A Digital Advertising Plan Is Created With a Combination of Social Media Advertising, Paid Search and Email Marketing Strategies.

Digital Advertising allows you to showcase your brands or products directly to the right buyers. Defining who your customers are, what search engines they use, and what social media channels will give us the information needed to select the different channel to start advertising.

Digital Advertising Will Create More Conversions

Digital Advertising is helping businesses around the world meet their goals. Goals can include: gaining followers, more website traffic, or more form fills. Using digital advertising the right way can help you meet your online goals by showing advertisements where your customers are. When Google Analytics is set up properly, you can see in almost real time the effects of your Google Ads campaigns. We also include Bing Ads in our overall plans. A business can see results and conversions immediately with digital advertising versus waiting 1-3 months typically for keyword search results rankings to increase with organic SEO work. Learn more about the clients we work with and advertising examples of our clients.

Targeting the Right Audience With the Right Message Is Necessary To Be Successful

Every business is different and is communicating a unique message to their audience. When we select the right channel, we can start a digital advertising campaign within your budget. All digital advertising campaigns should last at least 3-6 months for the best results. A great digital advertising strategy is to wait at least three month to assess the results of your advertising efforts. It is highly recommended to create ads with several versions of ad copy among the advertising platforms that you choose to use. When you use a variety of ad campaigns and A/B test, you can optimize video ads, targeted display ads, or content marketing for better lead generation and conversion rates.

How To Measure Effectiveness of Digital Ads

It may be difficult to determine just how effective your current marketing is. However, using internet-based advertising you can easily recognize the results of your work. You can manage, track, analyze, and research your ads. Armed with those data, it is much easier to determine what is working for you and what is not. Perhaps there is a demographic that is generally interested in your company that you never considered.Digital advertising is taking over as the primary advertising avenue for brands around the world. It is a cheaper, more direct form of advertising that reaches a targeted audience. Digital marketing agencies can give you the experience and knowledge to create an improved presence online which will lead to better brand awareness and reputation. SEO Design Chicago can help you reach those goals.

What Is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is delivering paid promotional content through various online channels. Common locations to see digital ads are search engines, social media, email, mobile apps, and webpages. Reaching people online to demonstrate your product or service and building your brand awareness and identity is the goal of quality online advertising.Advertising used to be broadly distributed to mass audiences and advertiser would hope that they hit the mark. However, it was difficult to interpret the results and difficult to anticipate how effective they would be. Digital advertising today is very different. We now have the ability to target specific people or demographics. We can also immediately dive into the results of our advertising to determine its effectiveness.


Should You Hire a Digital Advertising Agency?

Now that you have your website up and running, is it really that important to hire a digital marketing agency. After all, how hard can it be to write an ad and put it on Facebook or Instagram? In theory, it isn’t difficult at all. However, you may end up taking more time than you really wanted to devote to writing an ad. Then you need to figure out where you want to run it. Do you already know who you want to target? Do you have experience with all the different social media platforms? There are a lot of questions to ask yourself. But it boils down to, do you have the time and is your time more valuable spent elsewhere?


Online advertising is not that easy. Moreover, it is not easy to be great at it. It takes a lot of experience and practice to be able to produce outstanding products. A good digital marketing firm will have that experience. They will also have the ability to cater to your budget regardless of its size. Perhaps most importantly, a great digital marketing agency will be able to provide you tracking and feedback via analytics. They can tell right away what digital ads are working and what needs adjusting.

What Else to Look For In a Digital Marketing Agency

A good digital ad firm is going to be able to provide all of the digital marketing services you may need. In addition to having a department for social media advertising or email marketing, they should also have a graphic design team to help you create the perfect ad for your company. You should also be able to find photography and videography if needed. The point is that a great firm will have all of these experts available to help you. Experts that you may not even know you need until later.


Is Online Advertising Effective?

Yes, digital advertising is certainly effective. This is true as long as you are keeping up with marketing trends. What worked 30 years ago will not be quite so effective today (do you remember the last time you intentionally clicked on a banner ad?). However, advertising via social media, SERPs, and native ads have all become increasingly popular due to their effectiveness.You may believe that your current advertising methods are working just fine. However, it would be naive to believe that whichever medium you currently use will be equally effective in the near future. Look at print advertising. The print newspaper industry has suffered catastrophic blows due to the emergence and free nature on online news sources. Even network television has started and will continue to decline in viewers as more and more people pull the plug. Currently, the sole medium that is seeing an increase in users is the internet. Radio, television, magazines, and newspapers are all seeing a decline in subscription rates. When compared to the internet, there is no doubt where people are spending their time. Studies demonstrate that the type of person who is least likely to have an online presence is an undereducated, rural, senior citizen who makes less than $35,000 per year. The opposite is also true. Those most likely to be online are college educated, urban, younger people who make over $75,000.So why is digital advertising so successful? There was a great article that came out last year from Forbes magazine that discussed digital ads. Forbes stated that, “Ad Spending Is Affordable, Very Specific And Easy To Use.”

Benefits of Online Advertising

First of all, online advertising is cheap, and it can fit any budget. A business can spend as much or as little as it wants to on their ad budget. On top of that, you can easily shift how much to spend at the drop of a hat. If your business is overwhelmed, you can reduce advertising. If you recently hired a handful of people, you could increase your spend.Next, online advertising is targeted. You are not wasting money by spending ads shown to people that are unlikely to buy your products. You are spending your money on people that find your services and products relevant to them.


Your results can be seen remarkably quickly. As opposed to other advertising and SEO techniques, digital ads can result in very fast responses. It is cyclical as well. A potential client may see your ad a few times, then make a purchase. Perhaps that same customer loves your user experience. She then decides to post a review and tell other people how awesome you are. Those other people read that review and they buy a product from you. You can see where this is going.Digital advertising can be used by any sized business. Unlike TV ads in years past, digital advertising is all inclusive. Small businesses can afford to advertise along with large companies alike.

Digital Advertising Avenues

Social Media

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  • Search engine result page advertising, or SEM (Search engine marketing) is perhaps the most commonly used method of digital advertising. After all, the user is searching for exactly what you are offering. It has become a competitive market for advertisers for a good reason. SEM continues to be an extremely effective marketing tool.

Display Ads

Native Advertising


  • If you were to search for an item on Amazon and then as you are browsing the internet later, the same item is being displayed to you, that is an example of remarketing. It is another popular advertising technique.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

  • Pay per click advertising is a great way for smaller businesses to advertise. You are not paying to run an ad for everyone. The only time that you pay for an advertisement is when a user clicks on your ad, normally someone who is interested in your brand or product. The average cost per click is between one and two dollars, so it will not break the bank. To achieve highest efficiency in ad spend SEO Design Chicago specializes in Programmatic Advertising, an auction style spending optimized by AI to get the best return on ad spend. Several other items affect the price such as time of day, competition for the keywords, and industry.

Email Marketing

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