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Let SEO Design Chicago create your ecommerce website. Reach more customers online. More products equal more sales and more sales show a profit.

Outstanding shopping experience

Properly executed ecommerce websites enhance the shopping experience. They allow a customer to make an educated choice. The more products you have in your ecommerce shop the more relevant you will be to search engines.

Ecommerce is a booming industry and it is worthwhile to have a great ecommerce website

We all know that the amount of people that do their shopping online is growing exponentially. Ecommerce sites have exploded on the internet over the past few decades. The creation of a great online store is not easy if you do not know what you are doing. In addition to creating a quality site, it is important to have someone maintain the site. There may be bugs, or concerns with the customer experience, or a myriad of other issues. The good news is that SEO Design Chicago can help you create and maintain a great online store. 

Many people want to know how much exactly an ecommerce website costs. Unfortunately, it is much more complicated than that. You could purchase a basic site for a low price. However, there are other complementary services that you may be interested in as well.

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Benefits of an ecommerce site

With a great ecommerce site, you will sell more. That is the goal of any company or business. Whether you are just starting out your company or you are adding a en ecommerce site to compliment your brick and mortar store location, you will very quickly see the benefits of an ecommerce site. In addition to selling more, you will have more people aware of your business, or increase your brand awareness. In addition, your current clients will see a stronger brand and will be more apt to purchase from you again; your brand loyalty will increase.

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Web designer or DIY? 

So now that you have decided that you want an ecommerce site for your business, you need to determine if you would like to build, maintain, and fix it yourself. Or, would you prefer to hire a professional firm to do all of the work for you while you focus on what you do well. 

If you choose to hire a web developer, do your homework first. Make sure you have a reputable designer who does quality work and has experience. 

You should also make sure that a web developer stands behind their work. Do they offer a warranty on the site? Do the seem reputable when you talk to them? If they are local, did they offer to meet you in person to go over your needs? Do they explain everything in layman’s terms so that you understand everything you are buying? 

Another great reason to hire a developer is that they can use analytics to better understand how your site is performing. Are all of your great ideas working or does something need to be tweaked? A web development firm can analyze your traffic and tell you who is coming to your site, from where, how long they are staying, and much much more.

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eCommerce design philosophy

The first step in helping to create a great ecommerce site for your company is to analyze the sales structure and find out what the sales goals are. Every ecommerce site is different because every company is different. It is important to understand the vision and goals behind what your company wants to represent and present to the public. It is also relevant to understand industry trends in order to have a successful website.

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Mobile compatibility 

Were you aware that over half of all online shopping is done on mobile devices now. That means that having an ecommerce site which is not incredibly mobile friendly is a waste of time and effort. With this in mind, any ecommerce site needs to cater to mobile users now more than ever. What this means is making sure that all of the settings and formatting are friendly to mobile devices as well as non-mobile devices. 

Having your ecommerce site designed for mobile users will become the new norm with the direction that users are going. This means that the web design firm you choose to create your ecommerce site needs to have extensive experience in this.

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Product pages for ecommerce 

Having a great ecommerce website is really only half the battle. The second half is to deliver stunning content on your website that will not only attract, but retain users as well. Having your products displayed well will generate a better user experience and drive more traffic to your site. It is imperative that you create content that is relatable to your customers and demonstrates the strengths and abilities of your business. Great web design companies will be able to offer you assistance with generating great content for your ecommerce site

This is your main communication point once your customers have reached your website. The difference between ok pages and outstanding pages will be thousands of dollars in your pocket. Therefore, many people choose to invest in a graphic designer to help make sure your logo and your pages look the absolute best that they can.

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Why eCommerce website design matters 

The purpose and drive behind a great site is to gain market share and win over customers. Websites with great designs will encourage more purchasing and return visits for your customers. Not only is the visual design important, but so is the overall user experience. As customers have more and more options to make their purchases from, a great user experience will go far in not only driving more sales but creating lifelong customers. 

Users also need a site that is convenient and easy to use. Having a complicated or cumbersome user experience will be a huge detractor and hurdle.

Platforms for eCommerce websites 

There are a number of different platforms that offer ecommerce. They all have their strengths and benefits. By analyzing the needs of your business and your website, the best option can be found to support them. Some of the platforms that SEO Design Chicago recommends are:

How to compete with giant retailers like Amazon 

Let’s face it, any business with an ecommerce site will likely have to compete with Amazon. Amazon has a sterling reputation when it comes to price, selection, and convenience. So, how do you compete with them. First of all, use your brand image and identity to differentiate your business. Amazon does a good job marketing products under the Amazon umbrella. This leaves open the opportunity for your company to brand itself and develop a reputation.  

Instead of competing on price, create a unique and compelling user experience. Amazon does not do that well. With hundreds of millions of products under one roof, it is not so simple to do so. Your user experience needs to be unique and compelling. 

With the broad appeal of giant retailers like Walmart and Amazon, smaller businesses need to focus on developing a niche market. By doing so, you become the expert and the go-to site for a specific industry or product. 

Offer some sort of reward for return customers. This could be some sort of reward program or a membership club. By doing so, you are giving your customers a reason to return to your site and make another purchase. 

You have an opportunity to personalize your service. Reaching out to your customers and thanking them for shopping with you via a phone call or a personalized note can do wonders for your reputation. This is a great way to increase customer loyalty while you are beginning to grow.

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Any company that wants to sell their products or services needs to have a great ecommerce website. This will help your business to stand out amongst the competition. There are many ways to compete even with giant retailers like Walmart and Amazon by offering niche services and products along with a remarkable customer experience. 

A good web design firm will help you to create, maintain, and perfect your site. Let SEO Design Chicago help you to create a fantastic ecommerce website today.

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