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SEO Design Chicago aided a local tavern to be found in local search. Using keyword research and local SEO, we were able to optimize the business’ local online presence.

increase in organic web traffic in the first six months


Increase in search inquiries from Google My Business

Web Page Templates187%

Increase in web traffic from online advertising efforts


A local tavern was looking to increase their customer base. They found that many people were not aware of their presence even if they were nearby.

local search for bars advertising


Website Updates

SEO Design Chicago was able to help this client by updating their website. Incorporating targeted keywords and updating meta tags were just some of the efforts we took in order to better optimize their website for local searches/

Local SEO

The internet has the power to reach people all over the world but if you are a business, such as a bar, most likely your customers are entirely locals. You can target people in the vicinity of your locations to insure you are drawing in interest from potential customers who will actually stop by. We were able to provide this client with advertising and website optimization efforts in order to increase interesting in their local market.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is a great way to advertise online. Through Facebook Ad Manager you are able to target very specific demographics. This way you can reach new audiences with calculated effort. Facebook advertising can be a great way to promote you social media following, upcoming events, and direct new audiences to your website.

Google My Business

If you are looking to target local audiences utilizing Google My Business is a must. Google My Business is a great way to manage your business listings on Google. Improving your Google Maps information, managing your location(s), and seeing where inquiries are coming from are just some of the values to be found using this platform.


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