Professional Website Optimization Services

Is your website performing to its fullest potential? Chances are that it is not. SEO Design Chicago’s website optimization service is designed to improve not only the performance, but the user experience of your site. 

We have decades of experience optimizing websites. We are industry leaders in the field and can quickly diagnose and fix your website’s problems and deficiencies. 

Our expert search engine optimization professionals use research, data, and analytics to optimize your website and drive real results. We make your website more attractive for site visitors and search engines. A professionally optimized website means better results for your business. And we are the best marketing agency for website optimization.

Professional Website Optimization 

Your website is never fully complete. The best websites that rank well on Google are constantly adding new content, optimizing existing content, and analyzing their data. We optimize your existing website to attract more website traffic. Our team of website optimization experts will find optimization opportunities and tap into your website’s potential.

What Website Optimization Services Look Like

Our team of dedicated web optimization specialists make improvements to your website that have long-standing, enduring results that last for years.


Higher Search Rankings 

Improving your content with more relevant topics and keywords will lead to higher search rankings on search engines.

More Qualified Visitors 

We don’t just optimize your website for more traffic, but more high-quality traffic. This ensures that qualified visitors who are most likely to become customers find your website.

Higher Click-Through Rates

Adding more effective calls to action to your website results in higher click-through rates.

Higher Conversion Rates and More Leads

Optimizing your website results in a smoother buying experience for customers, which leads to more leads and improved conversion rates.

Clear Analysis and Reporting

You don’t have to be a professional SEO to understand our reports. We will provide you (and your stakeholders) with clear, simple reports and analysis on a regular basis so you can see the effects of our website optimization services.

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48% of people cited a website’s performance as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business. (Blue Corona)

How Do We Optimize Your Website?

First, we set up or review Google Analytics and other optimization tools. We will check your search engine rankings and your website’s health.

This helps us find the best opportunities and potential to make changes that will give your site the best chance for success. 

Be honest…

What does your website look like right now?
How long since you last updated it?
Has it been more than a week?
More than a month? More than a year?

What Do Website Optimization Services Include?

Every website optimization strategy is different. But here are some tactics a typical web optimization strategy might include:

404 Errors

404 errors are one of the most common reasons a potential visitor will leave your site. Imagine clicking on a link to find the exact page you are looking for, and you are redirected to an error page. Not only does create a negative step in the customer journey, but it makes the website look poor.

HTTPS protocol issues

Every website today will have an SSL certificate installed. Therefore all pages should use https. Webpages that are missing this protocol will reduce the quality of a website and make it appear less authoritative. 

Orphaned Pages

Orphaned pages are pages that cannot be crawled by search engines properly. These pages have no incoming links and are dead ends. SEO Design Chicago will identify and fix any orphaned pages that need to be indexed.

Meta Descriptions

A proper and custom written meta description is important for any webpage. Users are not clicking on your page often without a great description of the page. SEO Design Chicago creates custom meta descriptions for your pages that will help your click through rate.

Title Tags

Title tags ae an often overlooked aspect of SEO. Quality title tags will allow serarch engines to properly crawl your pages and establish their authority. 

Broken Links

Broken links are often dead ends for users and crawlers. SEO Design Chicago identifies and fixes broken links on your pages. 

Image Optimization

In addition to optimizing the content on your website, you also need to optimize your images for search engines. This includes adding alt text, file size optimization, and more.

Missing H1s

Every page needs its own H1 tag. We identify pages that are missing H1 tags and add optimized tags. We also identify any pages that have too many H1 tags and optimize those as well. 

Optimization for Real People and Search Engines

Many optimization services focus either on human audiences or search engines. Our team makes sure that your website is optimized for both real site visitors AND robots.

Data Driven Website Optimization

It isn’t enough to just trust your gut when it comes to optimization. Our SEO strategy is based on data, not opinions. We will use your own data to formulate an optimization strategy to help you climb the search results. Here are a few ways we use data for SEO success:

A/B Testing

We will test multiple versions of content and calls to action on your website to see which works better.

Analytics Tools

We use proven SEO tools like Google Analytics check your website performance and help us see which content of yours is working and which isn’t.

Industry Experts

We are a top web optimization company because we employ industry experts who know how to extract data, analyze it, and use their wealth of experience to optimize your site.

Benefits Of Professional Optimization


Trust Our Search Engine Optimization Services 

It’s important to choose a team you trust to improve your website. SEO Design Chicago is a website optimization company with more than a decade of experience. We have honed our website optimization strategies over the years. Our team has optimized websites for clients in a wide variety of industries.

plates, after all). You’ll be able to get a great look with any of these, however.

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Partner With a Full-Service Website Optimization Firm

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we have the ability to provide you with any additional services you might need to help your website grow. For example, if your website is slow, we have professional web developers on our team to tweak the back end to speed it up. Don’t go to one agency for web design and another for website optimization. We do it all. You only need one partner.

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Optimizing your website begins with choosing one of the best optimization companies. Choose SEO Design Chicago, one of the top full-service web optimization and marketing agencies. We will help you optimize your website for your audience and search engines. Our web optimize service will show you how your optimized website can increase its search rankings. We will optimize your website quality and performance to help your company increase revenue. Climb the search engine results pages with SEO Design Chicago.

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Are you ready to start improving your website? Partner with one of the top web optimization companies in the country. Our dedicated staff of full service SEO experts utilize spreadsheets and data to analyze page speed, create quality backlinks, fix broken links, target keywords, and more to drive traffic for your website.

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