Display Advertising is Targeted Advertising

One of the most recognizable forms of digital advertising is display advertising.  When you see different ads while you are browsing the internet, it is most likely a Display Ad placed by Google. These are similar to specific interests from your browsing history. Promote your brand in the same way and be seen on the Google Display Network or by using programmatic advertising to use multiple DSP’s.

Beautiful display advertising draws in your ideal customer and gets them to click through to your page. You can take it from there.

Use Display Advertising to Draw People to Your Content

Whether you are trying to get more leads, increase sales, generate more product awareness, or promote your brand; using display ads will help you reach these goals and connect with your customers.

Your display ad should represent your business and, more than that, it should make your potential customers want to learn more about your product or service.

Display Advertising

Are you looking to get more people to know about your business? However, you are just not sure how you can do it? Well, you are in luck because it’s actually not as difficult as you might think.

What you are actually talking about is display advertising and it’s going to make a huge difference when it comes to your business. You want to make sure that you’re getting your name out there in as many different places as possible and the only way you’re going to do that is by utilizing a strong display advertising team.

Display Advertising Campaigns

Proper website design, content writing, and applying search engine optimization are all extremely important. Now that your site is ready to convert, start sending ads to gain more traffic to your website. By implementing Display Ads into your digital marketing campaign you can reach more customers faster. During the campaign we can make adjustments for better results.

Programmatic Display Advertising

When you use programmatic display advertising with an experienced programmatic agency, you can utilize multiple different Demand Side Platform Options, beyond the Google Ad Exchange.  Using different DSP options can increase the effectiveness of your programmatic display advertising campaigns.

What is Display Advertising?

Generally, when we talk about display ads, we’re talking about ads that you see when you’re browsing online. So, if you’re watching your favorite YouTube channel and you get an ad, that’s considered display advertising. If you’re scrolling through your favorite blog and there’s an ad on the page as you go through the content, that’s display advertising. Google is generally the one that puts those ads there and they’re based on things that Google knows (or believes) about you.
These types of ads are intended to lure you into clicking on a product or service that you see and going through to the website that’s offering those things. The idea is that they’re being shown to you because you are the target audience for that product and you are the type who would purchase it or at least go to the website. You want to make sure that when you’re creating your own display advertising using similar tactics, and that’s where working with a professional can really help you.

How to Use Display Ads

So, what are the things you need to do and know in order to use display ads to their fullest advantage? We’re going to take a look at a few of the things that you should be doing to make sure that you are getting the right people looking at your ads and that you’re creating an ad that those people are going to want to click on. After all, just because they’re the right audience doesn’t mean that they’re going to click through the ad. It needs to appeal to them in order for that to happen.

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Target Your Audience Using Display Advertising

First, make sure that you know who your target audience is. Are you looking for anyone with a car or are you looking for engaged couples in their 20’s? Are you looking for someone who likes old movies or someone who is specifically interested in documentaries about the 1850’s? You need to know exactly who the people are that are going to be interested in what you have to offer. If you don’t know your target audience you’re going to spend a whole lot of money getting your ad out to people who don’t know or care about your product.

The more targeted you can be the better you’re going to do when it comes to ad spending as well. After all, you won’t have to spend money targeting all those people who like documentaries from the 1900s or those who are interested in veterinarians for dogs instead of for horses. You can make sure that the people you are paying to get in front of are at least reasonably likely to want whatever it is that you have to offer them.

Set a Budget for Display Advertising

You’ll want to make sure you have a budget in mind before you start working on your display ad. That’s because it’s very easy to go over on your spending when you set up a recurring process. If you set up your advertising and just have it continue to go you could easily end up spending your entire monthly budget in just a matter of a few days. That’s why it’s so important that you set your target audience and you outline exactly what you want to happen with your ad ahead of time.

The more specific you are the better off you’re going to be and the longer that budget is going to last. Make sure you pay attention to what’s actually realistic for a budget as well. You don’t want to create a budget and then realize that there’s no way it could ever last you until the end of the month, no matter how restricted your target audience.

If you can’t afford the type of budget that you want, look for ways that you can adjust your target, ways you can space out to get as much as possible out of the money you do have, or work on saving up a bit more to get you started until those ads start giving you a return.

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Optimize Your Appearance in Display Ads

You need to optimize the ad that you’re creating. If you’re not careful it’s all to possible that you’ll create an ad that just doesn’t appeal to your target audience. Sure, your product may solve a need that they have or your service may make their lives easier, but if they can’t be bothered to look closer at the ad and click through to your website that’s not going to do you or them any good. You need to make the ad as appealing to those individuals as you possibly can.

