Marketing in Education 

For the best bang for your buck, digital advertising is the obvious choice over traditional advertising in the Education field. Digital advertising allows you to target your message to those most likely to be in your audience.

With recent virtual learning and school closings, many education professionals are starting their own tutoring and educational service businesses.

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Education PPC Advertising

Google Ads for Education clients are a great value and will allow you to only spend what you need on your ad budget. This is the most effective use of funds in this area for a Chicago Education company.

Education Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads have the advantage of being able to target your message with very specific parameters.

Tutors or home educators that work with students can find a great audience using Facebook and other social media platforms. Our experience in this industry can help you outperform your competitors. 

If you specialize in a field like ACT prep we can make sure that your ads are being seen by those students applying for college and their parents. This makes sure that only those most interested in your services are seeing your ads.

Education LinkedIn advertising

Linkedin might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it can be very beneficial for Education companies. Those looking for furthering education will be an especially key market present. The professional atmosphere will assist you in drawing in a clientele that is looking for education in a specific field. SEO Design Chicago has the experience to use LinkedIn to find the most professional candidates.

 Content Creation for the Education Sector

Any education business in Chicago’s website is required to have quality content. Any typos will be seen as a red flag to not learn from your services. This is also a space for you to showcase past successes from your classes.

With the increased competition of education startups and tutoring services, good content on your website is necessary to win in local searches and stand out once a potential parent visits your website.

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Education Social Media Content Creation

Education companies are very commonly found on social media sites today. It is a great place to post updates of the services you offer, prices, deadlines, etc. The more information you share on social sites, the more likely people are to show an interest in enrolling with you.

Education Website Content Creation

An education company should have content that engages their current and future customers. It needs to have current and accurate information at all times. SEO Design Chicago will have your website featuring the most up to date information that ranks in the Education Industry.

Web Development for Educational Institutions

Educators should focus on teaching while we build you an amazing website. We will have a website that is easy to navigate and provides the essential information. Contact pages, enrollment statistics, testimonials and more will all be easily accessible.

Local SEO Services for Educational Institutions

For your advertising budget to be most effectively used we will employ Local SEO services. This ensures that your messages are seen by those within a specific area and not everybody around the world.

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Education Local Search Rankings

Not only will we make sure you are seen in the right areas, but we will strive to have you appear ahead of other competitors in your defined area. The first result in searches is more often than not what people are drawn to. Especially when they have a great website like yours.

Education Online Business Listings

Education business will want their information listed in proper aggregate sites. USNews and Petersons are frequently used by people searching for school options. Potential students will have a much better chance to find you if present on these sites.

Google My Business for Educators

A Google My Business page will be one of the most effective uses of your plan. Having correct information listed here will quickly bring you to the top of search results. This is also an easy way for people to find hours, location and other vital details. These are important details that drive your ranking in Google algorithms.

Bing Local for Education

Yahoo and Bing still have enough of the search share that you should have your business page appearing results here. Many other education companies will not be doing this.

SEO for Educational Institutions

SEO Design Chicago is one of the best in our field when it comes to SEO. Our team will use many tools to drive you to the tops of results. We will also have you appearing for those that are searching for the specific types of tutoring and classes that you offer. High quality images of your facility along with photos of successful students will go a long way.

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Education SEO Analysis

First of all we will find out where you stand in current search rankings. Setting this baseline will help us understand how to drive you ahead of other competitors.

Education SEO Services

Keywords in your site’s content, directory listings, and a proper Google My Business Page will be just some of the elements we will work on to drive your search engine standing. We have a team with the know how to get this done right.

Link Building for Education Businesses

We have the experience in writing strong press releases you need. Our team will clearly showcase the strongest parts of your curriculum. Releasing this information to local trade publications will get you an audience you would not have otherwise. Being listed in these trusted sources will give your classes strong credibility. These will also link back to your website increasing the chances of making somebody a student.

Education Industry Consulting

We will look at your current digital marketing plan and let you know what needs to change. A website with dated information and horrible photos will get you nowhere and we’re not afraid to tell you that. We will let you know what needs to change for you to have your strongest presence possible. This will give you the edge you need over the competition.

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Social Media Analytics for Education Companies

We can analyze your social media audience and figure out how you can get the most out of it. Providing updates on current classes and projects will give this audience essential information. Facebook and Instagram provide the opportunity to put you in people’s consciousness when they may not expect it. If they are lucky they will be inspired to further their education with your company.

Web Analytics for Educators

Google Analytics is a strange science, but luckily we have the experience to crack it. We will translate this information in a way that is easy to understand and turn into results.

Marketing Analytics for Education

Marketing plans can be confusing, but we will create one that is easy to understand. That is because we will work hand in hand with you to make sure we both get what we want out of it. By showcasing what makes you special we will have a plan that improves your business in ways you never knew possible.

SEO Design Chicago looks forward to the opportunity to discuss how we can work together to expand your education business online. This will lead to an expanded student base which is a win for you and for those that are hoping to better their lives through education. Find out how our skills in analytics, consulting, SEO, advertising and more can work for you!

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