Contractor Advertising

When targeting potential contracting clients digital advertising is a much better value than traditional advertising. With digital advertising you can make sure that your ads are getting seen by specific demographics instead of blasting it to everyone and hoping the right person sees it. 

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  • Contractor PPC Advertising

    Google Ads for Contractors will give you the bang for your buck so you can focus funds on materials and labor like you should.  For a Chicago contractor company displaying your ads in the right places is an effective way to use your ad budget.

  • Contractor Facebook Advertising

    Facebook Advertising allows contractors to target users who may be looking for very specific services. Let’s say you specialize in granite countertops. Ads can be targeted at people who have been viewing and talking about granite countertops. Facebook ads will allow you to gear your ads to those who want your specific service.

  • Contractor LinkedIn advertising

    LinkedIn can be overlooked, but is very effective advertising for contractors. Businesses that are looking for contractor services will be drawn to the professional feel that LinkedIn provides. Allow SEO Design Chicago to use LinkedIn to help you find valuable B2B contracts.

Contractor Content Creation

Quality content on a contractor’s website is key because it can show potential customers past completed projects. This will allow your work to speak for itself. With high resolution photos and testimonials from satisfied customers people will know that you are a trusted contractor. 

contractor content creation chicago
  • Contractor Social Media Content Creation

    People are finding contractors over social media much more than in the past. Keeping your clientele updated on your projects is a way to draw in potential customers.

  • Contractor Website Content Creation

    The content on a real contractor website needs to be constantly updated as projects are completed. SEO Design Chicago can make sure that your content is showcasing your best work.

Contractor Web Developer

As a contractor it’s easy to get caught up with real world work. Allow SEO Design Chicago to handle updating your website with any current specials, quotes, or other current information. It’s important that all contact information is up to date. If you have an out of date email address you could be missing valuable opportunities.

Contractor Local SEO Services

Assuming that you work within a confined radius it is important that your appearance in relevant local search results is effective. We’ll ensure that you are a top result for those looking for contractor services in your area.

contractor local seo
  • Contractor Local Search Rankings

    Many details come into play with Local SEO. Thanks to our experience SEO Design Chicago is able to focus on the details that will bring you to the top of search results in your area. Google My Business, Bing Local and specific wording on your website are all tools that can be used to improve your standing in Local SEO.

  • Contractor Online Business Listings

    As a contractor it is vital to make sure that you are listed in multiple directories. Houzz and AngiesList are frequently used by people looking for contractors. The more your name appears on these sites the more potential customers will find you.

  • Google My Business for Contractor

    Creating a Google My Business page is one of the first steps that should be taken to build a contractor’s online presence. Google relies heavily on this for its search ranking algorithm. This is also a good space to share reviews of past projects.

  • Bing Local for Contractor

    Yahoo and Bing should be a part of your plan because they do still command a share of the overall search market. This could be a chance to gain an edge over a competitor that is not focusing on these sites.

Contractor SEO

SEO is in our name for a reason. We are experts when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Our work will make sure that the best version possible of your company is what comes to the top of search results. This also means that you will be easy to find when somebody is searching for skills that you specialize in. High quality images of your various contractor work will appear at the top of image results.

  • Contractor SEO Analysis

    Setting a baseline of your current SEO results will be our initial action. This will be the best way for us to understand where you’re at and where you should be once we’re done.

  • Contractor SEO Services

    SEO Design Chicago can Google My Business, keywords in content, and directory listings and much more to tweak your overall online presence. This will lead to improved placement in search results.

  • Link Building for Contractors

    Link building can be tedious and it doesn’t exactly fall under the usual tasks of a contractor. That’s where we step in. We’ll create press releases and do what we can to get you mentioned on local sites or trade publications that can increase your exposure. Links to your website on these sites will grow your overall presence.

Contractor Consulting

If you look up multiple contractor websites you are sure to find some with dead links and grainy photos. In a market like Chicago there are many choices for contractors. People looking online that find sites like this will simply move on. We will personalize a plan that shows your best work and makes sure that people stay on your site to find out why they should choose you for their contractor needs.

Contractor Remodeling consulting
  • Social Media Analytics for Contractors

    Having an active social media presence will greatly benefit you online and in the real world. Providing your clientele with updates on projects will keep them engaged. Facebook and Instagram have the ability to keep you in the forefront of people’s minds but only if you are engaging them with quality content. People come to social media for many reasons and finding a contractor can be one of them even if they didn’t realize it.

  • Web Analytics for Contractors

    Google Analytics can be very confusing, but we are glad to break it down into terms you can understand. This will allow us to inform you and let SEO Design Chicago know what we can do to improve online performance.

  • Marketing Analytics for Contractors

    Focusing your marketing plan on what makes you better than the competition will lead to success. Marketing plans can be complex, with some factors benefiting you and others not. We will shift the focus to your strengths and use this to rise above other contractors. By working closely with you we can discover what skills your contracting firm has that others do not and use this to your advantage online.

Contact SEO Design Chicago immediately to discover how contractors can benefit from our extensive suite of services.  We are excited to work with any contractor whether you are a new, old, big or small operation. Find out how our team can use digital marketing to improve your online presence and make sure you have more projects that ever before.


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