and grow their business. 

One digital marketing technique we have found to be successful for power washing companies is to use videos of the power washing process to advertise businesses. Many people find these videos soothing and relaxing to watch! 

best power washer marketing strategies

Real Estate Advertising

SEO Design Chicago specializes in residential and commercial real estate advertising services. We have worked with real estate companies in Chicago, the suburbs, and across the country.

We created a targeted PPC campaign and performed ongoing SEO for a local real estate company, which led to hundreds of form submissions and calls. The client was ultimately able to fully rent the high-end apartment building they previously had been unable to fill. 

real estate marketing

Roofing Advertising

We are one of the top roofing marketing agencies in the U.S. Stop buying leads from companies with no results, and instead employ our marketing services. 

Instead, let SEO Design Chicago help you execute online marketing strategies to take your business through the roof. We are the proven experts in marketing for roofing contractors. 

best roofing company marketing strategies

Salon Marketing

One of our marketing specialties is providing services for salons. We can help you market a new product or service, add a booking app to your website, or simply build your client list.

We helped one of our hair salon clients migrate their website onto Shopify. We updated their inventory online with hundreds of products available for purchase online, leading to a 187% increase in online sales. We also optimized their location for local search. 

hair salon marketing

Septic Service Advertising

A septic service is one of the things that no one really likes to talk about, but everyone needs. We provide expert advertising and marketing for septic services.

It used to be easy to market a septic service in the phone book. These days, you need to advertise yourself in the online phone book: Google. SEO Design Chicago helps your septic service rank higher than the others in the area. Facebook ads are also a great option for septic services. 

septic business web design

Snow Removal and Plowing Marketing

SEO Design Chicago offers snow removal and plowing advertising services. Since we are originally based in Chicago, it’s safe to say we know a lot about snow! 

We have worked with snow removal clients in Waukegan and other snowy suburbs. The best marketing strategy for snow removal clients is SEO. Our marketing experts can help you implement the latest techniques to get customers for your snow removal business, like email marketing and claiming your local listing on Google. 

snow removal and plowing advertising

Spa Marketing

If you need help marketing your spa, come to SEO Design Chicago. We have experience marketing medical spas, day spas, hotel spas, and more. 

If you need amazing spa marketing ideas to find new clients, trust the experts to help you. We create specials, form partnerships with other businesses, boost your online presence, and update your website by adding a booking app to help you grow! 

online spa marketing

Storage Company Marketing

If you need to fill vacancies and generate more leads for your storage company, you’re in the right place. SEO Design Chicago offers self-storage and portable storage digital marketing services.

We make sure your website is your number one sales and marketing tool for your storage business to make it easy for clients to find you. We have helped facilities in Milwaukee and across the country fill up their vacancies. 

storage company advertising

Tattoo Advertising

SEO Design Chicago offers tattoo artist advertising and marketing services to artists across the country. The number one marketing strategy for tattoo artists today? Social media to display your amazing work!

We specialize in helping tattoo shops and individual tattoo artists promote their brand online and book up their calendars with appointments. Our experts have worked with tattoo artists in the past and know the marketing strategies that work for tattoo artists

digital marketing for tattoo business

Temple Advertising

SEO Design Chicago provides advertising and marketing services for temples and synagogues across the country and in Skokie, IL. The top digital marketing strategy for temples is to update their website. 

We partner with Jewish organizations to help update their websites, add valuable content for potential members, and connect with more people on social media. Bring your temple into the 2020s with SEO Design Chicago!

best temple marketing strategies

Veterinarian Marketing

Today’s pet owners are smarter and savvier than ever when it comes to choosing a vet for their beloved dog, cat, or even fish online. SEO is more important than ever for veterinarians

SEO Design Chicago offers veterinary marketing services to individual vets and veterinary practices. We make sure your website ranks for keywords that tell potential clients about your veterinary hospital’s unique services and what you specialize in. 

digital marketing for animal hospitals

Waste Management Marketing

At SEO Design Chicago, we are not afraid to get a little dirty. And by that we mean, we offer waste management marketing services.  

We help people find your waste management company with our SEO, PPC advertising, and content marketing services. Let us create a digital marketing plan for your waste management service. 

garbage managent client seo

Wedding Planner Marketing

We know that wedding planners are too busy planning weddings to also plan a detailed marketing strategy. That’s why SEO Design Chicago provides wedding planner advertising and marketing services

We have helped wedding planners in cities like Raleigh implement our professional social media strategies for wedding planners to help them find more clients. We can also help you maintain a blog on your website appealing to potential brides who are looking for their dream wedding planner. 

Wedding client marketing

Yoga Studio Marketing

If you are looking for a yoga studio marketing agency, namaste. SEO Design Chicago offers yoga studio marketing services. We have created social media strategies for popular yoga studios in Chicago and in other markets. 

