Are you interested in an internship with SEO Design Chicago? Our internship program is one of the leading digital marketing internship programs in the country. We work primarily with college and university students across the United States. Our internships are currently both remote and in-person, so no need to worry about being a student in Chicago. We give you the experience you will need to land the perfect job out of college. Our goal is to help you decide if a career in marketing is the right decision for you. If you are passionate about marketing, content creation, and being part of a winning team, an internship at SEO Design Chicago is the perfect fit for you. 

What are the Benefits of an SEO Design Chicago Internship?

We teach students not only the basics of digital marketing but also how to succeed in the ever-evolving and competitive world of digital marketing. Many students begin their internship in one part of our company, and grow and move on to another department within our company.

That’s because we believe in helping students get a well-rounded experience out of their internship with SEO Design Chicago. Marketers coming out of school these days need to be multifaceted in order to score their dream job. We can help you accomplish that goal. 

Digital marketing is an exciting industry. Any student can benefit from the hands-on, real-world work experience they will gain from working for SEO Design Chicago. 

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More About SEO Design Chicago

We are passionate about growing the digital footprint and overall financial success of small to medium-sized businesses. As a multi-faceted digital marketing firm, SDC prides itself on providing tailor-made programs that meet client needs with an array of strategies, tools, and processes that have proven successful for even the most niche clients. Through traditional digital marketing, web development, analytics, graphic design, social media, and the execution of successful ad campaigns, SEO Design Chicago sets itself apart from other marketing firms by offering the most comprehensive approach to any company’s contemporary marketing needs.

Digital Marketing Internships with SEO Design Chicago

SEO Design Chicago offers internships in a variety of fields, including: UI/UX, Data Science, Graphic Design, Project Management, Content Creation, and Web Development. We also offer a more general Digital Marketing internship, in which you can experience a variety of the roles involved in the modern marketing world. 

Which Internship is Right for Me?

If you are interested in an internship with our company, but you’re not sure exactly which one is right for you, that’s okay! If you are attracted to digital marketing but want to find out which area of the industry is the best fit, that is what an internship is for. Simply fill out an application and you can talk with our staff during your interview to determine how your skills and interests can help our business. 

When Can I Apply?

Don’t worry about only applying at any particular part of the school year, either. Apply anytime! We are always looking for passionate, aspiring digital marketers. It does not matter which year of school you are in, as long as you are interested in learning more about digital marketing. If you are passionate and talented, we can find a place for you to start your digital marketing career at SEO Design Chicago. Contact us today! 


SEO Design Chicago provides internship opportunities for  Graphic Designers for both onsite and remote positions.


SEO Design Chicago provides marketing internship opportunities for Digital Marketing, Graphic Design and Web Development positions.

Digital Marketing Internship Positions

SEO Design Chicago works with clients in many different industries including