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The experts at SEO Design Chicago have provided digital strategy for dentists in Chicago and across the United States and Canada. SEO Design Chicago provides dentist advertising and consulting services. Below are some options we recommend for dentist advertising and dentist local content marketing.

Dentist advertising

Pay-per-click Dental Marketing

Pay-per-click advertising should be a part of every dentist’s advertising budget. SEO Design Chicago has experience creating the best pay-per-click campaigns for dentist ads. If you are already running a pay-per-click campaign, we can audit your current dentist ads campaign and find out if it’s effective.

Facebook Advertising for Dentists

Facebook ads are another excellent advertising option for dentists. You can be creative with your Facebook ads and reach several different demographics and target audiences. A successful dental marketing campaign will highlight the importance of dental health as much as it focuses on your dental care services. SEO Design Chicago can help you create the perfect Facebook ads for your dentistry practice.

LinkedIn Marketing for Dentists

Dentists can use LinkedIn to showcase their degrees, achievements, and experience. LinkedIn is a great place to connect with other dentists and dental clinics. However, many dentists overlook LinkedIn as an advertising platform, which means it is a great opportunity to get ahead of your competition.

Content Creation for Dental Websites

In order to rank high on search engines, you need to regularly post new content on your website. However, we know that as a dentist you are busy running your practice. For a dentist, content marketing might be the best reason to hire a digital marketing agency. Local content marketing is a key part of dental SEO. SEO Design Chicago can help you with content creation.

We can create the perfect fresh content for your dentist website on a regular basis. Our professional writers have experience writing dentistry-related content to help you appear higher in organic search.

Dentist content creation

Social Media Content Creation for Dentists

Social media provides a beneficial platform to promote your practice. Your practice should have pages on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Dentist Facebook ads and social media posts can help you reach new customers through your existing dental patients. That us why it is an important part of your content marketing strategy.

You can offer specials, promotions for new patients, calls to action and provide an inside look at your office and dental services to help promote your practice. This type of content is particularly successful on social media platforms. SEO Design Chicago can help you keep your social media presence updated.

Website Content Creation for Dentists

Given that you’re busy running your practice, it’s understandable that the content on your website might not always be up to date. However, creating content and writing blog posts will make your business more visible when a potential customer conducts a local search for dentists. This is one of the reasons why it is beneficial to outsource your website content writing. SEO Design Chicago’s writers can write great content that is specific to the dental industry and written by professionals.

Web Development for Dentists

SEO Design Chicago’s web developers can work in custom HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Our web designers can create a brand-new custom website for your practice or create additional pages of content for your website on any platform to improve your online presence.

Local SEO Services for Dentists

One of the biggest opportunities for dentists to attract new clients online is through local SEO. If someone in your area is conducting a local search for dentists, it’s important to have updated local SEO so they find your practice first.

It’s important to own your local service area. SEO Design Chicago’s experts can evaluate your current position in the market, fix any errors and manually add listings you are missing. We can help you outshine your competitors with local search engine optimization.

Dentist local SEO

Dentist Local Search Rankings

  • Your local SEO ranking is very important as a dentist. When a potential customer is looking for a new dentist, your website needs to be the first result they find online. SEO Design Chicago can help you improve your local search ranking.

Dentist Online Business Listings

  • Does your dental practice have updated online business listings? Although some marketers will tell you otherwise, local online business listings are still important. SEO Design Chicago can help you improve your search ranking by making sure your business listings and information are consistent across the web.

Google My Business for Dentists

  • One of the most important pages for a dentistry practice to have is a Google My Business page. Your practice should use your Google My Business page to highlight your services with images and content. An incomplete profile makes your business look neglected so it is important to have all information filled out completely. SEO Design Chicago can help you create or update your Google My Business page.

Bing Local Services for Dentists

  • One way to get ahead of your competition is to make sure your dentistry practice has pages on Yahoo and Bing Local listings. Our dental SEO strategy targets multiple search engines. These pages are often overlooked in favor of Google, but SEO Design Chicago can make sure your practice has the best dental SEO and is listed everywhere it needs to be online.

SEO for Dentists

If you want to attract more patients to your website, the most important thing you can do is optimize your dentistry site for search engines. The main components of dentistry SEO are:

  • On-site Optimization
  • Ongoing Quality Content Creation
  • Off-site Authority Building
  • Backlink Strategy for Dentists
Dentist SEO

SEO Analysis of Your Dental Website

SEO Design Chicago can perform an analysis of your site to see where it currently stands in the market and find any potential issues. We have helped hundreds of companies with SEO issues. Once we perform the analysis, we can help your site improve its search ranking. That is why we provide the best SEO for dentists.

SEO Services for Dentists

SEO Design Chicago can provide any SEO services you may need for your dentist website. We have helped several practices improve their search ranking by working on their on-site optimization, creating new quality content, and with off-site SEO. There are certain issues we encounter on dentist websites regularly, such as poor site speed and duplicate meta-tags. We can fix any SEO issues your site might have and help you achieve a higher search ranking.

Link Building for Dentists

If you want to improve your site’s SEO and attract more potential patients, you need to improve your link building. Link building is an essential aspect of any dentist SEO that should be incorporated into any dental SEO strategy. SEO Design Chicago has plenty of experience optimizing your website by updating title tags, finding any broken links on your website and also adding quality inbound and outbound links.

Dentist Marketing and Dental Marketing Consulting

SEO Design Chicago can work with your practice to address any problems with your website and fix them. We use a consultative approach for marketing and can help you with any issues that may arise.

HIPAA Compliance

SEO Design Chicago’s experts have worked with clients in many different medical industries and we have experience with HIPAA’s standards. We can help your website to become HIPAA compliant, just as we have for several other clients.

Dentist marketing

Social Media Analytics for Dentists

If you are already using Facebook or Google ads, we can help you determine why your ads are working or aren’t working. If your dentist Facebook ads or Google ads aren’t help you get more leads, we can fix the problem. SEO Design Chicago has the experience to help you with social media analytics.

Web Analytics for Dentists

There are several tools to help dentists measure their web analytics, like Google Analytics. SEO Design Chicago can help you choose which tool is right for you so your ads reach your target market.

Marketing Analytics for Dentists

It can be difficult to choose a marketing agency when there are so many out there, but SEO Design Chicago makes the choice easy. We have more than a decade of digital experience with dentist and can help work with your practice with any of your digital marketing needs!

Contact SEO Design Chicago today to learn how we can help you attract more patients to your practice, create a marketing strategy, and improve your search ranking!


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