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You have probably seen a website and had no idea what the site was built on. Joomla is a widely used CMS that offers a completely customizable platform that you can use to design your next website. SEO Design Chicago can design your Joomla website based on your business needs. After we learn more about your business and goals, we can decide if Joomla CMS is right for you. Our Joomla designers have years of experience creating and updating websites on the Joomla platform. We can create a custom site for you that fits all of the needs of your business. 

Joomla Templates

Joomla is a wonderful option for people building sites on a large scale and offering lots of intricate customizations. Deciding which platform should solely be based on your particular business and online needs that will allow you to reach your goals. You should not select your content management system solely on word of mouth from your peers, but with research of functionality and business needs. Let SEO Design Chicago help your business choose the best platform for your company. We have the knowledge and experience to help you find a great solution to your business’ needs. 

Joomla Websites

Joomla websites are great for any organization that is looking for a flexible and easy to use site.The web design is versatile and allows for a number of different options. Creating a Joomla website on your own can be tricky. In order to have a great website with all of the functionality that you need, it would be best to let a web developer create your site with the specifications that you need. SEO Design Chicago has years of experience creating Joomla websites and we can help you with yours today.

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Joomla Websites
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What is Joomla?

Joomla is an open sourced platform that allows for users and visitors to have an easier time interacting with your database. It aids in the content delivery and management. 

Its main features are usability and extensibility. This is probably why it has won so many awards (which includes being the three time recipient of the PACKT Open Source Content Management System Award). 

Some famous names using Joomla websites are Harvard University and IKEA. 

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Joomla Web Design Advantages

Joomla has some great design advantages:

  • There are a huge amount of Joomla themes available for their users. Joomla themes are one of the areas in which the platform thrives. In order to take advantage of the Joomla themes, they can be easily downloaded from any number of sources, such as Joomla.
  • Joomla is usable right out of the box. With little web design knowledge, one can get a Joomla website started relatively quickly. It is simple to use and understand
  • Within Joomla, pages and images can easily be moved or adjusted. There is an editor support that makes creating and executing on any changes simple.
  • The Joomla CMS makes for seamless webpages within a website. Even when different Joomla developers are working on pages, they will have a similar appearance to the user.

Joomla SEO Advantages

Joomla websites have some fantastic advantages when considering their SEO value.

  • Joomla offers a number of SEO extensions that help their users understand how SEO works and make the content more SEO friendly.
  • There are SEO extensions that will make your site more attractive to search engines. One example is a Joomla extension for a site map. Once a site map has been created, it can be submitted to Google for indexing.
  • High quality content can be posted as frequently as possible to increase SEO value.
  • Optimized landing pages are available for different uses.

Joomla eCommerce Advantages

With the influx of ecommerce and digital marketing these days it is important to take advantage of platforms that use them. 

Here are some of the best Joomla ecommerce benefits:

  • Joomla allows for an electronic interaction between customers and businesses. This reduces costs and transaction times.
  • Joomla helps to attract more customers with its design and capabilities.
  • Joomla is one of the best platforms when working with large databases
  • Joomla developers can create custom themes, templates, images, and modules.
  • Joomla websites automate customer interactions, reducing labor costs and maintenance.

There are thousands of free and paid Joomla templates. (Joomla)

Why Use Joomla For Your Small Business

Joomla websites are perfect for many small businesses. Here are some great reasons why.

  • Joomla websites are cheap. It is free to start and, because it is an open source platform, there are no annual fees to pay in order to use the service.
  • It is trustworthy. Many non profits and small businesses rely on Joomla to house their databases.
  • Joomla websites are low maintenance. Check on them a few times a year, and you will be just fine. 
  • It is a great ecommerce platform with almost every function you can think of available. 
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The most popular websites using Joomla include those of Harvard University, IKEA, Linux, Guggenheim Museum, and The Fashion Spot. (CloudWays)

Is Joomla Right for Me?

Joomla is perfect for a website with LOTS of content. The Joomla platform offers a vast amount of customizability in its navigation structures as well as other sectors of your website.

Once the site is completely designed, Joomla allows for a user to update the website without any coding experience.  Joomla can be suitable for almost any project and is scalable. Beginners will fell comfortable using Joomla websites. Professionals will also be able to take advantage of the robust features available within its platform.

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