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If you are in the healthcare industry, you should look into optimizing the SEO for your medical practice. By coming up with a creative digital marketing and SEO strategy, you can make your medical practice stand out from the competition. Today’s healthcare landscape can be extremely competitive. That’s why it is important that your medical practice is not only found online, but stands out. In this article, you will learn how to improve your online presence with a brilliant digital marketing strategy and optimize SEO for your medical practice as healthcare providers. SEO Design Chicago also provides SEO and marketing services for medical practices

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SEO for Medical Practices 

Search engine optimization is an important way to have patients come across your page. Lots of prospective patients tend to look online for health information, either when they have symptoms or in anticipation for a future diagnosis. Many online users also tend to self-diagnose their medical condition based on information they find online, though that is not a great practice. However, this common practice means that if you are not creating content and providing valuable information for these prospective patients, they are instead landing on a competitor’s site. 

One way to stand out from your competitors in the healthcare field is by providing relevant and organic content about medical topics. This can be in the form of blogs for your medical practice, pages describing your services, articles on certain diagnoses and symptoms, among other content ideas. If you need help developing a content marketing plan for your medical practice, SEO Design Chicago has experience with medical practice marketing. 

As you specialize your digital marketing strategy and SEO around your medical practice, remember the three factors that SEO is based on, which all build on each other.

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High-quality content is a prime factor in SEO ranking. Search engines look for sites that provide original, unique, and shareable content. This content should be optimized for search engines but also be user-friendly for people that find your site. This is particularly important for the medical field, since you want to ensure the information you are providing is easy to read and understand. You want to simplify the medical jargon while strategically using keywords in your content. Quality content creation is also an important way to build out your website while improving your searchability. 


If your website has high traffic and engagement, that helps the authority of your website. When you create content that is often visited and shared on social media, search engines assign higher rankings to your website. As you optimize SEO for your medical practice, you can gain better authority over your competitors. 


Similar to authority, sites that are seen as credible and trustworthy receive a higher ranking. One way to gain credibility and trust in your medical practice is through online reviews. Almost three quarters of patients use online reviews to find a doctor, so these reviews are extremely important for your medical practice’s online reputation.

Additionally, 90 percent of patients also use online reviews to evaluate physicians. A positive review history can boost not just your credibility with search engines, but also your reputation with both current and prospective patients. Reviews give a first impression of actual experiences, so this insight is valuable whenever people search the name of a medical practice. You can also build your credibility and reputation by responding to these reviews. Engaging with your patients can create a good rapport within your community.

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Medical Practices

As previously mentioned, one of the best ways to use SEO to boost your medical practice is by creating original content, such as through a blog. As you develop your digital marketing strategy to optimize SEO as a healthcare provider, here are some tips to help you generate content for your medical practice.

Plan Your Strategy

To start, you should plan your digital marketing strategy and content around your ideal audience. What type of content would your current and prospective patients look for? What questions do they ask when it comes to your medical practice? You should know the common questions people ask most when it comes to your medical practice. Brainstorm a list of ideas you think they would appreciate. Especially if you are passionate about what you do, you should be able to focus on the topics and themes that you enjoy writing about and will have a big impact on your patients. 

Create an Outline

Once you have some content ideas, the next step is to create a content outline. This will assist you when you are writing the content. Content that is easily digestible is important for SEO, so a content outline will help you organize the information for a user-friendly experience. Your blog posts should be organized like a book, with a preface, chapters, subchapters, and a conclusion.

Plan Your Images

As you start creating the text of your content, you can start planning some images to accompany your writing. Images not only break up the text visually and give your eyes a break, but they can also enhance the overall experience of your content. You should use high-quality images, as well as diagrams and infographics to help break down statistics. Especially if you are writing about complicated medical topics, the use of images and graphs can aid the understanding of the content. It simplifies it and presents it in a way that is easy to understand. When you insert these images, make sure you include alt text that is descriptive of the image. Search engines use image alt text when ranking websites, so you can strategically use these images to help optimize your SEO and attract clients.

Create SEO-Friendly Content

You should aim to create content that is between 500 and 2,000 words for the best organic search results. This range is a good goal as you start to create content. However, word count is not a strict requirement or qualifier for good content. Writing an informational blog post that is 700 words long is more valuable than a 2,000 word post filled with content that is repetitive or offers little value. In the end, the quality of the information and content will rank higher with search engines than the quantity and length of a post.

Include Keywords

Throughout your content, you want to include specific keywords that people are searching for. Doing some research before you start writing can give you an idea of what is important to include. We will go more in-depth into keyword research and usage later in this article.

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Optimize Your Content 

There are certain aspects of your blog posts and content that you want to make sure are optimized. The title and URL of your blog should include keywords and give a clear idea of what the content will deliver. Keywords should be sprinkled evenly and naturally throughout your content. It’s also key to include your keywords in the first couple paragraphs of the post. Though you shouldn’t stuff keywords in your post, you should make sure you include them whenever it logically makes sense.

The meta description is also important because that snippet usually appears in search results whenever your post is listed. You use the meta description to capture the attention of online users and essentially give a pitch about what your content will provide them. If your post can deliver the information about your medical practice or medical information that they are searching for, this will help attract traffic. Finally, as mentioned above, you should optimize the alt text for your images. 

Medical Practice Keywords

When you use the right keywords, you help optimize your medical practice to receive a higher ranking on search engines. When people search for certain keywords, you want to ensure your medical practice is included. You should aim to be rank highly for your medical practice’s specialty and location. Another set of keywords you want to include is the symptoms, health conditions, and procedures people search for.

You can use certain tools, such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner or Moz Keyword Tool, to generate new keyword ideas. You can also gain insight into how keywords perform and rank in your local area. When you optimize each page, you want to aim to use 5 to 10 keywords several times evenly throughout the content. In addition to keywords, you also want to include phrases or long-tail keywords, such as “pictures of abnormal moles,” or even questions.

You always want to make sure you include the location of your medical practice as well. This way, when people search “Dentists in Atlanta” or “Chiropractors in Chicago,” your medical practice appears in the search engine. These types of keywords may be too competitive if you are fighting in a saturated market, though. This is why you want to start by ranking for less competitive keywords.

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Get Help with SEO for Your Medical Practice

It can be difficult to make your medical practice stand out from the competition. By perfecting the practice of SEO, you can gain an advantage by expanding your online presence. This will help you to generate more traffic and attract more patients. If you are a healthcare provider and need help creating content for your medical practice, our SEO specialists at SEO Design Chicago can help you figure out a digital marketing strategy that works for you. We specialize in providing SEO for medical practices like yours. 

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