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SEO Design Chicago helped create custom ticket submission forms that allowed users to make requests for job numbers. This connected the company with the client to streamline their online requests when workers are out in the field. We assisted with a new branch of their current company, under a new name, that tied the two businesses together.

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Responsive, custom application 

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A construction company needed assistance creating custom software applications that merged multiple systems in the concrete industry.

construction company marketing seo
construction company marketing


Application Development

This client was looking for a better way for alert their workers of new projects while they were on site at other jobs. We were able to develop an application for them so that they team members could be easily alerted as well as making it easier for new clients to submit requests, increasing business.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of getting website viewers to convert into engaged customers via UX optimization. We were able to provide this client with an improved layout that improved customer engagement and increased new requests.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great way to learn more about your website viewer habits and demographics. We were able to help this client establish Google Analytics reporting which showcased which pages of their website were most popular and who was viewing them. These reports were able to help better inform the client’s future digital marketing decisions.

Google Tag Manager

Taking it one step further than Google Analytics, Google Tag Manger (GTM) is the next step in tracking and analyzing web traffic. Through GTM you can set specific tags that will notate when someone interacts with a specific feature of your website. This could be a purchase button, email submission, or a contact page. We were able to help this client by implementing tags into parts of their newly developed app and website in order to track new leads.


  • Developed a custom software application to help streamline communication and merge previous systems
  • Worked with the new branch of their business, helping bring together the two division
  • Increased reporting efforts for the client’s website and online efforts through Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
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