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SEO Design Chicago helped a political candidate to updated his website to make the UX more friendly. Also, we created both Google and Facebook advertising campaigns. These campaigns were designed to increase name recognition and to attract users to the updated website. In addition, a retargeting campaign was used to reach out to those people that did visit the website.


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A political candidate was in need of advertising and a website update. He was running for local office and needed a way to promote himself and his platform. In addition, he needed to be able to track visitors to his website and be able to message them.

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Website Redesign

The previous website did not present a good experience for visitors, nor was it optimized to capture emails. The new redesigned site allowed for users to submit their emails which fed directly into a CRM.

The new design was more navigable and friendly for visitors. The updated UX was an integral part of the redesign and resulted in a sleek and fast website.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook can be a great way to advertise online. Targeting your demographic down to a specific group is made easy and the amount of money you put in determines your campaign reach. We used Facebook advertising to reach out to more specialized, or specific, demographics.

Content Creation

Content Creation is a great way to provide website visitors with all of the information they need, while enhancing a website’s search results. SEO Design Chicago used custom content creation to promote the candidate.

Google Analytics

When you want to learn more about the kinds of users who visit your website there’s no better system than Google Analytics. Google Analytics was setup in order to track website visitors and to better understand their demographics.


  • Conducted a digital advertising campaign through Facebook and Google throughout the election period, drawing in new audiences from both platforms
  • Increased name recognition among voters through online advertising 
  • Initiated a follow-up campaign to reengage people who had previously visited the client’s website
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