What Is a Website Backup

A website backup is a record of all of your website’s information from a certain save point. All of the information provided, changes made, and operations in place will be saved so that if anything happens it can be restored to its regular status. Many Content Management System (CMS) services provide website backups but that doesn’t mean that everyone is taking advantage of them. There are also still many website who run independently and need to establish some sort of save option for their website.

If you haven’t considered backing up your website you should make it a priority, as you never know what could happen. Whether you make an accidental change on your end or some other factor, out of your control, causing a loss of information. Even something as simple as updating your website could benefit from having a backup, just in case.You do not want to be stuck in the situation of having lost one of your biggest digital assets.

Website Backup Services

Website backups are just one of the important elements of having a website. A multitude of potential “bad things” can happen. Let SEO Design Chicago make sure your backups are being executed and available when needed. We know that your website is the central hub of your internet presence and how important it is to have operating at all times. A website is one of the biggest digital assets held by a company, especially if you have just put in the effort to improve your SEO. Loosing this data can be a devastating experience and one that can feel impossible to recover from.

SEO Design Chicago will make sure a backup is executed and properly stored and maintained. Having a reliable website backup is necessary if your hosting company does not provide the service. When it comes to safety and security, we believe there is no higher priority. Maintaining a strong expectation of care and protection, pertaining to any aspect of our business, is important to us but we know how important it is to have secure backup of you website. We want to ensure that all of our clients have this protection, if they don’t already.

How Do I Backup My Website?

Website Backups are just one of the many services provided by SEO Design Chicago. A regular website backup offer a piece of mind when it comes to disaster recovery, moving to a new server or being hacked. Be protected with a reliable website backup service provided by SEO Design Chicago. Just like backing up the files on your computer, but even more important. Your website is live to your customers and you could be losing revenue if your website goes down or breaks.

website backups security
website backups importance

The Importance of Website Backups

Website backups, like any security precaution, are seen as an unnecessary practice that doesn’t serve any real purpose; until something happens and it becomes the biggest saving grace. It’s true, we don’t usually consider the importance of safety. A good safety precaution often works so well that we generally don’t even think about the danger it is preventing. Backing up a website is a similar practice. Once you have a backup strategy in place it becomes just another step in maintaining your website.

Whether a backup is needed due to an outage, hacking, or reverting your own work back to its older state website backups can prove to be an essential part of operating a website. No matter the cause, it is important to realize that your website holds more than just your basic information. If your website is down, even just for a few hours, it can lead to a loss on all fronts.

Someone like an online retailer, who sells directly through their site, would miss out on any potential sale that comes their way. If you are a consultant, looking to get new leads, those potential leads will look elsewhere. A website outage can come at the most inopportune time, especially if you are experiencing heavy web traffic. Maybe you are a company whose major operation is running an annual event. When announcing the event or during its time of operation are the two most important times to have a properly working website. Having a website failure at this time will reflect most on your brand perception and can have crucial consequences.

These are some of the worst case scenarios but there’s no guarantee that you can prevent situations unless you are taking the proper precautions and regularly backing up your website.

Reasons for Website Backups

            • Personal Error
            • Technical Outages
            • Hacking
            • Completing a Host Migration

Why Do I Need a Website Backup?

There are a multitude of reasons for why website backups are a necessary for your website. Some of the reasons for needing to back up a website can come from your own personal usage. Maybe you accidentally made a change, preemptively, and need to revert back to a previous status of your website. With a website backup this can be an  easy fix but if not you might get stuck spending unnecessary time we working your website to get it back to normal.

Other reasons for having to backup your website can come from external forces. Any technical outages that could disturb the server could cause permanent damage. It’s important to know who is hosting your website and how secure it is. Many websites are hosted by third party entities. If they are a major, reputable, source they will have put efforts into securing all of their client’s work providing assurance that they have things under control. Still things may happen and if you don’t have a backup, easily at your disposal, you might be stuck without a proper web presence for some time.

Website Backup For Security Risks

While hopefully the least likely, the most threatening reason to need a website backup would be in the instance of a hacking. Hackers know that websites hold all sorts of information. Whether it be your information or the information of your customers, hacker can pose as one of the biggest threats to doing business online. Hackers can change your security credentials, locking you out of your own website, holding it for random. The initial breach is an obvious catastrophe, as you and your customer’s information is now out in the open, but another issue to consider is how your company will be viewed in the future. The news of a company being hacked often makes the news and can reflect poorly on their brand perception. This can have long lasting effects on their business, especially if one of their business practices is security or confidentiality. A backup allows you to still have a record of you website which can help with authentication and making sure you don’t have to start over once you have your website back.

Website Backup For Switching Domains

Having a website backup is also useful when you are looking to switch domains. Whatever the reason might be, it’s likely that you will part ways with your website host at some point and need to move your website to another provider. Migrating to a new host entails moving all files currently associated with your website over to a new host, who will store this information and make sure the website is properly accessible. This process requires you to have a website backup to provide to the new host. While it may seem like a big project to move from one host to another, if you have a website backup it can be relatively painless compared to what you have in mind.

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