What does our custom website audit cover?

Increase your organic rank

Website Benchmarks

Websites can often slow down or stop working optimally. It can oftentimes be challenging to not only figure out what the problem is, but how to fix it. This is shy performing a thorough and complete website audit is so important.

SEO Design Chicago starts with taking benchmarks of your website. Our custom audits use factors from all of the big 4 data companies including SEMRush, MOZ, Majestic, and AHrefs along with proprietary SEO Design Chicago systems as well.

Before we dive into the details of the audit we look at current performance  highlighting:

  • Website Domain Rating
  • Home Page URL Rating
  • Backlinks (Quantity and Quality)
  • Referring Domains
  • Organic Keywords Ranked in the Top 100
  • Projected Organic Traffic
SEO Design Chicago Custom Audit

SEO Consultancy

In the subsequent phase of the audit, we examine the appearance of your website across various platforms, encompassing mobile devices, tablets, and desktop computers. We take a detailed look at the largest factors that contribute to website success.

seo optimization scores

SEO / Online Visibility Score

SEO provides a competitive advantage by directing a higher number of potential customers and prospects directly to your website through search engine queries conducted on platforms like Google.

Keyword Ranking on Page #1 

Appearing on the initial page of search engines places your business in front of potential customers, resulting in heightened visibility, traffic, and revenue.

SEO Design Chicago investigates if you rank for branded terms and then can get more detailed in services or product banking with an in depth consultation.

Is your Website Accessible to Search Engines?

In order to secure a position in search results, search engines must be capable of accessing your website, a process often referred to as “crawling.” The act of explaining the content found on your site is termed “indexing.”

Are Focus Keywords Used in Page Titles? 

Incorporating a keyword into your title assists search engines in connecting your page with a specific topic. The utilization of keywords in this context has a significant correlation with achieving higher search engine rankings.


Use of Keywords in H1 Tags 

Employing H1 tags can enhance your website’s search engine ranking. Additionally, they serve as a recommended approach for ensuring accessibility and aiding potential visitors in understanding the content of your page.

Google Business Profile (GBP) 

A Google Business Profile places you in front of potential buyers actively seeking to make a purchase. This distinct visibility applies whether individuals are searching for you on Google Search or Maps.

Google Analytics / Tag Manager 

Analytics help you better understand your visitors and customers to improve engagement, usability and drive sales.

Google Analytics & Tag Manager installation allows you to see what users do when they get to your website and are also used to optimize conversions coming from other marketing platforms. 

WWW Resolve 

Search engines distinguish between example.com and www.example.com as distinct entities. Unless you implement a WWW Resolve, you might face penalties due to duplicate content.

Is your Brand in the Page Title?

Incorporating your brand or company name within your title tag provides a simple method to establish brand recognition and aid searchers in discovering your business through its name. 

Optimal Page Title Length 

Page titles play a pivotal role in determining your search engine ranking. It’s worth noting that search engines typically display only approximately the initial 60 characters of your title within their search results. 


Meta Title & Descriptions 

The text intended for search engine visibility holds the potential to impact a page’s placement within search results. Furthermore, on the results page, it furnishes searchers with context concerning your page’s subject matter and emphasis.

Meta Description Length

Search engines utilize this description to summarize your page, typically within a maximum length of 160 characters. A compelling description has the potential to persuade more searchers to click on your link.

Keywords utilized in the Meta Description 

Ensure the incorporation of pertinent keywords in your website pages’ meta description.

This practice can effectively enhance your page’s prominence and visibility, particularly when users search for the specific keyword, consequently resulting in a higher likelihood of increased website clicks. 

website sitemap

Sitemap File Present?

A sitemap is a document that compiles a list of your site’s pages, aiding search engines in locating them effortlessly. The sitemap is generated automatically, alleviating the need for manual updates.

Alt Attribute 

This segment of website code is utilized to convey to individuals with visual impairments the content of an image. Additionally, it assists search engines in comprehending the purpose behind the image’s usage. 

Google Business Page Listing 

Securing a presence for your site on search engines is pivotal for your business. Your listing should effectively communicate to both search engines and visitors the essence of your website’s content.

Schema Markup 

Implementing Schema markup code aids search engines in presenting users with more insightful outcomes regarding your business. When employed proficiently, it has the potential to elevate your website’s rankings.

Open Graph Data Implementation

Incorporating open graph tags on your website grants you the ability to manage how and which content is displayed when a link from your site is shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Sufficient Page Content 

Search engines look for pages containing pertinent and distinctive content that effectively caters to the intention of a searcher. Extensive content has demonstrated a tendency to achieve higher rankings in Google’s search results.

