Using Locksmith Keywords to Help Your Business

Locksmithing is a growing field, and as long as people purchase locks for their homes, cars or office doors, it will continue to be in high demand. This is even the case as today’s locks become more modernized because, well, people will always want to secure their belongings. Granted, many professional locksmiths will vie for clients that give them a competitive edge and one that is grounded on credibility.

Many think this usually costs thousands of dollars with advertising. However, your locksmith business can stand out from the competition with effective SEO. This article will discuss just that: how you can optimize your business’s SEO by using locksmith keywords and effective marketing strategies.

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Locksmith Keywords

What are locksmith keywords and where do I put them?

Using keywords that are relevant to your locksmith company should be one of the most essential aspects of your marketing strategy. A keyword is a word or phrase that a potential customer can type into any search engine, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

You draw your target audience in by capitalizing on these keywords through content marketing, so your small business appears closer to the top of the search engine list, instead of in no man’s land on page 2 and beyond. Place keywords throughout the content of your locksmith website. By sprinkling your locksmith keywords throughout your business webpage, you signal to Google that your pages are relevant to the audience’s needs.

Here’s a list of where you should put locksmith keywords to optimize your SEO:

Oversaturating your site with keywords is bad practice and can negatively impact your Search Engine Results Page (SERP), so it is best practice to keep your locksmith keywords sounding natural.

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What are specific locksmith keywords that I can use?

Because you understand why using keywords for your locksmith business is important, let’s get into some of the best keywords to use for marketing. While reading the following list, think about buying intent and research intent- Does the locksmith keyword mean a person is ready to buy or do more research? As a general rule of thumb, as people search longer and more specific keywords, they have a greater intent of buying.

That being said, here is a list of some common locksmith keywords:

  • Locksmith / locksmiths
  • Residential locksmith / commercial locksmith / auto locksmith / car locksmith / business locksmith
  • Unlock / unlock car / unlock service
  • Key duplication / key cutting
  • Pop a lock
  • Copy key
  • Broken key extraction
  • House locksmith
  • Lock repair / lock installation
  • Home security
  • Automotive locks
  • 24/7 locksmith / 24 hour locksmith / 24 hour emergency locksmith
  • Professional lock
  • Certified locksmith
  • Car lock out
  • locksmith and security
  • Emergency unlock / emergency opening
  • Locksmith prices / locksmith cost
  • Locking system / security system
  • High security locks / commercial doors

There are a number of other keywords, but this list will get you started when you’re constructing your website content to make you stand out.

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Get to compiling citations and links

Since your site’s basic structure is in place, you are now ready to compile citations and links. This allows a boost in your Google rankings while increasing your online reach.

Citations are a listing of your business, such as its name, address and phone number (NAP) in an online directory. Your options usually entail national directories, general and localized directories, and specific locksmith directories. NAP needs to be identical in every listing to maintain continuity. And while many directories are free, some only accept paid listings, so look at your Google Analytics before investing to make sure it’s worthwhile.

Links that are inbound and from credible websites boost your Google rankings. It is best to develop both online and in-person relationships that offer complementary services to your professional locksmith business. (Think home builders and auto repair shops.) Then, ask if you can trade web links.

Be ready to track your results

In order to discover if your locksmith marketing is working as planned, and if your locksmith-targeted keywords are doing you and your business a justice, you need to track your results.

There are a number of ways to analyze all of your collected data, but the following points are the key areas you should focus on.

  • Rankings: Google search results are based on what your audience previously browsed. As a result, you need to choose a tool to see how a specific page ranks. Install the free Google Search Console and track your results at least once per month. You can also move to a paid tool to track your Google My Business page and other web pages.
  • Traffic: Google Analytics tracks your website visitors (known as your website traffic.) By using analytics tools, you are able to see traffic totals, for each web page, and the percentage of visitors you reach.
  • Conversions: Lastly, a conversion occurs when a visitor completes a desired action on your website. A conversion rate calculator keeps track of these successes – It is calculated by dividing the total number of visitors to your website and dividing it by the number of visitors that execute a specific goal. (AKA higher conversion rate equals more successes.) Online conversion rate calculators help with this math.

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Marketing for Locksmiths

So, we’ve gone over the ins and outs of locksmith marketing, from keywords to tracking results. Now, let’s get into how to specifically market yourself as a locksmith with the knowledge you have gleaned. Of course, locksmith keywords factor into the equation. Next, let’s discuss some locksmith marketing ideas and strategies for lead generation.

Develop a strong lead-generating website

A website is the first interaction that leads have with your business. So, make it aesthetically pleasing. Use your relevant locksmith keywords throughout all pages of your site; build a strong conversion-based design to motivate people to immediately act. The content should have a call to action (tell your people to contact you) at the top of the page, so it is easily noticeable.

Create quality content

This feeds into the next note: creating content that is relevant and of high quality to your audience. Do you want to focus on commercial locksmith services or cover a wide range of services? Let’s say someone was drawn to your website because it ranked well on Google because of the keywords you used. Yes, they will look at your site if they have a solid user experience, but this experience isn’t furthered without enticing and relevant content that drives them to continue reading and learning. Assume that this person is in the “trying to solve a problem” phase. How will you solve it for them?

Maintain your originality

SEO stands on the foundation of originality. Text and content that is duplicated harms your site’s content. Of course, we all know plagiarism is harmful as it creates a lack of trust. That being said, when your team writes articles, make sure it is original to your locksmith business, or give credit if you borrowed it elsewhere.

Optimize images

The quality and file size of your images also play a part in how your locksmith business ranks on Google. And, once again, we talk about locksmith keywords. You are able to better optimize your search engine results by using keywords in the image’s title, description, alt tags, file name, and caption.

Create an attractive meta description

A meta description is a short tag in HTML (approx. 155 words) that summarizes a page’s content, and search engines usually show it when the searched-for-phrase is within a description. An effective meta description will allow more people to see your website after searching. This means more traffic for you, which is your ultimate goal.

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Locksmith Local Listings

Local listings were briefly touched on earlier with citations and links, but why are they important? Local listings can help improve your SEO. Well, the following points highlight why you need to place an emphasis on them.

It’s free advertising for your business

Say what? Advertising is never free. But most of the listings you do will allow people to find you 24/7 through Google or by searching on local listings websites you have registered with.

It increases brand awareness

There are more than 1500 directories, and any business, including yours, can be listed on approximately 500 of these sites. People can search for information, and your business may populate on the web because its services and keywords are related. These people then are prompted to check your reviews, images, and content, and develop a perception of your brand based on your affiliation with their initial search and your visual and written information.

It improves your locksmith business

Nearly 79% of people conduct a search online before visiting a store or service site in person. They want to verify that you are legitimate and that they would be getting quality service. Give them a reason to pick up the phone. Put your information in front of them by utilizing relevant keywords. If people don’t see your business, they won’t know it exists.

Make Your Locksmith Business Stand Out From the Competition

SEO is important because it gets your business in the eyes of potential customers. Business owners need to understand people’s behavior and why they search the things they do. SEO Design Chicago provides marketing and advertising services for locksmiths, so contact us today!

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