Google AdWords vs Google Ads – What’s the Difference

Google AdWords vs. Google Ads – What’s the Difference? What’s the difference between Google AdWords and Google Ads? Essentially, Google Ads is just a rebrand of Google AdWords, but a few things have changed. Why? The goal of Google Ads is to make it easier to advertise on partner pages for every level of business; […]

Are My Google Ads Working? Key Ways to Measure Your ROI

Are potential customers even seeing my Google Ads? When customers begin to have interest in a product or service, their ubiquitous first point of research is now the search engine, and that search engine is most likely Google. Internet users now search Google over 70,000 times per second, and with the rise of smartphones and […]

Yelp/Google/Facebook – Bad Review? Here’s How You Can Fight Back!

As a business owner or stakeholder, you’re proud to take your company’s reputation and success personally. You’ve spent more than a few months perfecting your happy-hour menu, fine-tuning your merchandise mix, or training your all-star customer service team, and you’re certain all the hard work, effort, and attention to detail will bring nothing but praise […]

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