FB Pixel Implemented?

It’s the code supplied by Facebook that you place on your website, enabling you to display advertisements to individuals who have previously visited your site.

This code also tracks actions that can be leveraged to enhance the optimization of your Facebook ads.

Performance & Security 

Establishing the security of your website fosters trust. Sluggish loading pages can be detrimental. Enhance the speed of your pages to heighten visitor experience and bolster your conversion rates.

SEO Optimization Consultation


An SSL certificate, a security technology, safeguards websites from attacks and instills confidence in visitors by affirming the authenticity and trustworthiness of your site.

Google Page Speed 

Each passing second matters when a visitor awaits the loading of your landing page. Sluggish page speeds result in subpar user experience. Statistics indicate that conversions decline with each additional second your visitor has to wait.

GTmetrix Page Speed 

Every moment is crucial when a visitor anticipates the loading of your landing page. Delayed page speeds result in a suboptimal user experience. Statistics reveal that conversions decrease with each extra second your visitor is required to wait.

Browser Caching & Compression 

These technologies enhance the loading speed of your website pages to a considerable extent. This significance stems from the “three-second rule”—you have merely three seconds to establish an impression on your site.

Mobile Friendly Website Test

Typically, visitors allocate over half of their online time to mobile devices. Consequently, having a mobile-friendly website has become an essential component of your online presence. 

how to rank for easy keywords

Accessibility Score

Web accessibility involves the process of designing and developing websites in a way that enables individuals with disabilities to effectively perceive, comprehend, navigate, and engage with them.

Automated Accessibility Assessment 

This segment encompasses the outcomes of an automated accessibility scan designed to pinpoint issues that impede the usability of your website for individuals with disabilities.

Alternative (ALT) Text for Images 

Relevant images on a website should be accompanied by alternative text to provide descriptions for the images.

Both search engines and screen readers, utilized by individuals with visual impairments, utilize the alternative text to enhance their comprehension of how images are employed within the site.

Whenever you place an image on your website, be sure to use the “alt” tag and insert text to describe your image.

To check if your “alt” tags are working properly, hover your mouse over an image. If it’s working, then in most popular browsers you should see the alternative text appear over the image while you’re hovering on it.

In-depth SEO On Page Analysis Audit

  • Indexability Issues
  • Linking Issues
  • Issues with Redirects
  • Content Issues
  • Social Tagging Issues
  • Performance (Server Related Issues)
  • Image Issues
  • CSS Issues
  • Sitemap Issues
  • Other Issues
On page SEO Issues

Fixing your SEO Issues

The SEO Design Chicago On Page Analysis uses several different reporting tools to analyze the major website issues that are contributing to search engine optimization problems.

Our team will create a custom audit and then setup a call with your team to discuss the findings on the spot.

SEO Design Chicago will provide you the report with which you can have your internal team fix all of the issues, or SEO Design Chicago can give you a cost to rectify the issues with our 100% United States based team.

Most one time website optimization jobs can be completed in 1-2 months and all work is custom quoted.

Let’s Get into the Specific On Page SEO Details

business team meeting

The next part of our audit process looks at the crawlable pages of your website and identifies specific issues that need to be fixed! Sometimes the foundation of a website needs to be updated to help increase keyword rankings, structure, and to gain in the SERPs.

These are some of the specific items that we identify and fix with every website audit:

meta description example

Meta Descriptions

  • Missing Meta Descriptions
  • Duplicate Meta Descriptions
  • Truncated Meta Descriptions
  • Short Meta Descriptions
  • Multiple Meta Descriptions

Page Titles

  • Missing Page Titles
  • Duplicate Page Titles
  • Truncated Page Titles
  • Short Page Titles
  • Multiple Page Titles
best seo title length
404 Not Found

Error Response Codes

  • 404 Errors
  • 500 Level Errors
  • Redirect Errors
  • Robots.txt Blocking

Website Images 

  • Images that need to be compressed
  • Alternative Text Issues
  • Alternative Text Truncation
how to optimize images
website headers

Header Tags 

  • Missing Header Tags
  • Duplicate Header Tags
  • Truncated Header Tags
  • Short Header Tags
  • Multiple Header Tags

Local SEO Optimization

how to drop a pin in google maps

For businesses that have a local presence, we run a custom audit to see if there are duplications of listings, or important directory listings missing.  The local search experts at SEO Design Chicago can also go into your Google Business Page and Bing Local Page and optimize your business for success!

Contact us now to receive a free custom audit of your business, and a plan to improve your results!

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