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SEO Design Chicago created a targeted B2B campaign to a group of medical professionals in order to boost attendance in multiple medical conferences.

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A medical marketing association was looking for assistance marketing to medical professionals in specific geographic areas via LinkedIn, Facebook, and email marketing.

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psychologist marketing


Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a great way to advertise on online. Through Facebook Ad Manager you can target campaigns to very specific demographics, making sure you maximize your efforts.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising offers a different audience to reach. When people use LinkedIn they are usually in a networking mindset. They are looking for professional services and assistance. With that being the context of your ad it can be easy to showcase your services as professional and reliable.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter Advertising is a form of social media advertising that has risen greatly in popularity in recent years. Ads are placed within the timeline of twitter users making for a seamless connection with their personalized timeline.

Google Analytics

If you are looking to better understand your website user’s habits and demographics there is no better place to start than Google Analytics. By establishing Google Analytics reporting for this client we were able to provide them with information that can better inform their digital marketing effort in the future.


  • Conducted a digital marketing campaign across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Established Google Analytics reporting in order to inform future digital marketing efforts
  • Increased attendee interest during their annual convention season by 67%
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