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Our web development agency works on web dev projects throughout the United States and Canada. Some companies just design websites. SEO Design Chicago, on the other hand, is a website development consultant and UI designer. Work with the top website design company in Chicago to get outstanding deliverables paired with optimization by the best SEO firms in Chicago.

We work with our clients to create high-quality website design projects that exceed their expectations. Additionally, we carefully design and develop aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-navigate websites from the ground up. Our websites improve the customer experience and your search engine optimization (SEO).

We design websites and redesign websites that offer the best possible user experience to your customers. They also rank well in search engines.

Notably, web applications are still websites. That means that they can be shared between consumers like a website. They can also be found in internet search results, which means they can be an important part of your SEO strategy.

We are a full-service digital agency, so web apps are one of the many SEO development services that we offer. Our team consults on how to build your website with your end goals in mind. Work with our web development agency for any of your front-end web developer or back-end web development needs. Our most recent portfolio work includes WordPress websitesShopify websitese-commerce websites, Drupal websites, Joomla websites, and Magento websites.

We do custom coding in-house with our Chicago-based team and build websites with SEO in mind. Every website is delivered with optimization by our Chicago SEO experts.

No matter your online needs, our marketing firm has the solid digital expertise to create your website, and provide website consulting afterward.

Web design and development

How do you choose from all of the companies in Chicago for your Website Design or Website Redesign needs? 

Choose the team with a full developmental stack and specialized skills.

Web Development Services:

Website Development Solutions

Our web design services include a comprehensive digital strategy before and after your website s built and/or optimized. Beyond web development our digital marketing company is made up of experts in multiple disciplines of marketing strategy.

Look into our other services that include Chicago SEO Services, local SEO, Link Building content marketing and app development.

Front-End Development

Front-end development, also known as client-side development, is one of our top priorities. At SEO Design Chicago, we create visually stunning websites. They not only look fantastic, but they are also easy to use and have great graphic designs. Our team of developers uses several different languages such as HTML, Java, and CSS to create a great design for your site.


Website Development

Our web development services can create a custom site for your business. At SEO Design Chicago, we are a web development company that specializes in custom solutions and original web development service content. We offer various web development services for any size business, ranging from basic to complex.

PHP Web Development

PHP is a web design language designed to interact with databases. Our PHP web development team has years of experience creating great mobile applications and websites. We are experts in PHP and can design and develop a great site for your business using the best tools available.

computer code on monitor

Python Web Development

At SEO Design Chicago, our developers are trained in various languages in order to make your website perform as well as possible. Our team of Python developers creates beautifully performing websites and web applications.

A Python web development framework such as Django is often used to simplify some large and complex websites and make them much more user-friendly. Our marketing agency is fully capable of custom script creation to crawl data from other websites or social media.

Javascript and jQuery

Our seasoned web developers have been using JavaScript for years to create websites that have complexity in their design. With the addition of jQuery, our websites not only perform exceptionally well, but they provide a fantastic user experience.

Shopify Web Design

At SEO Design Chicago, our website development consultants can create a Shopify site for your e-commerce needs. Many e-commerce sites are built in Shopify to take advantage of their apps and themes. Shopify websites allow users to easily reach a global audience with their products and marketing messages.


Building web applications is important to many of our clients. Our developers are experts at AngularJS, which allows us to create great applications. We have created several video streaming apps, user-generated content portals, and social apps all while using AngularJS.

E-Commerce Development

SEO Design Chicago has created many e-commerce sites for our clients. We understand all of the complexities involved in creating great sites and will avoid the common mistakes so your site ends up looking and performing the way you want it to. Web design for e-commerce is critical from the start because a great user experience will lead to more sales.

Web Programming

The web programming team at SEO Design Chicago is one of the most knowledgeable around. Along with decades of experience, we have a rich understanding of technical and client needs to create outstanding products that our clients love.

Website Testing and Responsive Web Development

SEO Design Chicago tests across all the latest platforms for mobile, desktop, and tablets. It is clear now that people across the world are turning to their mobile devices more than ever to go online. It is important that your website looks great on any device. We do testing on all sites as both users and administrators to uncover any issues with the display on devices. All of our websites are built to be mobile responsive and optimized for conversions.

SEO Design Chicago Website Designers

Website Development Testing Environment

All website development projects are built on our developmental server. This allows your website to be built and optimized before your customers see your new site. Our web development team uses a number of optimization tools and strategies to construct your website and allow for changes in the future before your site is live on the web.

SEO Design Chicago Custom Web Developers

It takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave. (tandfonline)

We Are a Website Development Company

SEO Design Chicago is a web designing company that specializes in web dev and web application development. Our team has React Developers and UI Developers in-house that specialize in web application development. As a result, our finished products generate a fantastic user experience.

A web app is software that runs off a remote server and is interfaced via your internet web browser. We offer premium web development services that improve the user experience with instant access to high-quality sound, graphics, and interactivity. In addition, our custom software development team and development process will make your web application look professional and fall within your budget.

Whether you are developing a website application or a mobile application, you can build your online presence better with a software development company that also specializes in digital marketing.

Freelance Web Designers or Freelance WordPress Developers vs Website Development Agencies

Some businesses opt to hire a freelance WordPress developer or freelance graphic designer and it can be difficult for individuals to meet expectations.

Freelance web developers are often like contractors, moving from one project to another. Our website development consultants team, on the other hand, is comprised of in-house website design and development staff with experience putting together a custom strategy and plan together for every client. We also offer exclusive Website Hosting for all our websites.

SEO Design Chicago: Web Development Experts

At SEO Design Chicago, we have a well-rounded team with experience in multiple areas of web development. Whether you need graphic design for a new logo, a dynamic landing page, or a revamp of your WordPress website, we have you covered. Contact the SEO Design Chicago team today so we can find out more about your specific web development needs.

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