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SEO is not just for fancy technology websites. It applies to any website. Businesses are constantly looking for ways to grow their clientele. One way to do this is to utilize online locksmith directories. So in this article, we will discuss the top SEO strategies for locksmiths and how to use locksmith directories to improve your search ranking. 

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Locksmith Directories

Every business is looking for ways to improve their online presence, even locksmiths. Locksmith directories are all over the internet. Most locksmiths will make sure that they are in locksmith directories as soon as they launch their business. They should also have a website of their own, ready for potential customers. Locksmiths shouldn’t worry about how they will apply the SEO either. While we will discuss some of the best strategies of SEO, there are many experts who can also do the SEO for you. 

The Best Locksmith Websites

What do the best locksmith websites look like? Well, it depends. The best sites have to utillize best SEO practices on their pages. This includes the right keywords, good quality content, and mobile optimization. Mobile optimization is a must, in order to be one of the best locksmith websites. While locksmith directories are one part of your online presence, having a website is a different ballgame. Websites can increase your entire customer base, by providing them a place to browse products. With the pandemic, more people browse from the safety of their homes. 

When we discuss mobile optimization, keywords, good content, and speedy sites, we are covering technical SEO. Technical SEO is related to non-content optimization. For example, if we want to find out our site speed, we paste the URL into Google PageSpeed Insights. Then, we find out page speed. The faster it is, the better. The same goes for mobile optimization, which we will cover next.

Mobile optimization is a must for those who have their own website. Regardless of the business you own, many visitors will be mobile. The best locksmith websites usually describe the product they are offering. This could include pictures of previous work, service locations, and a directory to contact you. When a user visits from their phone, this information should fit on their screen. If you have ever visited a website that has not been touched in a decade on your phone, you understand why mobile optimization is important. Locksmiths looking to sell products on their site also need mobile compatibility. No one will buy a product from a poor-looking site. 

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Keyword Optimization

Keyword optimization on your locksmith website will help you rank higher. Since a locksmith website is going to be providing a service, you will need to rank high. People will be looking for the first results to click on. Ranking high on a search engine results page is not easy. Keyword research helps you obtain organic search rankings. An organic search ranking just means that you achieved your position without paying for ads. Keywords will need strategies to be improved. These strategies include checking your rankings with a tool such as the Ahrefs keyword rank checker. This tool will help you check the ranking of your keyword. After finding it out, you can plan a strategy around it. 

The Google Keyword Planner is another great tool. It gives you an analysis of the keyword you search. This is based on previous performances. If you are interested in paying for a keyword ranking, the keyword planner tells you a suggested budget. This is based on the average cost per click. Using tools such as these can tell you how your keyword will perform. Even though locksmith directories may appear first, your site can also rank high with SEO. 

The Best Locksmiths Near Me

This potential search is a great way to segway into another aspect of SEO. When someone searches “The best locksmiths near me”, they expect to get a local result. In fact, searches with “near me” or “close by” are increasing at very high rates. Now, in order to have your website appear, you will have to do some local SEO.

Local SEO

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your business’s website locally. This is done through a couple of methods. We have our keyword “the best locksmiths near me.” Now, the key word in this search is “near me.” If your physical location is near the search, it should automatically pop up on the search result, right? Unfortunately, no. Your business needs to be registered on Google My Business. Google My Business is a modern day version of the Yellow Pages. It takes information such as address, phone, and other contact information, as well ass the business name and website. Google My Business also posts reviews about your business. 

Another plus about Google My Business, is that it is free. It also lets you edit it at all times. If you have special holiday hours, you can edit them. Google My Business is one of the most crucial aspects of local SEO. You want to have this feature on your site. If customers leave reviews, other potential customers can view them. The more good reviews there are, the better your site will look.

The overall goal of local SEO is to drive traffic to your physical location. It is not just web based SEO that will improve your local SEO. Factors such as word of mouth advertising and social media advertising also contribute. It is easiest to optimize for an area that you are located in. If you are trying to optimize for an area that you are not near by, you will need to write articles about that area. Social media promotions can drive your business, too. More likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter, and more traffic on your site. These are all benefits of doing local SEO. Next time someone searches “the best locksmiths near me,” hopefully they stumble upon your page first. 

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Local Locksmith Marketing

Local locksmith marketing is not going to be the only way to have a local presence for your business. Off-page SEO can help with this as well. Off-page SEO is actually going to be linking locksmith directories to your site. Typically, you will be listed in locksmith directories. You will also have your own site. But, in order to drive traffic from the directory to your site, you need a link there. This is called a backlink. A backlink is a link on another site, that directs traffic to yours. The more you have, the higher ranking you have on the results page. Of course, they have to be links from high quality websites. But, how do you get quality backlinks? We will discuss this up next. 

Quality Backlinks

Your highest quality backlinks will come from trusted locksmith directories. This is because they already have other listings, and probably a good history as a directory. Fear not, you can also build other links besides from locksmith directories. The first step in getting a backlink starts on your own website. If you have good content, at some point, someone will link their site to yours. But, this can take time. Instead, you can reach out to other content creators, to see if they will feature you on their site. You can also link their pages on your site. 

If you have a partner in your locksmith business, have them link to you on their page. Then, link back to them on your page. This is just another example of a quality backlink between two partner websites. Local locksmith marketing through off-page SEO can boost your business. Backlinking is an important way for locksmith marketing to have higher organic rankings. SEO Design Chicago has experts that can help you out with your off-page SEO needs, and get you the results you want. 

It is important to also understand that not every backlink is equal. If you have backlinks from highly accredited sites, you will do well. If the backlinks are from poor quality sites, Google will not count them. You need to be careful with the backlinks you get. While there is no way to ensure you get only good backlinks, trying your best for them is better than to have bad ones. 

Top SEO Strategies for Locksmiths

Your Locksmith Website Going Forward

After learning about different types of SEO, you can start applying it to your website. SEO constantly evolves. This means that as time goes on, trends will change. A consistent revision of your SEO will keep everything on your site up to date. Local SEO needs this the most, as your physical location (if you have one), may have specific guidelines. Directories for locksmith businesses always update as well. Keeping those updated with the telephone and address, as well as an updated backlink will keep your site at the top. Remember, SEO takes time to apply. It will not be an instant rise to the top. With that being said, using the SEO tips provided can help you take your locksmith business higher up the search results pages. If you need help with your locksmith online advertising and marketing strategy, contact SEO Design Chicago today! We provide locksmith advertising services

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