Geo Targeted Pages for Your Business

Geo targeted landing pages provide a great opportunity for your business to grab the attention and the clicks from users looking for a local company.

Multiple Location Businesses

If your business has multiple locations, geo-targeted landing pages will allow you the opportunity to have visitors find the location that is best for them. 

Geo-Landing Pages

Your website is designed to drive business. You want as many people to come to it and purchase your products or services. So what if there are hundreds, or possibly thousands, of people that are not getting to your site and going to your competitor’s instead? If you are not using geo targeted landing pages then they most certainly are. Great landing pages are a simple tool that will help you to have the flow of customers that you deserve. They not only provide users with information about your business, but you can create unique and propelling messages for them to do business with your company. Every business from local mom and pop hardware stores to general contractors through multinational corporations should be using geo targeted landing pages on their websites.

What Industries Need Geo Targeted Landing Pages?

Really any business that has more than one location would benefit from them. Some examples of businesses that take advantage of them are:

What are Geo Targeted Landing Pages?

Geo targeted landing pages are pages that websites offer to show users where they offer their products and services. They are unique for each location and they give businesses an advantage when users are searching for services or goods that they need or want locally.

Geo targeted landing pages are basically great information that answers a searcher’s questions about your local business. The best landing pages are ones that have specific information. Basically think about information that a guide may provide if he or she was giving a tour of your business. 

These geo-targeted landing pages should be exceedingly important to any business that has local customers. In fact, it is likely the one area in which most websites have the greatest area of opportunity. Think specifically about businesses that rely on local customers. Think of a contractor in Houston. Or, consider a bakery in Chicago. Both of these businesses are relying upon clientele in their local communities.

So with both of these examples, a searcher will be looking for something local and Google wants to provide these searchers with a quality result. These results will list local businesses along with their reviews, contact details, and ratings. How will Google aggregate and show the results from your company to a searcher? Well, that is up to you. Or, perhaps it is up to your competitors. 

The days of searchers clicking on different SERP links while looking for information are quickly disappearing. These days, Google wants to offer data instantly to their users without having to dig deep. These zero-click searches are becoming the new norm.

Multiple location geo targeting

Is Geo Targeting Effective?

First of all, it is important to define what geo targeting is. Geo targeting is the process of selecting a certain audience based upon their location. It can be broad. For example, one could target users in Europe. Or, it can be a bit more targeted to specify only people in England. In fact, it can be drilled all the way down to a zip code. 

There are a few benefits to geo targeting an audience. One, you are not wasting resources and time reaching out to people that are not ideal potential customers or may not have in interest in the product or service being offered. Two, a personalized approach can be taken when a specific audience is selected. A potential customer will be more influenced by a message that is personal to them and not generic.

Companies with Multiple Locations

Geo targeted landing pages are also great for businesses that have more than one location. Some of the most common search terms are “near me” or “around me”. Having multiple geo targeted landing pages (one for each location) will allow users to find a branch of the business which is nearest to them. This is necessary for large companies to compete with other national franchises.

Companies that have business across the country can win in local search with geo targeted landing pages. For example, the rideshare company Lyft has a location page for each major metro that it does business in. The list of cities is close to one thousand.

For each one, a visitor is greeted with a personalized message with the city name included. That equates to around one thousand landing pages. Now, your business may not have a thousand locations, yet. However, there is great value in making each user feel as if their session is personal to them.

Multiple location geo targeting

Effectively Using Google My Business

Having a properly updated Google My Business profile is very important when it comes to Geo Targeted Landing Pages. You can ensure that your targeted ads are reaching the correct geographical area by having an accurate Google My Business page. This will help get your ads in front of the most potential customers in your area.

geo landing pages seo design chicago

Are You Too Local?

Local searches result in more purchases. In fact, while a global search usually results in about a 7% purchase rate, a localized search is about double that at 16%. Obviously they are more valuable if you like selling things and making money. We have spent quite a bit of time discussing where your business locations are and where you want to target. However, it is equally important to find out where your customers are located. Are your customers needing to travel to get to you? If you are based in Philadelphia and your customers are coming from New York, then it may be time to transfer some of your time and energy to New York. It is a two way street to have your customers come to you, but you also want to make it as easy as possible to have them to reach you.

two people holding paper cut outs of the world and geo location icon

Benefits of Geo Landing Pages

By customizing strategies that are used for different locations, you can determine exactly how well each location is performing in relation to one another in terms of rank and traffic. Using landing pages for your site also is a great tool for increasing leads, getting more traffic, and acquiring more links. The payoff for great geo landing pages is huge if you have the right people to help you create them.

The Perfect Geo Targeted Landing Pages

In order to be successful when creating geo targeted landing pages, you need to know what people are searching for exactly. This is where the experience of SEO Design Chicago can assist. We have been creating geo targeted landing pages for over a decade with great results. In order to do great work, you would need a combination of ingenuity, the correct technology, the right tools, and experience.

Targeted landing page

Thinking Behind Great Geo Targeted Landing Pages

The philosophy behind the best landing pages, is to be the best answer to the question that a user is searching for. As long as you are adding correct info that directly responds to a query in the exact words, you will be more successful.

But wait, there’s more. In addition, is the ability to customize or change the information presented to each geographic location. Marketers would probably want to send a different message to people in Beverly Hills than those in Birmingham.

Within your location page, you can offer different content that is best suited for the audience that is viewing it. Using digital marketing tactics like geofencing you can also 

What about Google my Business?

Google my business is a great resource for people that need an address, phone number, or hours of service. However, if you are the kind of business which people want to do a bit of research on, then Google’s local listings will not have sufficient information. Therefore, a geo targeted landing page is still provides a great ROI.

geo targeting industries

Other Benefits to Geo Targeted Landing Pages

We have already discussed a multitude of reasons why landing pages are successful and important for virtually any business. However, there is also a huge advantage for SEO. Unique landing pages provide a treasure trove of data that can be analyzed by your SEO team to uncover vast amounts of information. The data can then be used to improve your traffic to your site, improve traffic to your brick and mortar location, and raise brand awareness and loyalty.

Landing Page Samples

People often ask for sample landing pages for their business. These pages can be found all over the internet. However, if your company is going to be adding geo targeted landing pages, then it is the perfect time to utilize a design or image that will drive people’s attention. SEO Design Chicago’s design team has created hundreds of logos and visuals to help increase a webpage’s appeal.

Localized Metadata

An important aspect of successful geo targeted landing pages is to have all of your data on your website be optimized. Are your descriptions and alt text accurate? Is your schema markup in place? If not, you could be wasting valuable assets and time. If you are not sure that these are all accurate, then you may need to ask for some assistance from your SEO firm.

Geo targeted landing pages are a great tool in the arsenal of anyone. They give so much opportunity to not only reach more people, but to provide them with customized information and products. This will in turn lead to more traffic on your site. It will lead to better rankings. Most of all, it will lead to more conversions. 

Let SEO Design Chicago help you to create the perfect custom landing pages for your business today.

Geographic Landing Pages

If you sell widgets and have a location nearby a possible customer geo landing pages will help target the right customer, nearby looking for a widget you sell. In most cases, a customer may want to do business with a more local company, Geo-targeted landing pages will help. Contact SEO Design Chicago to get the process started.

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