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SEO Design Chicago created a content marketing plan to help this company be found organic search results. SEO Design Chicago also created an attractive WordPress website with a smooth UX.

increase in organic traffic over six months


Responsive Website for mobile and DESKTOP

Web Page Templates167%

Increase in web traffic from Google Ads


A medical marketing company needed to rank higher for search terms in a competitive field. They had a slow and outdated website that did not provide them with any leads.

medical marketing optimization
medical marketing optimization seo


Content Creation

Content creation is a great way to expand the capabilities of your website while improving searchability. Our team of writers was able to provide this client with multiple articles and web pages detailing their business, as well as industry inquiries.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great way to see who your website viewers are and what they value in your site. We were able to help this client determine who their online demographic was and how that fit with their ideal demographics. By establishing a well managed Google Analytics report they were able to better inform their future digital marketing efforts.

Google Tag Manager

Working in tandem with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager can help expand your website analytics capabilities. Going more in depth with our analysis we were able to set up multiple tags that tracked how often call to action links were clicked.

Google Ad Campaign

Google Ads is one of the biggest advertising platforms on the internet. After determining a new digital marketing strategy we were able to target new audiences, increasing web traffic and brand recognition.


  • Developed a new WordPress website that provided users with a better UX
  • Crafted a new digital marketing campaign that increased both organic and ad driven web traffic
  • Initiated an analysis of their website via Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to help inform future digital marketing decisions
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