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SEO Design Chicago helped a graduate-level education company rebrand and migrate their website to WordPress. We migrated over 675 pages to retain their current SEO. The new site included a better user experience (UX) and allowed users to be able to search through a vast amount of content. The website also needed to have certain courses available for applicants and to be automatically removed from the set when the deadline date was past. We trained the internal staff on how to update their website and be able to update courses as needed.



RESPONSIVE website for desktop and mobile

Web Page Templates267%

Increase in organic web traffic


An archaic and stale website structure combined with a website that badly needed updates, needed to be migrated and modernized to a usable structure.

Case study education
Educational case study


Web Development and Design

We created a WordPress website that is very user friendly on the backend, making website updates easy and responsive. We designed multiple web page templates in order to maintain the consistency of the different types of content with the latest web development and design practices.

SEO Analysis

By tracking the client’s website through multiple SEO analytics tools we were able to keep track of our efforts and see which tactics were most lucative. Through our search engine optimization strategy the website ranked in the top 5 for 10 different terms in the first two months.

On Page SEO

We understood that we needed to retain all the same hyperlinks and page content from their current website and transfer these to the new website. This was the biggest on page SEO endeavor we took on, as it consisted of reviewing hundreds of web pages. By maintaining these hyperlinks we could assure the client’s website ranking would stay consistent through this migration.

Link Building

As well as maintaining old hyperlinks, we also invested time in link building; elaborating on the client’s current link network. Enhancing web pages that were lacking with internal and external links allowed us to increase their website’s ranking status.


  • Migrated the client’s website over to WordPress
  • Transferred 100% of all hyperlinks and content.
  • Enhanced search ranking through link building and keyword implementation
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