Custom HTML5 development can be used to create a great looking website.

SEO Design Chicago’s HTML5 development team can customize an HTML5 design and create a current look and feel for any HTML5 project.

HTML5 Web apps are professional and customizable.

HTML5 created by SEO Design Chicago’s HTML5 mobile web app developers are capable of functioning on any device or software platform. Additionally, HTML5 Is very SEO friendly for website indexing and crawls.

HTML5 Design

HTML5 Web Development and Design

HTML5 is currently the most commonly used language by designers and developers. The functionality and options available make it a great tool for any website, mobile application, or web application. It is one of the best tools available today in order to create custom products that have a professional and quality appeal to them without sacrificing on speed or usefulness.

HTML5 is the best tool for creating a fantastic user experience for any design or graphic. Users on mobile devices need HTML5 programming in order to provide a rich visual interaction. Now that Flash is a thing of the past, developers have turned to it when creating apps and programs when they want to create stunning imagery or high-quality graphics. On top of that, mobile platforms have surpassed any other platform for design needs.

Companies are looking to  developers in order to create HTML5 web apps for Android iOS, Windows, and others. These are the places where the language’s ability really can show off.

Web development

HTML5 websites can be created from different templates which are customizable and offer a variety of solutions for any business. Websites like html5up and html5 boilerplate offer some of these. One advantage of HTML5 is that it can be used on practically any device or browser. You can check the compatibility of your current browser by using html5 test.

No matter if you are considering a custom design of an HTML5 website or to develop a full front end to back end solution, SEO Design Chicago can assist in the project. Our expert programming team has designed hundreds of solutions for our clients across the country. Our goal is to provide a top tiered product that delivers on performance, scalability, reliability, and security.

While it is not terribly difficult to learn HTML5, it takes a great deal of time, patience, and trial and error to be able to create a polished finished product. There are products which allow for auto editing to avoid any major problems. These HTML5 editors are good stepping-stones for those people that are new to programming or need a bit of hand holding to get started

HTML5 Development

At SEO Design Chicago, we pride ourselves on creating HTML5 apps that are secure and come with the ability to grow. Their construction provides flexibility to expand as needed for your company.

We use a dynamic model that allows for adaptation and change throughout the life of an app. Our development team will work directly with you in order to capture the exact needs and desires for your app and then deliver it in a sustainable and scalable fashion.

No matter which industry you work in, we can help you with an app that will help you reach your goals.

HTML5 web development
Mobile web development

Mobile Web Development

As users expect more out of mobile experiences and want them to be identical to other platforms, it has become significantly more important to be able to provide excellent web development for them. Users want content to fill their entire screen and be formatted perfectly, regardless if it is a mobile phone or a tablet. Our mobile development team has the expertise and the knowledge to provide a custom website that functions and appears perfectly on any mobile device. 

By specializing in reactive design, our websites perform well on any mobile device. We use the latest techniques and frameworks that allow for a native-like content experience.

SEO Design Chicago is skilled at creating a top-notch user interface along with a top-notch user experience, all while navigating the unique challenges of mobile web development.

HTML5 Website Development

SEO Design Chicago has an expert team that can undertake any size HTML5 Web Development project. Is your business’ HTML5 website in need of an update? Are you looking for a full front end to back end web solution? Do you need a cross-platform solution? 

We have the resources and the experience to help you make your website look great and function flawlessly. Our HTML5 website creations are both functional and scalable. The site will grow as your business expands. Not only will it grow, it will be quick and responsive with fantastic load times. 

Our development team has experience in creating and implementing strategies for your website. We can collectively determine the needs of your company in order to customize an approach to a great final product. 

HTL5 website development
HTML5 migration

HTML5 Website Migration

Was your current website created years ago and does not support everything you would like it to? SEO Design Chicago can assist you to migrate your site to an HTML5 platform. This will allow you to expand and to add all of the custom content that you would like without restrictions. 

It is possible that your website currently uses Flash, which can cause security issues along with bloating. Modern web platforms have parity with Flash, making it obsolete and unnecessary to use plugins.