The most important digital marketing tool for yoga studios is the website. We helped a yoga studio that had poor attendance and low website traffic optimize its website, fix errors, and improve the hosting. It led to a 165% increase in enrollment for the yoga studio

yoga teacher media presence

Industry & Transport Marketing and Advertising Services

Commercial Real Estate Advertising

SEO Design Chicago is one of the top commercial real estate advertising and marketing agencies. We deliver top website design, content creation, and SEO services that get results. 

We have worked with realtors in suburbs like Berwyn. For one commercial realtor client, we helped to create a stunning new website and added custom photography. We also focused on content creation and link building, which resulted in a 188% increase in organic traffic

commerical realtor marketing

Fabricated Metal Advertising

SEO Design Chicago offers fabricated metal advertising and marketing services. We have worked with several metal and steel clients over the years. 

Our goal with fabricated metal advertising services is to educate your potential customers, then pitch them once they are ready to buy. A strong marketing plan can help your custom fabricator grow and find new clients. 

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Heavy Equipment Marketing

SEO Design Chicago has worked with heavy equipment companies as clients across the U.S. We know that heavy equipment marketing isn’t as simple as marketing directly to consumers. 

We know that your marketing tactics often have to work on a large team of decision makers. Our expert marketers have the experience and knowledge of the heavy machinery industry to make this happen. 

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Manufacturing Advertising

SEO Design Chicago is a top manufacturing marketing agency. We provide manufacturing marketing services trusted by many major manufacturers in the U.S. 

Our agency worked with one manufacturer to transform their older, non-responsive website into a newer, faster site and added e-commerce functionality. The client saw a 33% increase in overall sales through e-commerce

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Tool and Die Advertising

SEO Design Chicago partners with tool-and-die makers to help them market their products. We can help your tool-and-die company improve its search ranking.

Modern advertising and digital marketing techniques can help a tool-and-die-maker succeed. Our favorite marketing tactic for tool-and-die makers is their website, in order to show off their work. Contact SEO Design Chicago today to learn how we can help you. 

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Transportation Marketing

SEO Design Chicago’s marketing experts work with transportation clients in Philadelphia and across the U.S. 

Our experience has taught us that a mix of marketing strategies pays off best for transportation companies. We help our transportation companies create online profiles, run Facebook ads, create a social media marketing campaign, and optimize their websites. 

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Trucking Advertising

Every trucking business needs a solid digital marketing plan to succeed. SEO Design Chicago offers advertising and marketing services for trucking companies

While social media might not be the first kind of promotion that comes to mind for most trucking company owners, that’s why it works. Social media has major marketing power for trucking companies. Let SEO Design Chicago create a successful marketing plan for you! 

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Political Advertising

SEO Design Chicago proudly offers political advertising and marketing services for politicians. Whether you are running for alderman, mayor, or another election, we can help you.  

Our team helped one political candidate update his website to be more user-friendly, ran Google and Facebook ad campaigns for the candidate, and increased the candidate’s name recognition. Our work led to a 143% increase in web traffic from Facebook ads alone!  

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Warehousing Advertising

SEO Design Chicago has experience working with warehouses to market their businesses. We market your warehouse to your potential customers by showing how they operate more efficiently by using your warehouse. 

Rather than using paper brochures, we update your website with professional photography and advertise all your warehouse’s services on various platforms. 

Marketing for CPG

CPG Marketing & Advertising Services

Beauty Advertising

SEO Design Chicago has worked with various beauty brands and beauty companies in Chicago, elsewhere in the U.S., and abroad. 

We are a leading beauty marketing and advertising agency because we specialize in helping consumers find your products online. We have the beauty expertise to help you advertise and market your products!

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Cosmetics Advertising

If you are a cosmetics company looking for an experienced CPG marketing agency to help you, you’re in the right place. 

SEO Design Chicago offers cosmetics advertising and marketing services. We help cosmetics companies market their products from behind a computer, rather than behind a beauty counter, with social media marketing and PPC campaigns. We also help cosmetics companies pair with influencers to sell their products. 

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CPG Marketing

SEO Design Chicago specializes in consumer packaged goods marketing and advertising services. We have partnered with several CPG companies over the past decade. 

We worked with a CPG company to create an advertising and SEO campaign to showcase their new products. The company saw a 122% increase in organic traffic and a 45% rise in revenue. 

CPG industry

Fitness Marketing

SEO Design Chicago has partnered with several major fitness companies to help them increase their marketing and advertising efforts, and get more people in their gyms, studios, and classes. 

We helped one national fitness company that had just purchased a group of fitness centers in the Midwest increase their Google Ads and boost their SEO, which led to a 312% increase in organic search results. 

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Flooring Marketing

It’s no longer enough to just make sure your flooring company is listed on Yelp and HomeAdvisor and call it a day. These days, you need a professional flooring marketing company like SEO Design Chicago to help you get ahead online. 

SEO Design Chicago offers flooring marketing services to help you generate more calls, book more jobs, and engage with more customers online. 