Keep in mind that you may need to do a bit of tweaking in order to get to just the right match of appearance. Maybe you’ll need to do some split testing or you might end up going through a little trial and error. No matter what you’re doing, you want to make sure that you test things out before you spend too much on an ad that you have no idea is going to work or not. When you work with professionals you’re going to have a bit of a head start on this process.

Combine Text and Visual Assets

Text ads are quite boring for most. No one wants to read through a bunch of text if they don’t have to and if your ad has no image it’s unlikely someone is going to stop. After all, a big block of text just isn’t going to catch their attention unless they went looking for it. Instead, use a creative, high quality image that makes them take notice. They might stop scrolling for just a moment to look at the picture and then take a look at the text from there. Of course, it’s important to remember that the text needs to be interesting once you’ve got them.

If they take a quick glance at the text and it’s too technical or it’s too small or it’s too long or any number of other things they’re definitely not going to stick around to read. They’ll look at the picture again and keep going. A good combination can be hard to balance out, but it’s going to be invaluable for you and the success of your display ad. Working with that professional is going to help you figure out exactly what it is that you’re looking for and what your target audience wants to see.

Why You Should Be Using Display Advertising

So, what are the actual benefits of display advertising? Well, there are a bunch of them and we’ve already talked about a couple, but there’s more that you should definitely be paying attention to as well. After all, display advertising is all about getting someone to see you. While you’re going to be spending money and you’re going to need to spend a bit of time creating the content and the ads that you’re using, you’ll see all of these benefits and then some if you’re doing it all the right way.

Increase Sales

The number one reason that you should use display ads is to increase your sales. After all, the more people that are actually seeing what you have to offer the more people are going to decide to purchase from you. If you don’t get your name out there no one knows who you are and you end up missing out on sales even though they might be looking for the product or service you offer. When you have an ad out there people are going to know that you exist and from there they are going to be able to make a purchase.

Increase Leads

Depending on the business that you’re in you may be looking for leads before you can make a sale. You may not have a specific product or service that can be purchased easily through an online webform. You may need leads to call you or to contact you in other ways so you can set up a conversation with them. Well, if that’s the case then you’re definitely going to want to look at the way that the right advertising process can increase the number of leads that you get and the people who are interested in finding out more, even if they don’t ultimately make a purchase or work with you.

Increase Product Awareness

Just getting your name out there is an important start. You want to let people know that your product exists, even if they’re not in the market for it at the moment. You never know, they might know someone who needs your product or they may not need it right now but they might need it at some point in the future. If you get the offer out they’re going to see it and that’s going to stay in the back of their mind for the next time they’re in the market.

Promote Your Brand

Your brand is more than just the products that you sell and you want to make sure that people understand that. Even people who know you and work with you already or already purchase your products may not realize just how much your brand has to offer. If you have ads out there, however, they’re going to have a better chance of getting to know your brand and getting to know the services and the qualities that the brand has to offer. That makes them more likely to know, like and trust you. Which means they’re more likely to come to you in the future.

Choosing a Professional Team

SEO Design Chicago offers the best of the best when it comes to your digital marketing process. We know what we’re doing because we’ve been creating campaigns for clients for years. We’ve been working with people and businesses in all different areas and different niches and we know what it takes to create a campaign that people are going to be talking about, even if they’re not actually interested in working with you right now. That’s what you’re really after, after all.

Working With You

Our system consists of working with you to determine just what your overall goals are and from there, we’ll help you design the type of campaign that will bring in the customers and clients you need. We’ll take care of designing the ads, working on the campaign and getting everything out there so you just have to sit back and wait for those people to start coming to your website. That’s what you’re looking for when you hire a team after all, right? You want someone who will get it done for you so you can get on with the things that are more important to your business.

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Hiring a Professional Team

You could be creating your own digital ads. You could be spending the time and the money on creating and then revamping and then redesigning and launching and so much more. But do you want to spend all that time on something that you have no idea if it’s going to work? When you work with a professional team you’re working with people who have already been there and done all of the hard stuff. You’re working with people who can take the guesswork and all the extra costs out of it. So why waste your time on something that could be done for you in less time and for less money?

Display Advertising Services

If you need digital advertising you want to make sure that you’re working with people who have the experience to do it correctly. The team at SEO Design Chicago has mastered display advertising services by working in the field for over a decade. You want to make sure that you have a digital ad (or several) that are going to get people buying what you have to offer or converting.

Work with SEO Design Chicago to get all of these things and a whole lot more. It’s definitely going to be a great experience for you, and it’s going to make sure that you’re off to the right start for your business.

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