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Are you searching for a Restaurant Marketing Agency? Digital Marketing for restaurants has evolved past posting flyers on doorsteps.

Online Ordering for Restaurants Software

Since March 2020 and the coronavirus outbreak the restaurant industry has been transformed into one where carry out and delivery options are vital. Many restaurants may be able to continue using services like Grubhub, Doordash and Caviar, however smaller restaurants that need to focus more on carry out to survive need a new solution.

SEO Design Chicago is offering low cost solutions to help your restaurant continue to make money during these times. We have a whole staff of developers and work with all sorts of websites. We can help you build or update your existing site to make it easier for customers to order from you.

Advertising becomes more digital every day for restaurant owners.  Our Digital Advertising options for restaurants and bars give you many specific choices regarding locations to target, income levels to target, traits of your clientele, and even attributes of your competitions clientele.  There are a variety of ways that Restaurant Advertising can work for your business with several different kinds of marketing campaigns.

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  • Restaurant PPC Advertising

    Google Ads for Restaurants or Bars may be a good strategy depending on your volume and location.  For high end restaurants or nightclubs in Chicago, the cost may be appropriate to the amounts you gain with covers and high margin alcohol sales.

  • Restaurant Facebook Advertising

    Facebook Ads for Restaurants are very popular due to the precise targeting we can use.  When we target diners, we can target by current followers, fans of similar restaurants or even the users in a specific location.  Do you want to target tourists or locals?  Nearly anything is possible with Facebook Ads for Restaurants

  • Restaurant LinkedIn advertising

    LinkedIn is a great strategy for larger Restaurant groups or Bars.  If you have a versatile spokesperson or chef that has a big following, Linkedin can expand your Restaurant or Bar reach. This platform is useful for charity events, special events or to reach key stakeholders in specific industries.

Restaurant Content Creation

Content for Restaurants and Bars starts with great pictures of the location, as well as food and drink items.  SEO Design Chicago helps restaurant owners have more than just a menu and boring website.  We can help you create an atmosphere online that shows why patrons should visit your restaurant or bar

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  • Restaurant Social Media Content Creation

    Facebook and Instagram are powerful for Bars and Restaurants.  With these platforms, you can share special events, share special menu items, and connect with your audience or potential audience more.

  • Restaurant Website Content Creation

    Content is important for Restaurants and Bars too.  Illustrating with images and text what your specials are, what events you have coming up and then distributing this information to the right places is the key to success.

Restaurant Web Developer

An outdated restaurant or bar website can keep customers away from your business.  We have all seen those 10+ year old websites with poor pictures, misspellings and non responsive website design.  To be cutting edge restaurant owners need to update their website and/or build a website that uses modern design and features.

Restaurant Local SEO Services

Getting found locally, may be more important for a restaurant or bar than any other type of business.  A good Restaurant SEO agency will be able to target locals, tourists, or even those looking to grab a steak or a beer. Customers will typically use the internet to identify what is good near them.

restaurant content creation
  • Restaurant Local Search Rankings

    Local SEO for Restaurants and Bars is populated by a number of different Criteria.  Google My Business and bing local contribute to Local Search, but so do directory listings and Business Citations.

  • Restaurant Online Business Listings

    Your Restaurant or Bar should be on as many directory listings as possible.  Some users go directly to platforms like  Yelp, Opentable or Tripadvisor to find the best place to eat or drink.

  • Google My Business for Restaurant

    Google My Business should be the first thing you do when opening a new Bar or Restaurant.  This will literally get you on the map to local food and alcohol searchers.  You also have the ability to show the personality of your business with pictures, menus and more.

  • Bing Local for Restaurant

    Many people forget about Yahoo and Bing, but there is still a large percentage of people that use these platforms to search locally.  Restaurants and Bars want to be on the map for these search engines as well.

Restaurant SEO Services

Can Restaurants or Bars have good SEO or bad SEO?  They sure can.  Our Restaurant SEO services are built for the hospitality industry.  It is important that a restaurant website features information about the dishes and drinks they serve as well as biographical information about  the head chef or sommelier.  Some patrons will specifically search for the next new restaurant from a top chef. Text and images need to be properly tagged as well for maximum restaurant SEO value.

Restaurant Digital Marketing
  • Restaurant SEO Analysis

    SEO Design Chicago can do an analysis of your current Restaurant SEO or help you build great SEO practices from scratch for a new Restaurant or Bar  location.

  • Restaurant SEO Services

    Some of the most common services that SEO Design Chicago will do for Bars and Restaurants includes: Content Creation for Bars and Restaurants, updating tagging on current websites, and fixing navigation issues.  These are all the basic building blocks for successful Restaurant SEO.

  • Link Building for Restaurants

    Backlinks and Link Building will help a Restaurant or Bar get more notoriety.  Local write-ups in publications like the Chicago Reader or are great if you have these opportunities.  SEO Design Chicago can help you to build these links and maximize your SEO.

Restaurant Consulting

Many of our Food and Beverage clients started with a website years ago that they haven’t changed.  With new technologies like Grubhub and Caviar changing the restaurant marketplace, you have to be adaptive and keep up with the technology.  SEO Design Chicago is a restaurant marketing agency that can help you with POS website integrations and to develop marketing strategies that work. Website Redesigns and enhanced features can help you to increase your customer base.

  • Social Media Analytics for Restaurants

    You do Social Media Already… but, are you doing it right?  SEO Design Chicago can show you how to understand your Facebook and Instagram analytics as well as create campaigns that will increase audience, bring in customers for specials and identify people that interact with your brand.

  • Web Analytics for Restaurants

    Google Analytics for websites?  Absolutely.  How many times does it take somebody to convert?  Can we retarget prior users?  Where do my guests come from?  All of this information is available in Google Analytics.  SEO Design Chicago can show you hot to make sense of your analytics.

  • Marketing Analytics for Restaurants

    Let’s say you are using 7 different ways to advertise online.  Which ones are working?  Which ones are not?  SEO Design Chicago can help you take a deep dive into your advertising questions, specific to your business.

SEO Design Chicago helps Restaurant owners and Bar owners to understand their marketing.  We work with Food and Beverage Clients from single location to multiple locations and we are ready to help you.  Contact us to learn more!

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