Spa Marketing Ideas to Find New Customers

The spa industry can be competitive. With marketing constantly changing in today’s world, there are numerous spa marketing ideas you can use to increase your number of clients and to keep your current clients interested. This article covers several spa marketing and advertising ideas you can use for your spa business. And if you still need help, SEO Design Chicago offers spa marketing and advertising services.

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Spa Marketing Ideas

Spa marketing is a critical part of achieving success for your spa business. Marketing is a way you can promote and increase traffic to your spa. There are several ways you can achieve spa marketing through promotional and marketing ideas, such as social media, SEO, loyalty programs and packages, and more.

Spa Advertising Ideas

There are many spa promotional ideas you can use for your spa business. Here are seven spa promotion ideas.

1. Offer a First-Time Visit Special

If you’re looking to expand your new customer numbers, one spa marketing technique you can use is a first-time visit special. Customers often remember their first time experience, and by providing an incentive to visit, they’re more likely to come a second time. The offer doesn’t have to be anything major. For example, you can have a $10 off or 20% discount. Provide extra motivation for new clients to visit your spa.

2. Form Partnerships with Other Local Businesses

As you get to know the local businesses surrounding your spa, you can use this as a spa promotional tool. You can network with local business owners as you exchange promotional materials between your spa and their business. This can include getting to know and exchanging materials with gyms, hair salons, hotels, wedding vendors, health stores, and more. When determining which types of partnerships to form, keep in mind the places your valued customers would frequently visit. In addition to exchanging promotional materials with each other, you can also establish exclusive promotions. For example, if you don’t offer eyelash services, you can find a business that does. This allows you to offer discount coupons with each other’s services.

3. Go Above and Beyond in Customer Service

Offer more than the typical massages or facials. Set yourself apart from the average spa. This can help build brand awareness and customer loyalty. Setting your spa apart from the others can include hosting events, providing entertainment, including food, and other tools that will entice customers to visit again.

Hosting events can include raising money for a local charity and offering free massages or facials for people who give a certain amount of money. You can also attend another business’s events and find potential partners who would be interested in sending their clients your way.

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4. Increase Your Spa’s Online Presence

With the world going online, you need to put your spa business online in order to get noticed. Increasing your spa’s online presence also doesn’t have to cost too much money either. Being active on social media is one effective way to increase your spa’s online presence. Be sure to include photos and videos in your social media accounts.

5. Offer Spa Packaging Deals 

If your spa is looking to increase sales at a higher rate, you can start by offering spa packaging deals.

You can start by having several packaging deals to choose from, including different products or services with each one. For example, you might decide to bundle similar products together along with a service (such as facials), or have another package that includes the same service (such as five massages) at a discounted rate. You can also create a combination package that includes multiple services, such as a spa package with a mani-pedi, massage, and facial.

By selling services in packages of five or more with discounts, you encourage the customer to continue to come back. This also enables you to receive the money upfront.

Selling spa packaging deals is effective in a couple of ways. It’s easier to sell to a customer you already have attending your spa, instead of selling to a new customer. Second, through packages, customers view them as more valuable than single services, so you’re able to increase your sales as the customers buy more. This enables your customers to try new products and services they might not have tried without the spa packaged deal.

6. Sell Gift Certificates

People enjoy giving and receiving gifts. When it comes to spas and salons, gift certificates are especially beneficial to look into. In addition to providing gift certificates physically, you can also give the option to purchase them online, from the comforts of your website. This allows your customers to buy and book your spa services from your website, instead of them having to call or visit your spa to set up an appointment.

7. Start a Referral Program

By creating a referral program, it’s a way to reward your loyal customers who tell others about your spa and services. It is also a cost-effective promotional idea for you. A referral program is a great way to provide incentive to your current customers as they recommend your spa to their family, friends, social media audience, and others for a reward. The reward can be anything from $20 off their next visit, $10 off their next visit for both them and their friend they referred, or a free product or service from your spa. This can help bring in new business for your spa.

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Day Spa Marketing Plan

In today’s world, having a spa marketing plan is essential for attracting more visitors to your spa. Here are 7 spa marketing ideas that you can incorporate in your spa marketing.

1. Local SEO

The first spa marketing idea is using Local SEO. Your spa clients will do their research online, which makes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) critical to your spa marketing. By using SEO in your spa marketing, you increase your presence online, enabling potential clients to have an easier time finding you. Your spa business can use SEO for successful content creation, which you can use on your website, newsletter, and social media accounts. If you’re unsure about where to start with local SEO, contact SEO Design Chicago. We have a team of professionals who can help your spa business with all of your SEO needs.

2. Have a Quality Website

The quality of your website says a lot about what kind of company you are. One of the spa marketing strategies to try is creating a quality website. If you have a helpful, easy-to-navigate, and eye-catching website, you’re going to have a more successful time gathering customers. When setting up your website, ensure you have the following:

  • SEO friendly
  • Contact information displayed clearly
  • Easy to navigate
  • Online book appointment page
  • Videos
  • Lists services
  • Offers discounts and specials
  • Links to encourage customers to create online reviews

By using these few techniques, your website will attract more visitors, and keep those visitors, as you hold their attention and interest.

3. Use Video Spa Marketing

People in the twenty-first century like to get their information fast. By creating personal, quick videos about your spa, you are improving your spa marketing. People can now watch videos on their phones, so videos are a must for your spa. When creating videos, make your spa look inviting and professional. SEO Design Chicago can help you include video in your spa content marketing strategy.

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4. Use Social Media Spa Marketing

Your spa current and potential clients are on social media, which is where your spa marketing should be too. Social media spa marketing is both budget-friendly and effective. There are many platforms you can create accounts for, such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram, to name a few. A post with a lot of likes and shares can boost your spa reputation. As you use social media for spa marketing, make sure you continue to update regularly.

5. Establish Partnerships with Local Businesses

As mentioned earlier, networking should be a big part of your spa marketing plan. Because the nature of spas includes improving health and overall well-being, there are many other businesses that share similar interests and goals that your spa does.

Networking with local businesses is a great way to exchange and recommend clients with each other. By networking, you’re able to get your name out there and increase the number of clients you have.

6. Create Email Marketing

Although spa email marketing isn’t as popular as SEO, it is still an effective spa advertising tool. Email marketing is also a fast and simple way to advertise your spa. As you increase attention to your spa, you increase clients.

7. Have Daily Deals and Giveaways

Everyone loves deals and giveaways. Giveaways are one of the best and most popular marketing ideas. Not only do giveaways increase awareness for your spa business, it also rewards current clients.

Having daily deals and flash sales can also greatly benefit your spa. It’s a way to get your customers interested in new products, treatments, and spa packages as you temporarily lower the price.

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Marketing Your Spa Services With SEO Design Chicago

Now that you know more about marketing and promotional ideas for your spa business, you are ready to go. For any additional questions you might have or for more spa marketing ideas, contact SEO Design Chicago. We can help you build customer loyalty with an expert spa marketing strategy.

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