Our experienced migration team can help you to transfer your content from Flash to HTML5. Converting flash to HTML5 will help your site become more adaptable and better support current technologies.

Responsive Website Design

Having a flawless website to be used on mobile platforms is necessary in today’s mobile first world. Our responsive design team uses state of the art technology along with decades of experience in order to capture a stunningly attractive and sharply responsive web design. 

Regardless of the type of device a user is interacting with, our responsive designs will provide an almost perfect experience for them. 

Responsive design is also a popular choice for those companies that are needing to get a product out to the public quickly and in a more cost-effective manner, when compared to creating a mobile app.

Responsive web design
HTML5 Consulting

HTML5 Consulting

Our goal is to provide all of our clients with a unique custom product that performs to their standards and exceeds their expectations. In order to accomplish this, our consulting team will work with you to uncover your needs. We will perform an evaluation of your technological requirements and of your business. We want to create a cost-effective HTML5 web solution that will work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. 

In addition, SEO Design Chicago offers ongoing HTML5 website consulting. If your business is in need of HTML5 coding or is creating an HTML5 app, we can assist you in your web development and design needs. 

Cross-Platform Solutions

SEO Design Chicago’s team of developers can create a cross-platform or multi-platform solution for your business. Our expert team can integrate several platforms to enrich the user experience and make your product run flawlessly. 

Depending on your needs, we can create projects using different technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. We use different frameworks depending on the scope and dimensions of your project. 

Platforms such as Sencha, AngularJS, Ember.js, jQuery, and others provide not only an HTML5 base, but also the flexibility to offer a great solution to your needs. With these, we can create a develop and design a native application that will have a sleek feel and function across all user device platforms, whether they are mobile, laptop, or tablet. 

Cross platform
Web design

HTML5 Web Design

Our web design team offers a stunning array of products and services. Our background and experience of designing HTML5 sites will allow us to create the exact match for your website ideas. We have created sites for different industries and professionals which have helped our clients reach their goals. 

Our custom designs are unique and innovative. Their sleek designs stand out among the competition. These secure, feature rich sites offer high performance and cater to a fantastic user experience. 

Google Web Designer

In addition to some of the other platforms available for web designers, Google web designer is an outstanding tool to create HTML5 designs and graphics. It allows for a seamless integration of HTML5 content with other Google apps, like Google drive or Google Ads. 

It also allows for some great interactivity with your content. Performing actions like touching, shaking, or even rotating your mobile device can cause any desired action that you would like. Web designers can use Javascript to create custom coding which provide seemingly limitless opportunities. 

Also, using CSS3, it is possible to create and manipulate 3d content. Or, 2D objects can be rotated from any axis, which simulates a 3D experience. 

Although the web designer is used primarily to create Google ads, it can be used to manipulate or create any HTML5 content.

Web app production

HTML5 Web App Production

SEO Design Chicago has a reputation for our HTML5 web applications. Our team of web designers is well known for its ability to create custom created and high performing apps. 

We have helped our clients recognize the value of multi-platform app development which we have created using Apache Cordova, now referred to as PhoneGap. 

Mobile web apps offer a number of hurdles. They have different features, they offer different firmware. The capabilities and restrictions vary wildly. All of this means that it is even more important to have a quality developer that can use HTML5 in order to produce a product that will be functional and useful across multiple platforms. 

HTML5 Web Solutions

Whether you are in need of a new website, an update of an older one, or needing a mobile app, SEO Design Chicago’s team of expert HTML5 web designers and developers can assist your business in creating your customized finished product. 

Using HTML5 will give your business the broadest opportunities to integrate all of the capabilities possible into your site. 

Our experts can create applications that fit into the needs of your company, regardless of industry, business, and verticals needs. Our proven track record demonstrates our commitment to success and providing a quality site or application for your business.

HTML5 web solutions



Is HTML5 Right for Your Business?

HTML5 Development Services by SEO Design Chicago deliver a complete HTML5 solution for your business. This solution will be optimized for performance and able to handle anything thrown at it.

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