Digital Marketing for Construction Companies

Today it is well known that digital advertising is the best use of your money. Digital advertising with an experienced construction marketing agency will give you the ability to reach a much more specific audience than print media. 

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Construction Company PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising can be a great value because you only pay when the ad has been clicked. That way you know that your dollars are going towards an interested party. This allows you to save for materials to finish future projects. Pay per click advertising is also a great way to quickly increase your online presence. Many marketing agencies will just recommend Google Ads, but other platforms may provide a better ROI.

Facebook Advertising for Construction Companies

Facebook Ads for construction companies are beneficial because they can allow you to focus on very specific metrics. We can make sure that the Facebook users seeing your ads are the ones who appear to be homeowners or business owners. Instead of wasting your time showing your ad to those that do not live in a home, your message will go straight to your target audience. Advertising on Facebook will only reach those who are most interested in your services.

LinkedIn Advertising for Construction Companies

LinkedIn can be a great site to advertise on. LinkedIn is a social media platform that is particularly well suited to reach corporates clients and small businesses. This can lead to the chance to work in much more lucrative projects.

Content Creation for Construction Companies

Having quality content on your construction company website is key to your success. Do not simply have a basic website with little information and old photos. This is a chance for you to shine with high quality photos of recent projects, blog posts and statements from satisfied customers.

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Social Media Content Creation for the Construction Industry

Social Media marketing is a great opportunity for the building and construction business. Content marketing will allow you to provide quality examples to those curious about your work. You can also use these platforms to stay engaged with your customer base.

Construction Company Website Content Creation

Building a top notch website can be harder than it looks, but luckily this is where SEO Design Chicago is qualified. Construction company website content should showcase your skills. We’ll make sure that the content on your website consists of well-written text, blog posts and high resolution photos and videos of the work you have done.

Construction Company Web Developer

While we are focusing on your website, you can focus on improving homes and the other day to day operations of your business. Typically, your should update your web design at least once every two years. Rest easy knowing that we will build a simple to navigate website design that provides all the necessary information to draw in new customers.

Local Search for Construction

Local SEO is a great tool for a construction business. It only makes sense for you to work on homes within a certain region, so it only makes sense to have you appear in searches for people in those areas. This is just another example of the specificity of digital advertising and construction SEO.

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Construction Company Local Search Rankings

SEO Design Chicago has the skills needed to make sure that you are ranked high in search results. It is important that you appear above your competitors with construction SEO. The lower you are in the home improvement searches in your local area, the less likely you are to find customers searching this way.

Construction Online Business Listings

Construction businesses will want their information listed in proper aggregate sites. Local publications and Angie’s List are sources people frequently use when looking for reliable companies with experience, so this is an ideal place to be featured.

Google My Business for Construction and Builders

Google My Business is essential for your home improvement company because Google weighs this heavily into search rankings. It is important that you have accurate information here because when customers search for your business details listed here such as location and hours will appear.

Bing Local for Construction Companies

Google is the dominant player but many people still search for construction services on Bing and Yahoo. Since these sites are commonly overlooked it is a great chance for us to have you rise above other businesses in the same market and reach more potential customers.

Construction Company SEO

Email marketing campaigns are for existing customers. However, SEO is for new lead generation. SEO strategy can seem complicated, but through years of experience we have become very skilled at its intricacies. SEO is an essential park of digital marketing in the construction industry.

Our team will have you placed high in search results. We will also have you appearing in search results that your business is relevant for. We are a premier home improvement SEO company.

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SEO Analysis of the Construction Industry

One of the first steps we will take analyzing where you presently stand in terms of SEO. We will find your strengths and weaknesses in order to plan your climb to the top. We will do this by conducting advanced keyword research and a thorough SEO Analysis.

SEO Services for Construction Businesses

Keywords on your website and a strong overall web presence are important factors that we will work on. We will leave no stone unturned when it comes to search engine optimization for your business.

Link Building for Construction Companies

Press releases aren’t one of the first things that come to mind when it comes to home improvement. They can be a great asset to getting the word out about your specialized work and also help your overall online presence. It only makes sense to have your work detailed in real estate, business and home improvement publications.

Marketing and Consulting for the Construction Industry

SEO Design Chicago prides itself on collaborating closely with our clients. We communicate directly from the get go and allow you to make your vision clear. This gives us the best chance to succeed in improving your digital marketing, resulting in more home improvement projects.

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Social Media Analytics for Construction Companies

Many business owners under utilize the analytical tools provided by social media sites when marketing for construction companies. These details can be translated into better ad campaigns. We will look at these numbers closely and use them to your advantage.

Web Analytics for Construction Websites

Google Analytics is a very valuable tool that can be difficult to comprehend at times. We have worked successfully with many companies to use this information to help improve search engine rankings and more. We are happy to help you understand the numbers that Google provides.

Marketing Analytics for Construction Companies

SEO Design Chicago is ready to make sense of all the parts of your digital marketing plan. It is important that all of these parts are interconnected and facilitate one another. Working hand in hand to create a cutting edge campaign is our goal. We will strive to have a cohesive marketing plan that you understand from start to finish.

SEO Design Chicago is glad to speak with any Construction Company owner or marketer about their digital marketing plan, and how we can help you improve. A strong online presence will bring you more customers that have more projects that suit your specific specialties. Through SEO, social media management, content creation and more we will have you well on your way to being a premier Construction business in the Chicago area.

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