Quality Writing Services

Every business needs written content that speaks to its target audience. That is why SEO Design Chicago offers professional business writing services. We deliver the best professional business writing to a variety of businesses and industries across the country. Whether you need blog writing services, technical writing, press release writing, or a full-blown content marketing strategy, our professional business writers are ready to help you. We create business content that aligns with your overall content marketing strategy. Learn more about how our writing services can help your business succeed.

Business Writing Services

In the modern business world, every word matters. Whether you need website content, blog writing services, product and service descriptions, or another type of business content, our team can meet all of your business writing needs. No matter what type of content you require, it needs to speak to your audience and address their wants, needs, pain points, and how your business can help you solve them.

We create exceptional content that engages readers and fits your overall content strategy. Our business writing makes a positive impression on your target audience, shows you as an authority and leader in your industry, reflects your brand’s mission, is written in your brand voice and writing style, and overall, helps you achieve your long-term business goals. If ranking high on search engines is part of your goal, we create fully optimized web content.

Partner With One of the Nation’s Top Business Writing Companies

Our digital marketing agency offers effective business writing services. Whether you need quality content, technical writing, editing services, press release writing, social media posts, or other types of business writing, we have a professional business writer for you. From a short personal statement to basic content writing to detailed white papers, we offer every type of content writing you might need for your business.

Professional Writers for Business

We are leaders in business writing services because we employ the best professional business writers in the country. We have the best content writers for your website. Instead of choosing a random freelance writer, partner with a highly qualified, thoroughly vetted professional business writing agency. We have a team of professional content writers who can specialize in various industries. This means we can pair you with a professional writer who knows your business.

Our professional writers have expert content writing skills and craft compelling copy that engages your target audience. We also have professional editors who edit and proofread copy before it is delivered, to ensure that it is polished and professional. You will be paired with one of our dedicated writers with experience in your industry.what to blog about

Types of Writing Services for Business 

Whatever type of business communications you need, we can provide. We offer a variety of different writing services for businesses, including:

Web Content

Every business needs a website filled with first-rate content. We offer website content writing for business professionals. We create a variety of web copy depending on your business’ needs, from article writing to white papers.

Blog Writing

Blog posts are the backbone of any business’ marketing campaign, but constantly churning out blog posts for your business can be difficult. We offer blog article writing services for businesses. We write blogs timely, valuable, and on-brand for your intended audience. And we guarantee error-free content.

Service Pages

Our team writes detailed, SEO-optimized pages detailing the services your business offers for your website.

Lead Magnet Assets

If you need inbound marketing (aka to attract new visitors to your site), you need leag magnets. SEO Design Chicago creates lead magnets like eBooks, white papers, technical documents, spec sheets, explainer videos, and more. Your project managers and business writers can work with you to decide which will be the most effective marketing materials for your business.

Case Studies 

Your business has had a lot of success. Demonstrate your success for your potential clients in case studies. Our team specializes in writing case studies that illustrate how your business provides a solution to your client’s problem, and how your product or service helped previous clients.

Press Releases

Whenever your business has an important update, you need to share it with the world in a press release. We produce professional press releases for all of your business announcements. Our team can also distribute your press release to ensure it releases the attention it deserves from all relevant news networks.

Landing Pages

Effective landing pages are key for any business that runs online ads. We create engaging content that hits the key points and converts your readers into customers.

Product Descriptions

One of our content creation specialties is writing product pages. We know how to write product descriptions that sell. 

Business Documents

Whatever type of business documents you might need – including a business proposal, business plan, SEO content, or other types of business content – we can create it for you.

Legal Writing and Editing

Our team has legal experts on staff who exclusively write legal content for attorneys, lawyers, law firms, law schools, and other clients in the legal field.

Medical Writing and Editing

We have professional medical writers on staff who specialize in writing on a variety of topics for clients including doctors, dentists, medical practices, and more. Our writing team can write for any industry. We make even the most complicated topics easy to understand.

White Papers

We create custom white papers. Our white paper writing services work to create high-performing marketing assets.

Social Media Writing

Do you need help with your social media posts? Social media in the business world can be intimidating. We have a full social media content creation team ready to create content for your audience on whichever platforms they are on, including LinkedIn, Google Business Profile, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Ad Copy

Our business writing services include effectively written advertising copy that converts. Our copywriters can create copy for PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, shopping campaigns on Google and Amazon, Instagram Ads, and more. Our business writers work with our digital advertising experts to create effective ad campaigns.

Other Business Writing Services

Even if the type of business writing you need is not listed here, we offer several other types of business content.

Professional Business Writers for a Variety of Industries

SEO Design Chicago provides content writing services for a variety of business sectors. We offer:

  • Advertising Business Writing
  • Automotive Business Writing
  • Education Business Writing
  • Financial Business Writing
  • Health Care Business Writing
  • Legal Business Writing
  • Manufacturing Business Writing
  • Marketing Business Writing
  • Medical Business Writing
  • Pharmaceutical Business Writing
  • Real Estate Business Writing
  • Technology Business Writing
  • Telecommunications Business Writing
  • And more.
content writing services

Benefits of Our Professional Business Writing Services

There are several reasons to partner with our expert business writers: 

Generate High-Quality Content 

Every business needs plenty of high-quality content that appeals to audiences and search engines. Great content writing for businesses takes a lot of time and effort. Your finished piece of business writing will be clear, concise, and professional.

We Do the Hard Work For You

Let us tackle your writing projects for you. You won’t have to worry about proper grammar, punctuation, and style. We are expert, professional writers. We will write in your brand voice and do all necessary research. All you need to do is give us a few key topics or ideas, and we will do the rest.

Trustworthy and Reliable Writers

Our professional writers are experts at writing on any topic. Our clients love working with us and find us reliable, trustworthy, and we always deliver our professional business writing on time. We finish projects on schedule and always offer confidentiality.

Our Business Writing Service Process

SEO Design Chicago has been delivering exceptional business content for more than a decade. We have a proven record of success when creating content for a wide variety of businesses. Here is how our business writing service works: 

Consultation With Your Business

You will be paired with a project manager and as many qualified writers as you need to complete the business writing you need.

Research Process

This involves getting to know your brand and target audience, and performing keyword research if your content needs to be found on search engines.

Writing Services

Finally, article writing begins. Your business writer will be sure to match your writing style and create high quality content.

Editing Services

Our team doesn’t just include professional business writers, but also excellent copy editors. We will edit your content before delivering it. Then, we can also perform any edits that you request. Our team can also edit any content you choose to produce in-house.

Measuring of Business Writing Performance

We are not done once we have delivered quality work. The success of our business writing services is determined by data-backed results. Of course, we hope you are happy with the business content that we produce for your brand. But we also measure the success of our online business content by tracking relevant data like website traffic, time spent on site, bounce rates, conversion, and more.

Business Writing Consultants

If you don’t know where to start with business writing services, meet with a business writing consultant. SEO Design Chicago offers a variety of digital marketing consulting services. We offer expert advice to help you determine what type of business content you need for your content marketing strategy.

Get Professional Business Writing Services from SEO Design Chicago

It’s time to start creating the business writing you need. Our many writers create authoritative content for any small business or large business. Partner with the professional content writers at SEO Design Chicago.

In addition to our business content writing services, we are a full-service digital marketing agency that also offers search engine optimization, content creation, and other marketing materials to help your business meet its goals. Contact us today to begin creating quality content with a professional business writer.

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