SEO Design Chicago provides website testing services for clients by utilizing the best website testing tools available on the market today. Our expert staff uses testing tools to help your website perform and look its very best. We know how to use each tool to its full advantage. A happy website means happy clients. That’s why we test your website to the point of perfection.

Perhaps your website is slow, but you’re not sure why. Or you’re fielding calls and emails from upset clients and customers who are unable to use your website easily. That means it’s time to call in the experts at SEO Design Chicago to use website testing tools to help you improve your website’s overall performance. Our web development and design team is the best in the business when it comes to website testing services.

What is Website Testing?

Website testing is a software testing practice to test websites or web applications for potential bugs. There are a variety of website testing tools available to help with this process. Though website testing is typically performed prior to deploying a website, it can also be performed at any time after the site is live in order to find and address any issues that are hindering the site’s performance. 

Do I Need Website Testing Services?

These days, internet users expect a fast, responsive, and attractive website. Even casual web browsers have high expectations. SEO Design Chicago helps you increase your website conversions by improving your overall experience and fixing any bugs we find. We also utilize the best website testing tools available on the internet to fine-tune every aspect of your website. Our expert web staff provides cycle-testing for businesses of any type or size. We also perform both manual and automated website testing. Any website can benefit from professional website testing services and utilizing website testing tools to improve. If you want to improve your website and have a direct effect on your revenue, then you need website testing services. 

Be honest…

Does your website function properly?
How long since you have tested it?
Has it been more than a week?
More than a month? More than a year?

Types of Website Testing

There are different types of website testing, and different types of website testing tools to help with the various kinds of testing. Your website might require one or a combination of these kinds of testing to get to the root of the issue. 

Functionality Testing 

Functionality testing focuses on checking all of your website’s internal and external links, input forms, database connections, and cookies. 

Security Testing

Security testing checks how secure your website is for users with a thorough overview of your password and data encryption, network protection, log reviews, and malicious injections.

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Compatibility Testing

It’s imperative that your website runs easily and well on a variety of web browsers, mobile browsers, has a functioning printing option, and more. All of these things will be checked with compatibility testing. 

Usability Testing

Website usability testing checks whether your interface is easy to use, convenient, and enjoyable for your user. If it is not, we resolve any issues we find to ensure your website is user-friendly. 

Performance Testing 

Performance testing checks how quickly your website’s loads (page speed is important!) We check how resistible your website is to heavy loads of data, and see how we can polish it to make sure it performs at the highest possible level. 

Integration Testing

Integration testing checks that all connections between the server and your website are working to allow users to get expected results after they perform certain actions, and will address any errors. 

Best Website Testing Tools

These are some of the tools used by the experts at SEO Design Chicago to help make sure your website is running properly and at its best. 


Optimizely provides digital experience platform software as a service, optimization as a service, web experimentation, and rollouts. 

Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a free website testing tool. It helps you easily run tests on your website’s content to help you learn what works best for your visitors, 


Hotjar shows you how visitors are really using your website, collects feedback from users, and converts more visitors into customers. It uses heatmaps to show you where people are clicking on your site. 

Best Website Automation Tools

Many of our clients find that automating their website’s testing with website automation tools is a game-changer. It helps save time, money, and keeps website errors to a minimum. But which website automation tools are the best? 


Selenium automates web browsers. Typically, it is used for automating web applications for testing purposes. Basically, it allows you to automate any boring web-based administration tasks. In our opinion, Selenium is one of the most versatile automated software testing tools on the market. It also offers a large community you can rely on. You can use it for regression testing, exploratory testing, and quick reproduction of bugs.


Watir stands for Web Application Testing In Ruby. It is an open-source family of Ruby libraries for automating web browsers. We like Watir because it mimics the behavior of a user interacting with your web app. However, it is not free. We feel that it’s worth it, though, because it creates tests that are easy to read, you can run it on your web app, and it supports data-driven testing.  


TestComplete offers automated UI testing that ensures the quality of your application without sacrificing your site’s speed or agility. It is an automated web testing system that both offers a lot of features and is still very powerful. It offers parallel, cross-browser, and regression testing. And, you can use it for both mobile and desktop apps. 

Which Website Test Software is Right for Me?

There are all kinds of website test software on the market. But website test software is only as useful if the people who use it know what they’re doing and what to do with the information the software provides. That’s where SEO Design Chicago comes in. First, we recommend which website test software is the best option based on the needs of your website. Then, we use the tools to find any issues with your website, but then our human web designers and developers fix the issues that they find. We offer a personalized approach to improving your website and helping your business grow and succeed. 

Reasons to Choose Website Testing Services

You might be asking yourself, can’t I simply use website testing tools myself to fix my website? While there are many tools available online to help you test your website, both free and otherwise, it is best to let the experts at SEO Design Chicago help you use these tools to make the most of your website. We not only use tools to find any issues or bugs, but we also have the expertise to fix any issues we find quickly and efficiently. 

There are several reasons why website testing services are a benefit for any business’s website: 

Improved User Experience 

Your website UX is one of the most important parts of your website. User experience can make or break your site. If your website has poor usability, users are going to leave and most likely not return. However, if you have an excellent user experience, visitors are going to spend more time on your site. (And probably more money, too!) 

Increased Revenues

Speaking of more money, website testing services can help your website increase revenue. How? By leading customers through the sales funnel in an organized, convenient, and easy way. This helps visitors to your website convert into customers and in turn, leads to more revenue for you. 

Intuitive Design 

Your website needs to clearly communicate its goals and how it can help your customer with its products or services. This means you need to choose a smart, intuitive, and clean design to help customers with any level of internet experience use your site easily. SEO Design Chicago uses website regression testing to ensure your website has a compatible interface. 

Better Overall Performance

Your website should be capable of hosting a large audience without any errors. SEO Design Chicago can optimize your website to increase its overall performance, regardless of how many people are using your site.

Advantages of SEO Design Chicago’s Website Testing Services

Remote Access 

You don’t have to be based in Chicago to utilize SEO Design Chicago’s services! No matter where you are located, our website testing experts are ready to help you improve your site. We work with you on the website testing process. 

Personalized Service 

Our website testing services aren’t one-size-fits-all. We work with clients of all sizes and industries to help test and improve their websites. Our services are customized for your needs. 

Work with the Experts

There are other companies out there who offer website testing services, but none are as experienced or passionate about helping their clients than SEO Design Chicago. 

We Get Results 

SEO Design Chicago has worked with hundreds of clients to improve their conversion rates, user satisfaction, security, and competitiveness in their industry. 

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Website Testing Tools with SEO Design Chicago

SEO Design Chicago has the top website testing experts on staff to help your website perform its best. We can help any website improve its conversion rate by performing testing to find and fix any bugs. Contact us today to learn how we can use website testing tools to improve your site! 

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