Magento Developers

SEO Design Chicago can assist you with all of your Magento web development needs. Take your online store to the next level when building your website. First, you need to find out if the Magento open-source platform is right for your business. If you already have the Magento platform installed, we can assist you with updating your current site.

Magento Ecommerce Websites

If you do not have an e-commerce platform or are selling things online, Magento is not the right platform for you. SEO Design Chicago will assist you in selecting the online platform that is right for you. Magento is the top choice when you have a large inventory of products, need inventory management, and automation for order management.

Magento has held the #1 spot on the internet Retailer 1000 list for four years in a row. (

Magento Ecommerce Developers

A majority of people’s first interaction with most businesses these days is done on their website. A website is almost always the primary revenue source for any commercial business. This remains true for businesses that have brick and mortar  locations.

A visitor will make an almost instant decision about a company based upon their initial experience with the company’s website. An unprofessional, or even an unoriginal website, can turn people away.

Importance of mobile compatibility on ecommerce websites

What is Magento used for?

Magento is an open source platform that is used by Magento designers to create customizable and professional looking ecommerce websites. A great advantage of using a Magento ecommerce site is that it is so customizable that you can have your site look exactly like you want. You do not need to rely on expensive apps with annual subscriptions. 

A Magento developer will have no restrictions when building your site. It can be made personal and original so that your customers come back time and again. 

Magento Developement

Magento Ecommerce Product Pages

Product pages are the lifeblood of you Magento ecommerce website. It is not enough to have a great website alone. You will need to have compelling product pages in order to entice your buyers and offer more value. Our team of Magento developers at SEO Design Chicago work hand in hand with our content creation team that allows us to make great Magento ecommerce sites with fantastic content. 

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Magento Product Pages

Magento Website Migration

Do you have an older ecommerce platform? There are many things that go into consideration when we suggest a migration. One of our favorite platforms for ecommerce is Magento. It may be worthwhile for you to migrate to a Magento website to grow your business. Magento ecommerce sites are perfect for medium to large scale ecommerce shops.

Our professional team of Magento developers can migrate all of your customer information, product details, and order information smoothly and efficiently without losing anything. 

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Magento Website Maintenance 

To use Magento correctly, you will need to monitor and observe the activity of your site. Not only will you need Google Analytics, but you will need to be monitoring your inventory through Magento. Magento is an amazing platform for your website when used properly and with the right team behind it. Call SEO Design Chicago today to get the support you need to build, update, and maintain your Magento website.

Ecommerce SEO tools

Magento websites are easy to use, customizable, and scalable.

Is Magento right for my website?

Magento is a very powerful content management system. It allows for great control over an ecommerce store with great insight into analytics as well. Another advantage is all of the advanced features that are included. Oftentimes, you would need to pay extra or install separate components to get all of these features. Features like cart abandonment and gift card purchasing can be integrated without having to buy special add ons. 

Our Magento Developers can help you to create a scalable and professional ecommerce store for your business. We understand what it takes to be successful in the competitive market. 

Magento Developer

Magento Benefits

Magento websites are a great choice for almost any ecommerce shop. They provide flexibility, customization, and scalability which would benefit anyone who is looking to develop or expand their ecommerce store. 

SEO Design Chicago has a team of Magento developers that can create a brand new site for you or update an existing one. Our migration team can help you change platforms without any risk of losing data. Reach out to us today and we can discuss the benefits of Magento and see if it is the best choice for your company’s website!

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