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In a world where Google is as omnipresent as it is, its important to remember that it isn’t the only browser available. Bing is Microsoft’s signature browser. Due to this, it is a viable option for people, especially if they are looking for an alternative to Google. Because Bing caters to a different audience than Google, advertising on Bing allows for you to reach them.

Bing has over 800 million unique monthly users and 12 billion monthly searches. These users are more inclined to stick with Bing rather than use other search engines and web browsers. This is a significant demographic and you will be missing out on them if you don’t make the efforts to advertise directly to them.

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Advertise on Bing

Bing is the default search engine provider for the Windows platform. Drive more customers to your business with the right keywords for search engine marketing. Your Bing Ads campaign is not a set it and forget it campaign. To get the highest return on investment, it must be monitored and have adjustments made during the campaign.

Bing caters to a different audience than other web browsers, such as Google and Firefox. By reaching out to this audience you are expanding your companies digital reach and heightening your visibility. People often forget that these other audiences exists. While your competitors might be advertising through Google, there’s a good change they may not have even considered Bing.


A Bing PPC ad will function on not just a single search engine, but three distinct search engines. Those are Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. Therefore, using Bing to advertise gets your ads out in front of all three platforms and gives you an advantage. Collectively, those search engines get over five billion monthly searches. You can see why Bing ads are a powerful tool.

PPC works very similarly on Bing as it does on Google. You bid on keywords based upon traffic numbers. Then, when your ad is selected and clicked on, you pay Bing for that click.

You can ad a bit more flexibility on your Bing ads though. For example, you can choose to only advertise on mobile devices. Or, you can choose to have your ad only display on Yahoo. It provides more options and effectiveness for you when setting up your advertising campaign.

Another great advantage of Bing advertising is that there is less competition for keywords on Bing than there are on Google. Therefore, you can likely purchase your ads for a fraction of the price using the keywords of your choosing.

Creating a Bing Ads Campaign

Getting started with Bing Ads is easy. We can even transfer some existing campaigns from Google Ads to your Bing Ads campaign. Just because there are fewer people searching on Bing, does not mean that they aren’t there. Let us help you find your customers no matter where they are searching for your products and services.

Bing Advertising Campaign

Bing Ads Manager

Advertising on Bing operates through Microsoft Ads. Microsoft Ads works similar to Google Ads in the sense that the types of ads placed and the methods used can be applied to both. Bing Ads Manager allows for you to implement your digital advertising strategy on a completely different web browser. Some of the main components to keep in mind when it comes to Microsoft Ads are that ads are pay per engagement. Meaning that you pay for the ads that customers click on.

Bing Advertising Manager

Bing Ads Cost

Similar to other online advertising methods, there isn’t a strict minimum on how much you contribute to a campaign. This way you feel no pressure of being priced out of an opportunity. Its also important to keep in mind the fact that Bing is a smaller audience. While this may seem like a deterrent at first its good to keep in mind that this comes with a smaller price tag. Because of this you can easily take on Bing as a starter digital advertising platform or add it to your current array of advertising with little extra cost.

Getting Your Bing Ads to Convert

The volume of your traffic will be lower than any of your Google Ad campaigns. We are not always just looking at traffic. We want to know how many people make a conversion on your site. This may be filling out a form on your site, subscribing to an email list, or even making a purchase! Focus on the content that is converting and not just the traffic to your site. Bing Ads generally have lower traffic volume and higher conversion rates for your traffic.

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Reach out to SEO Design Chicago today to see how we can help you with your Bing ad campaign. We have run thousands of campaigns in the past and we can use our knowledge and experience to help your ad campaign be the most successful as possible. We know what works and what does not so we will not have to waste a lot of time guessing or testing to find the best results.

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