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SEO Design Chicago offers tattoo artist advertising and marketing services to clients in Chicago, across the U.S. and internationally. We help tattoo artists grow their businesses by helping them succeed with our digital advertising strategies. At SEO Design Chicago, we know the marketing strategies that work for tattoo artists. We work with many in the tattoo industry to grow their business online. Gone are the days of simply handing out business cards at tattoo conventions to promote your tattoo shop. Whether you are a solo tattoo artist or a large tattoo shop, SEO Design Chicago can help promote your tattoo business online. 

Perhaps your web presence is not as great as your tattoos. Maybe you don’t have a presence on social media, or your website was hastily thrown together using a free template by yourself or a friend. Or, perhaps you can’t be found on Google, or when you are, your address or contact information is incorrect. All of these factors can lead to you losing out on potential clients. SEO Design Chicago helps you fix all of these issues and upgrade your online presence in order to grow your profile as a tattoo artist and find more clients ready for their next piece of body art.

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Per-Per-Click Marketing for Tattoo Artists

We recommend pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for all of our tattoo artist clients. If you want to book appointments quickly and fill up your calendar, PPC ads might be the answer. Many people go online to find the artist for their next tattoo. PPC ads are a great way to get in front of those consumers at the right time. Plus, they are cost-effective and affordable, even for start-up tattoo businesses.
If you are currently running a PPC ad campaign, but you are worried it isn’t effective, we can audit your campaign and help you find ways to make it work better for you and your budget. 

Google Ads for Tattoo Artists

SEO Design Chicago has more than a decade of experience of creating Google Ads campaigns for our clients. Google Ads is a no-brainer way to advertise your business to clients who are looking for somewhere to get their first, second, fifth, or tenth tattoo! 

Facebook Ads for Tattoo Artists

Facebook ads are another excellent option for tattoo artist advertising. These days, everyone is on Facebook. You are able to target your audience very specifically, and you have the ability to create exciting and engaging Facebook ads for your tattoo business.

Content Creation for Tattoo Shops

While you create beautiful art for your clients’ bodies, we create content for tattoo shop website that helps your customers learn more about you and also helps you rank higher on search engines.

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Social Media Content Creation for Tattoo Artists

Social media provides the perfect opportunity for tattoo artists like yourself to show off their artistry, creativity, and past work. We help you create a cohesive Instagram account, or any other social media platforms you prefer, to demonstrate your excellent work in the tattoo industry and to connect with more potential clients. We can create a color scheme or logo for your tattoo shop and make sure your brand is the same across all your online platforms. 

Website Content Creation for Tattoo Artists

We can also create custom content for your website. From educating your potential clients about what to expect when they get their very first tattoo, to details about your specific tattoo artistry, our team writes content just for your website. In addition to providing valuable and helpful insight for your audience, it also helps improve your search ranking.

Web Developers for Tattoo Artists

While you are busy designing tattoos, we can help design your website. Whether you need a brand-new website to display your tattoo artistry, a complete rebuild of your current website, or perhaps just a quick update, our experienced web designers and web developers at SEO Design Chicago are ready to help your vision come to life online. 

Our web team offers a variety of website development services for any tattoo shop. We make sure that your website design is fully responsive, mobile-friendly, and we can even add a booking extension to make it easier for both you and your clients to book up your appointments. Watch your schedule fill up in no time when you utilize SEO Design Chicago’s website design and development services! 

Local SEO Services for Tattoo Artists

Tattoo artists are most valuable to local residents, which is why you will need to have a high search ranking in your local area. The key to promoting your tattoo shop is Local SEO services. SEO Design Chicago helps you optimize your website and online listings to give you a higher local SEO ranking.

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Local Search Rankings for Tattoo Artists

At SEO Design Chicago, we don’t skip any steps when it comes to marketing your tattoo artistry business. We know that tattoo studios are businesses and need to be treated as such online. That is why we prioritize creating online business listings, Google My Business pages, and pages on other search engines for your tattoo business. This ensures that all your bases are covered online and you are likely to be found by the most amount of potential clients. It also shows potential tattoo-getters that your business is trustworthy and deserving of their business. 

Online Business Listings for Tattoo Artists

Is your tattoo studio listed on all the local online business sites and directories? SEO Design Chicago will find out for you, and make sure to create any listings that you might be missing. Online business listings are the new tattoo conventions for promoting yourself as a major tattoo artist. 

Google My Business for Tattoo Artists

Every tattoo artist with a physical location should have a Google My Business listing. A GMB page ensures that you are findable on Google Maps and for anyone in your area who is looking to get a new tattoo. A Google My Business page creates a trusting relationship between your business and potential clients who search for you online. We optimize your listing to ensure the best possible results. 

Bing and Yahoo Local for Tattoo Artists

Many tattoo artists (and digital marketing agencies) skip the important step of creating profiles on additional search engines than just Google. SEO Design Chicago doesn’t make that critical mistake. We make sure that you are listed as a premier tattoo artist on all available and relevant search engines, not just Google.

SEO for Tattoo Artists

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is highly important for tattoo artist websites, particularly for trying to attract more business. The most important factors of tattoo artist SEO are: 

  • On-site Optimization

  • Ongoing Quality Content Creation

  • Off-site Authority Building

  • Backlink Strategy for Tattoo Artists

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SEO Analysis for Your Tattoo Artistry Website

The first step of SEO Design Chicago’s comprehensive SEO services is to perform a full SEO analysis of your website. We find problem areas that we can improve in order to improve your search ranking and give you a full report on the state of your SEO and how it can improve. 

SEO Services for Tattoo Artists

SEO Design Chicago offers a full suite of expert SEO services for tattoo artists. We make sure that you are found by people who are looking for a tattoo artist just like you on Google and other search engines. 

Link Building for Tattoo Artists

An important aspect of SEO is link building. SEO Design Chicago helps build organic links to and from your website in order to improve your search ranking. 

Tattoo Shop Marketing and Tattoo Shop Consulting Services

SEO Design Chicago helps tattoo artists make more money with our marketing and consulting services. We use the latest marketing techniques and software to market your tattoo business. 

We also help you measure the success of your social media, website, and marketing efforts. This helps us determine what is working for you online, and what isn’t. SEO Design Chicago uses a consultative approach to work with you and your business to correct problems, find solutions, and come up with new ways for you to succeed.

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Tattoo Artist Social Media Analytics

Some tattoo artists are already using social media on their own, but without much success. We use the latest tools to measure your social media analytics to discover how we can improve your presence on social media. 

Tattoo Artist Web Analytics

SEO Design Chicago also uses tools like Google Analytics and more to give you updated regular reports on the progress of your website and how much traffic you are attracting. Our trustworthiness and transparency is what draws many clients to SEO Design Chicago. 

Marketing Analytics for Tattoo Artists

Just like there is stiff competition for tattoo artists these days, there are many digital marketing agencies out there, too. But SEO Design Chicago has the necessary tools, staff, and experience to help your tattoo shop grow and meet its goals. Your success is our success. 

Contact SEO Design Chicago today to learn how we can create a digital marketing and advertising strategy for your tattoo shop!

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