What does a proper SEO Analysis look like?

seo analysis

On Page SEO

With a full analysis of your websites internal and external SEO, we diagnose what are the easiest items to fix first with our proprietary seo reporting process.  Through our on page SEO report you will discover:

Are all of your pages indexed?
Are the correct pages indexed?

Indexing of all pages and proper metatags and header tags on every page of your site, are important first steps after an audit.  Are you using duplicate header tags, and metatags?  We hope not!

Internal and External Linking

Do you have broken links?  Do you have quality backlinks?  Most websites have backlinks, but are they good quality links?  We will examine all the links that come to your site and identify the toxic ones so that we can work together to correct it, then use our SEO monthly packages to build high-quality links to your site and increase search volumes on desired keywords.

Software Issues

Is your site performing properly on mobile devices?  If it’s not, your search results on SERP’s could be subjected to lower rankings on Google organic searches.  This means speeding up pages that are slow and diagnosing the problems internally of your website.

Are the user experiences (UX) on your site great, or amazing?  Google values user experience more every day , especially on mobile devices.

Keyword Selection

Are you focusing on the correct keywords?  Increasing the value of your content and ranking higher for certain keywords is one element to create more organic traffic and increased search volume.  Start by looking  at current keywords and additional keywords to rank for on your website and coming up with an action plan.

Website Page Speed

Page speed and load times for your website are very important for search rankings. Almost any SEO report or SEO tools will include this information, but we can show you how to fix it.  Sites that are really slow suffer in search rankings and most of our clients that have had has us look under the hood, see an obvious difference in SEO checks.

Local SEO

While it is important to have a wide reach that can entice as many potential customers as possible, local SEO is just as important if not more. Being able to show up in search results for those closest to your center of operations is paramount.

Whether it be reaching out to those in the hometown or state of your business or those within the zip codes of all of your locations, we can help target the right audiences. When it comes to choosing a company to do business with, potential customers are always more enticed by a local business that can offer a service and support with ease.

Being found locally is the key to getting more business.  In addition to being found on Google My Business, Bing Places and Local Citations, we employ a number of strategies to enhance local traffic.

SEO Local Analysis

Activity Reports

Our experts will provide reports detailing your traffic, top referring keywords, search engine activity, and an overall site evaluation. We are confident in our ability to better your online presence and know our reports will demonstrate that.

We know that the biggest decision maker for any business is data. Our reports can allow you and your management team to get a full understanding of what our SEO efforts are doing for your online web presence. This way you can understand which actions are being taken, how long it might take to see results and overall, you can feel confident in making decisions going forward.

SEO lends itself to providing trackable data. Recording day by day or month by month results is easy and a great way to see just how well you are doing. We think our work can speak for itself, showing results in an increase in business but reporting allows us to see when and where thing are really taking off.

SEO Free Analysis

SEO Analysis Reporting

seo analysis statistics and reporting

When it comes to providing SEO services we know the importance of supplying factual data that backs up our work. This allows us to showcase our progress in optimizing your website while also giving you a better understanding of what it is we are doing. One of the best things about SEO is that it is easily trackable, so providing exact numbers isn’t a difficult process. SEO analysis reports offer a monthly snapshot of web traffic, where interest is coming from, and where eyes are most draw to. We break down our reports into five different sections to help offer clarity.


Rankings show which search terms you are ranking for and which rank you are at in the world. This is done for Google as well as other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. Once reports have been made for a few months we can start to track the change in ranking across each month. This way you can see how things are improving and where we should be looking next to focus our optimization techniques.

PPC Overview

The Pay Per Click (PPC) overview shows how successful digital ads are for that reporting period. Since PPC ads are based on how often viewers click on them, the cost of their placement will vary from month to month. This can be a great way to evaluate their effectiveness and base future digital ad campaign efforts of their results.


This part of the analysis report will give an overview of each campaign that you are running. Ad campaigns can be across all platforms; Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. In this section, the report will display stats such as amount of clicks, impressions, cost, average CPC, conversion, cost per conversions, and conversion rate.


Each ad, across each platform, is broken down to show how effective it was in achieving the numbers reported in the previous section. This way you can see which specific ads are contributing most to your online advertising traffic. Specific clicks, impressions, and conversions are dictated here to clearly showcase ad effectiveness.


At this point you can see which kinds of conversions were made from these ads. Which actions did viewers take after viewing your ads. Did they make a phone call, request directions to your business location, or submit a contact form? This information can be useful in tracking potential customer interest and where efforts should be made in the future.


**Our optimization team may contact you before we run your report to gain additional information