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Skincare Advertising

SEO Design Chicago provides skincare advertising and marketing services to companies in the U.S. and abroad. 

The best marketing strategy to promote a skincare line is social media marketing. We use the latest social media trends, like TikTok and Instagram Reels, to help you effectively market your skincare line. 

marketing for skincare professionals

Software & Tech 

SaaS Marketing

SEO Design Chicago is an expert SaaS marketing agency. We help SaaS companies develop social media and other marketing strategies to grow their businesses. 

We helped one national SaaS company improve their brand recognition and optimized their on-page SEO, leading to a 243% increase in organic web traffic over the first six months. We also have experience creating high-converting SaaS landing pages

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Software Advertising

SEO Design Chicago has worked with software companies in Chicago and Silicon Valley. We provide expert software marketing and advertising services

Software marketing requires experience and knowledge. Our team has the necessary skills to market software with ease, whether you are a B2B software company or a B2C software company. 


Financial Services 

Bank Marketing

Consumers have hundreds of options when it comes to banks, which is why every bank needs a digital marketing strategy that is as foolproof as it’s safe.  

SEO Design Chicago offers bank marketing services that help you retain your current customers and bring on new ones, with our perfectly curated solution of Local SEO, PPC ads, bank social media marketing, blog writing, and website design. 

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Credit Union Advertising

We are an expert credit union advertising and marketing agency. More and more often, people are using the internet to research credible and trustworthy credit unions. 

That’s where SEO Design Chicago comes in. We make sure your credit union’s online reputation and presence is professional and trustworthy in order to attract new members. 

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Finance Marketing

SEO Design Chicago is a top finance marketing and advertising agency. Finance clients from cities across the U.S. and the Middle East have come to us for marketing services. 

We assisted one financial services company by creating a stunning video-based website using cutting-edge technology. The site is responsive for mobile and desktop, and provides a world-class user experience. 

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Hedge Fund Marketing

SEO Design Chicago has also worked with several hedge fund clients and hedge fund managers to market their businesses over the years.

Hedge fund marketing is difficult and should be left only to experienced marketers who understand the industry and the landscape. The key to hedge fund marketing is creating a cutting-edge website. SEO Design Chicago is the hedge fund marketing agency to meet all of your needs

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Mortgage Marketing

SEO Design Chicago offers mortgage marketing services for brokers, banks, and loan officers.

The competition for mortgage brokers is growing, which means you need a marketing agency to help you beat your competition. We can help push your mortgage company to the top of the search results. 

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Travel & Tourism Marketing & Advertising Services

Cruise Line Advertising

Even if your cruise line was able to sail through without the assistance of a marketing agency in the past, it’s time to enlist one. 

SEO Design Chicago’s professional cruise line advertising and marketing services include the full package, just like an all-inclusive cruise. We do it all, from social media marketing to PPC campaigns for cruise lines, to help book up your ships in no time. 

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Hotel Advertising

Hotel marketing and advertising is not just about the relationship between you and your guests, but also between you and your marketing agency. 

With several locations across the U.S., SEO Design Chicago is the ideal marketing agency for hotel advertising. We’ll book up your rooms in no time with our expert hotel advertising and SEO strategies

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Tourism and Hospitality Advertising

SEO Design Chicago is a premier tourism and hospitality advertising and marketing agency

Our tourism and hospitality marketing strategy ensures that your website is compatible with mobile, since research shows that more guests than ever are booking travel on their phones. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you reach your goals. 

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Travel Advertising

Travel advertising and marketing services have never been more necessary. However, don’t choose a marketing agency with no experience in the travel industry. 

SEO Design Chicago has provided professional travel advertising services to companies for more than 10 years. We know which travel apps you need to be on, and our travel marketing experts and influencers are ready to help you. 

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Education Marketing & Advertising Services

Education Digital Marketing

If you want to reach more potential students, digital marketing is the way to go. SEO Design Chicago is an experienced digital marketing agency for the education industry

At SEO Design Chicago, we work with schools in Evanston and other suburban areas. We helped a graduate-level education company rebrand and migrate their website to WordPress, and improved the site’s user experience. Our services led to a 267% increase in organic web traffic

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eLearning Marketing

eLearning has never been more popular, but that also means the field is also at its most competitive. You need digital marketing services to find more students. 

The top marketing strategy for eLearning companies is to have an informative and responsive website. SEO Design Chicago provides elearning advertising and marketing services to bring your services to the top of the Google results. 

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Nonprofit Digital Marketing 

At SEO Design Chicago, one of the specialties we are proud of is our ability to promote nonprofits. Our non-profit digital marketing and advertising services are one of our many areas of expertise. We provide nonprofit SEO services, nonprofit website building, and other digital marketing tactics for nonprofits. 

For one nonprofit client, we created a new and unique SEO strategy to drive traffic to their site. Our work led to a 145% increase in new inquiries. The client worked with several other vendors before finding success with SEO Design Chicago. 

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