Professional Website Migration Services

Website migrations are not only a lot of work, but they are risky. Leave the hard work to us. SEO Design Chicago performs professional website migrations. We offer the top website migration services.

Our expert web migration specialists focus on migrating your website in a safe, SEO-friendly way to avoid losing any of your SEO rankings or data. Our full digital marketing team works together to ensure that your website migration is successful and stress-free. Learn more about why we are the best team to handle your next successful website migration.

Professional Website Migration Services 

Website migrations are often stressful, due to not just the sheer amount of work of transitioning an entire website, but also because of the dangers they present to all of your data, content, and SEO.

However, SEO Design Chicago specializes in providing website migration services that are seamless, stress-free, and successful. We are an expert team of professional web designers and developers who have performed countless website migrations over the years, including migrations to e-commerce websites.

Best Website Migration Company

Migrating websites is our specialty. If you are in need of a website migration, SEO Design Chicago will ensure that your migration goes smoothly with our expert team. Whether you are updating the layout of our website, changing the URL structure, or moving your website to a new domain or CMS, our team are the right experts to help you.

We will migrate all of your website (or sites) and emails and ensure everything is running smoothly. Our goal with every website migration is to effectively and quickly move your website, while reducing website downtime and mitigating any risk to your data or SEO. We know that deciding to migrate websites can be stressful, but we have perfected our website migration process.

Our comprehensive web migration services include:

  • Website migrations to new hosting or platforms
  • SEO migrations
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager migrations
  • Domain name migrations
  • A full website migration checklist
  • And more.
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Work With an Experienced Team of Web Migration Experts

SEO Design Chicago employs the top website migration experts. Our web design and development team is Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager certified. Our team of experienced web designers has experience migrating hundreds of websites. They are knowledgeable on various web platforms.

Over the last decade, we have cultivated our process as technologies advanced and platforms changed. But we remain committed to the same goal of seamlessly migrating your website to avoid interruptions for you and our costumes. We will create a plan for your migration that is specific to your website.

What About Email?

Many clients are concerned about their email accounts during the website migration process. Don’t worry, because we have mastered email migration. We can handle it without losing any of your emails! 

Types of Website Migrations

There are all different types of website migrations, including:

Protocol Migration

A protocol migration involves changing your protocol from http to https

Subdomain Migration

A subdomain migration involves changing your website’s domain from to

Domain Migration

If you are changing the name of your website from to, that is a migration.

Top-Level Domain Migration

A top-level domain migration involves migrating from your current URL to another. For example, from a .com to a .net, .org, .edu, .net, etc., or vice versa.

Content Management System Migration 

A CMS migration is moving from one CMS to another. For example, perhaps you are moving your website from Joomla to WordPress or WordPress to Umbraco.

Redesign Migration

A redesign migration might mean small modifications like aesthetic changes to your website’s look, or a full revamp of your site including code and copy changes.

Structural Migration

A structural migration is where we change the architecture or structure of your website. Typically, this means changing the user flow or URL structure of your site.

Hybrid or Combination Migration

A hybrid or combination migration is a combination of any or all of the above types of migrations. SEO Design Chicago can perform any of these types of migrations.

Our Website Migration Services

SEO Design Chicago performs website migrations of all shapes and sizes. We will tailor your migration to your specific needs. Our team has handled hundreds of migrations, but we refine our process as the internet innovates. 

SEO Migrations

For many of our clients, SEO is a priority when migrating their website. The goal of any of our SEO migrations is to efficiently and quickly migrate your website, minimize SEO risk, and cut down on downtime. Our in-house search engine optimization team will make sure that all pages redirect properly and that all SEO best practices are in place before we launch your site.

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    Our SEO migration services include:

    • Page inventory
    • Current site URL crawl
    • Analytics benchmarking
    • Ranking and visibility benchmarking
    • Internal link updates
    • Page canonicalization
    • Removal of duplicate content and pages
    • Site move verification with both Google and Bing
    • Backlink updates 
    • And more.
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Content Management System Migrations

No matter which CMS your website currently is on, our team can seamlessly migrate your entire website to a new content management system of your choice. For example, perhaps you want to change to a WordPress site. We have handled hundreds of website migrations from one CMS to another over the years. We will create a CMS migration strategy that is tailored completely to your website’s needs.

We can migrate your website to and from platforms including but not limited to:

  • WordPress
  • BigCommerce
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Shopify Plus
  • Joomla
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • And more.

Our CMS migration services include:

  • Analysis of your current website
  • Comprehensive CMS migration strategy
  • In-depth analysis of best SEO practices
  • Migration of website design elements 
  • Migration of content
  • Testing of website functionality
  • Full review of website 

Web Hosting Migrations

SEO Design Chicago also offers website hosting services. We host a wide variety of websites for small, medium, and large businesses. Our service censure that your site is available at all times and responds quickly to all of your users. Even if you do not choose us as your new hosting provider, we can help you move to any new web host that you choose.

Our web hosting migration services include:

  • Helping you choose the best web hosting service  for your website to meet your needs
  • Creating a safe backup of your website data
  • Importing your website to your new chosen hosting provider
  • Preventing as much website downtime as possible 
  • Implementing our migration process
  • Updating your domain
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Domain Name Migrations

Changing your domain name is almost as sensitive and risky as migrating your entire website. Many factors can negatively affect a successful domain name migration.That is because search engines like Google use your domain name and domain structure to crawl your website. A major change could result in you losing rankings. However, our web migration team makes sure that the appropriate redirects are implemented to help guide search engines and transfer domain authority to your new domain.

Our domain name migration services include:

  • URL mapping
  • A redirect strategy
  • Search engine crawler analysis
  • Reparation of site navigation and internal links
  • Consultation on best practice implementations 
  • Troubleshooting of any database errors
  • An analysis post-migration with recommendations

How Much Does It Cost to Migrate a Website?

This entirely depends on the scale and scope of your website and what kind of migration you are looking for. SEO Design Chicago will do a deep dive with your team to give you an estimated website migration cost. Our site migration service will evaluate your site architecture and goes through a thorough website migration checklist.

Please contact us to get an estimate for what our website migration services might cost for your project.

Why Choose Our Website Migration Services?

No matter which type of website migration you need, SEO Design Chicago is the best agency to handle your migration to your new site. Our

Expert Team

We specialize in site migrations. Our web design and development team will protect everything from your search engine rankings to emails and site architecture.

Smooth Transition

We will ensure that your migration to your new website is as seamless as possible. We will create a migration plan and stick to it. We guarantee a successful migration.

Limited Downtime

Our team will work to ensure that your website is down for the shortest time possible. We know that a down website often means down revenue.

Complete Review

Once your website has been migrated, our team will perform a complete review to confirm that your site is functioning as well as expected.

Post-Migration Support and Maintenance

We offer ongoing support and website maintenance services once your migration is is completed, if you choose.

Work with a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

SEO Design Chicago is a full-service digital marketing agency. We offer every service you might need for your website, from a wide range of search engine optimization services to graphic design and content creation.

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What is the Cost of a Website Migration Service?

The cost of your website migration service will depend on the size of your site, which type of migration you require, and more factors. To learn more about how much a website migration costs, contact us today to get a free estimate.

SEO Design Chicago Performs the Best Migrations

Website migrations are big projects. Our team has successfully migrated hundreds of migrations for websites of all types. Check out some of our website migration case studies and learn how our clients had better-performing and higher-ranking sites after migrating with us. Let us do the hard work and reduce your stress for your next site migration. We will migrate your website effectively and efficiently. Contact us today to schedule your stress-free website migration.

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