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The SEO Design Chicago writer team created weekly blog content and service pages to help this client appear higher in local searches for the specific services and items that they sell. This client was looking for an increase in organic traffic as well as a decrease in CPA with our paid search campaign.

increase in organic search results


Increase in traffic from digital advertising

Web Page Templates224%

 Increase in local search results


A national fitness company had just purchased a group of fitness centers in the Midwest and needed to increase Google Ads and SEO effectiveness with their new properties.

fitness marketing digital advertising
fitness marketing seo



There are many things that go into improving SEO. When it came to helping this client we were able to improve search rankings for their new locations in local searches as well as having their website rank higher for searches related to the services and products they offer.

Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is a great way to reach new audiences. Through Facebook Ads Manager you can focus an ad campaign to focus on precise demographics. We were able to use Facebook as a component to this client’s overall digital advertising strategy to reach new potential customers.

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most popular ways to advertise online. By implementing a Google Ads campaign alongside the Facebook Ads campaign we were able to reach a wider audience with a similar strategy.

Content Creation

SEO Design Chicago’s team of writers was able to provide this client with dozen of new web pages and blog articles better detailing their business and what they have to offer. By incorporating highly searched keywords into this content, we were able to increase new web traffic while strengthening the client’s website overall.


  • Provided a new digital marketing strategy to help promote the client’s new locations, increasing brand awareness in this market
  • Wrote and designed dozens of new web pages and blog posts to detail the client’s organization and what they offer
  • Decreased CPA in their digital marketing campaign by 35% compared to their previous efforts
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