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Bing Places allows for you to properly list your business on Bing. By having your business listed on Bing, you will heighten your search opportunities. Not everyone uses Google, so don’t underestimate the opportunities that a Bing Places for Business listing offers. If you are looking to enhance local search for automotive advertising, or be the top doctor in local search, Bing Places is a good addition to your local search plan.

Bing generates 12 billion searches from its 800+ million unique monthly users. The kind of person who uses Bing is usually doing so because they want an alternative to Google. This means that if you are going to advertise only on Google you are missing out on this specific demographic. Advertising and maintaining a presence on Bing is more than just doubling down on digital efforts, its reaching out to a completely different audience.

Bing Places

Bing Places is Bing’s business listing option. It is similar to Google’s Google My Business Account. By verifying and maintaining your Bing Places account you guarantee that the information about your information is correct and authenticated. When someone searches for your business, whether it be a general search or on Bing Maps, your business will show prominently. Bing has sourced most businesses from general listings but it means so much more to have a detailed listing that is confirmed in their systems. There is a visible difference between a business listing that has been verified by the business and one that has not.

Attract new customers with your Bing business listing. Your Bing local listing is another way of driving traffic to your website and developing new customers. Approximately 20-25% of users still use Yahoo/Bing as a preferred method of search versus Google.  Bing tends to score as a preferred search engine with seniors and users of certain windows devices.

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When it comes to adding and verifying your business on Bing its actually quite simple and similar to adding your business to Google. There are three steps to follow when it comes to adding and verifying your business: Claim your business, Complete your business listing, and verifying your listing.

Claiming your business is the first step in managing your presence on Bing. Most likely, your business is already listed on Bing. Due to sourcing from the community or general business listings your name and address probably already show in search results but there’s far more that you can add.

Completing your business listing means adding all relevant information to your business information. Adding phone numbers, business hours, and web addresses are just some of the options. By offering these details to the public you are helping minimize questions potential customers might have and allowing them to make a more informed decision about inquiring about your services.

Verifying your business allows Bing to know you are the true owner and operator of your business. Without a defined owner its possible for anyone to contribute information about your business, whether it is true or not. By having control of you business you can know what information is shared is reflective of your operations. Verifying your business is a simple process that requires you to confirm a PIN number either by mail, email, or phone.

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Growing your business on Bing with a Bing business listing will get you more local recognition for people who search with Bing. SEO Design Chicago can set up your Bing business listing today. When you want to be found locally, you want to appear at the top everywhere.  This is why you don’t want to ignore 25% of search engine traffic

Consider Real Estate Marketing.  It would be a great advantage to appear number one for realtors in  Logan Square if a potential buyer was searching in Bing.  A properly optimized profile will highlight pictures, services and your business, just like Google My Business profiles, but to the rest of users not using Google. 

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