The Top Social Strategies for Your Business Through SaaS Marketing

Successful SaaS marketing is notoriously hard to accomplish. SaaS businesses, or Software as a Service businesses, face marketing problems that other businesses get to avoid. These challenges are largely due to the digital nature of the service you are hoping to market. On top of that, SaaS businesses have begun popping up at a higher rate than ever before. It is critical to separate yourself from the pack through your marketing, otherwise you could end up left behind. To avoid this, the best SaaS Marketing plans rely on the digital landscape to support their business.

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Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing strategies allow you to interact directly with the consumers you hope to appeal to. This is the greatest benefit of social media marketing, but you need to identify the platforms best for you. There are a select number of social strategies that will prove most useful for your SaaS business. If you manage to implement these strategies correctly, your SaaS marketing problems will be a thing of the past.

Why Are Social Strategies Best for SaaS Marketing?

Social media marketing is beneficial for any business, making it an ideal SaaS strategy as well. Your business model is already reliant upon digital software. This makes digital social media platforms a match made in heaven for marketing your business. There is a vast number of reasons why social media is highly beneficial for your business. With that said, there are a few reasons that stand out as extremely convincing.

1. A Built-in Consumer Base

As previously mentioned, your SaaS business is already reliant upon a digital space. This makes digital social media platforms the optimal locations for your SaaS marketing plan. Traditional marketing involves appealing to those most likely to buy your product. In this sense, your SaaS strategies should be relatively similar. If a consumer is already on a digital platform, they are less likely to scoff at the idea of your software service. A familiarity with your product is already present, meaning that the digital age just did half of your SaaS marketing for you. On top of that, the internet is constantly gaining more users. Social media finds itself reaping the benefits of this on a daily basis. If you manage to stand out on social media, there is nothing your service won’t be to accomplish.

2. A One-on-one Direct Channel of Communication

Transparency is an incredibly important marketing strategy. Your consumers want to know exactly what your service is before they invest their time into it. Social media marketing allows you to build a trustworthy relationship between yourself and your customers. When it comes to marketing SaaS, you have to consider the nature of your service. In many cases, SaaS businesses operate as live services. This is an incredibly opportunity that the digital age has created. You can update your software on the fly, improving your product over time. Social media platforms allow a direct conversation to occur between you and your consumers. If there is a problem with a new update, your consumers can let you know. On the other hand, if there is a new update, you can go ahead and let your consumers know. Either way, leaving this direct line of communication open is a beneficial SaaS strategy.

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3. Opportunities for Analytical Gain

The internet may be forever, but in this case, that is for your benefit. It is because of social media marketing that your SaaS business will be able to gain new data. This data is almost endless, but here are some of the analytics you can look forward to viewing:

  • How much overall engagement you are receiving. This includes views, likes, and comments.
  • The other brands or influencers that have been interacting with your service. If this occurs, will capitalizing on it be beneficial? If so, this can be one of the more useful SaaS strategies.
  • The reason why some posts are viewed far more than others. If this is the case, you can begin tailoring the majority of your posts towards success.

Analytical data alone is a tool for marketing SaaS that cannot be ignored. In truth, this social media data will allow to ensure that your business remains on top. If you begin to see success on your chosen social media platforms, continue to capitalize on it. A quick study of the analytics can be all it takes to do so.

The Best SaaS Marketing Strategies for Your Business

It is best to look at your SaaS marketing plan in two sections. There is the before and there is the after. This means there is a plan and an execution. It will do you no good to run into the void that is the internet blindfolded. To avoid this, planning is key. With that said, execution is just as important. If successfully executed, any of these social marketing strategies should yield great results.

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Identify Your Audiences

There is not a single aspect of SaaS marketing more important than audience identification. If you do not know who you appeal to, you cannot appeal to anyone. Social media is an absolutely fantastic way to find the audience that best fits you and your business. Ultimately, this begins with you posting on social media platforms. A simple post is the easiest and best way to engage with a newfound audience. The practice of hashtags on platforms such as Instagram can tailor your posts towards who you think your audience may be. Following a post, you can review the data and see if that truly was the correct audience.

Once you have identified an audience, which may take a multitude of posts, continue to engage with them. An audience left to their own devices will eventually forget about you. Engage in direct conversations with your consumers via tweets or live discussions to keep them interested.

Product Testing

When it comes to SaaS marketing, beta testing is great publicity. Everyone loves to play with a shiny new toy. Your software, prior to its official release, is exactly that. Beta testing is releasing a ultimately unfinished (but reliable) version of your product to a select subset of people. You can easily coordinate this through social media. The simple act of giving out a new service prior to release will create buzz.

Identify Issues 

Once beta testing is underway, you will be able to begin identifying issues within your service. All in all, this will provide you with a better product at the end of the day. You can optimize the kinks found by your beta testers prior to the actual release of your service.When the final version of your product is ready to be sent out, people will be on the edge of their seats. Beta testers will want to know how their feedback was addressed, and those who missed out on testing will simply want to see what they have been missing.

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Collaborate with Influencers

Social media is the home of influencers. This is a marketing opportunity for your business. Collaboration is one of the key concepts of SaaS marketing, it is a great way to get your name out there. In almost any case, influencers want to work with you. You just need to correctly identify the influencers that will help your service grow. If your service relates to shopping, collaborating with some fashion influencers could prove beneficial. This is an ideal marketing plan, but avoid working with influencers unrelated to your business. You want your collaborations to yield results, as well as new followers. It may be a hard truth, but there is no shame in piggybacking followers. Marketing SaaS can be hard, meaning that ideal partnerships should be a goal of yours. Successful collaborations are good for everyone involved, making it one of the best social strategies.

Marketing SaaS through Advertising

Creating posts on your own, or collaborating with others, is not the only type of media you can create. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram include many opportunities for advertising. You can tailor make your advertisements for the audience base you already have. More importantly, you can tailor these ads towards the consumers you hope to gain.

Ads Library

All Facebook and Instagram ads are housed within the Facebook Ads Library. This is a search tool that can provide inspiration for your own ads. SaaS marketing is already occurring on these platforms, meaning that creative ads have already been made. You can engage with these ads, deciding what could benefit you and your service best.Once you have settled on a great advertisement strategy, you can begin implementing it. Almost all social media platforms allow for advertising through their business accounts. They even provide highly useful analytics for you to review, making it easier to plan your next ad.

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Successful SaaS Marketing

SaaS marketing is not a simple task. In general, the average consumer is unaware of SaaS as a concept. This is changing with the ongoing evolution of the digital age, but that is just creating more competition. In order for you to stay ahead of the pack, it is important that you market your service on social media. The practice of these social strategies will ensure that your service is reaching those who want it.


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