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SEO Design Chicago helped a CPG company with an advertising and SEO campaign to promote their new products. By creating original and powerful content along with a creative and unique PPC strategy, we were able to help them succeed in their branding campaign in a new market.

increase in product orders


increase in Organic Traffic

Web Page Templates45%

Rise in revenue


A regional CPG Company needed to advertise new product line. They were not only expanding their product line, but adding additional sales markets. The company had relied on word of mouth advertising previously in their old market. When expanding across the country, they needed help to bring awareness of their products to new audiences.  

Marketing for CPG
Consumer packaged goods marketing


Content Creation

We created new and unique content for their products and business. In order to ensure that their product would be successful in a new market, we studied the trends to find the best positioning for their products. Our content creation team executed on our content plan and the results were forthcoming.


We optimized all of the header tags, meta descriptions, title tags, and page names. This way, Google and Bing could properly scan and index the webpages.


A new and unique advertising campaign was created that created interest and excitement around the new product offerings. A combination of Google PPC and social media advertising were used to reach a specific targeted audience.


  • SEO plan worked to bring awareness around 14 new products on organic search and on social media 
  • Content creation resulted in the company’s products being found on the first page for branded and non-branded searches for725 additional terms 
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Marketing for CPG

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