Non-Profit Advertising

Physical Advertising is becoming less and less practical for Nonprofit Organizations. With Digital Advertising you have many options on how to target your audience based on location, income and several other specific details. Digital advertising can work for Nonprofits in ways you did not even realize.

  • Non-Profit PPC Advertising

    Depending on your location and target audience Google Ads for Nonprofits could be right for you.  For a Chicago nonprofit organization with a good cause, the cost will be worth it once you attract multiple new donors.

  • Non-Profit Facebook Advertising

    We have the ability to use Facebook Ads for Nonprofits to your advantage because it provides very specific targeting. We can target donors based on your current followers, specific locations and even users who currently fund a similar nonprofit. Are you searching near your physical location or anywhere around the world?  Facebook Ads for Nonprofits allows you to spread your reach near and far.

  • Non-Profit LinkedIn advertising

    People often overlook LinkedIn is a prime strategy for Nonprofits. Corporations and executives respect the professionalism that Linkedin provides. If you have a strong message behind your nonprofit, then Linkedin can expand your audience to well funded donors that you may not encounter otherwise. Linkedin can be very helpful for drawing attention to special events or reaching strategic partners in specific industries.

Non-Profit Content Creation

Photos of your group in action are the logical place to start for Content Creation. People want to see results, not just another website with stock photos. SEO Design Chicago strives to create a quality online presence that shows why donors should give their hard earned money to help accomplish your goals.

nonprofit web design
  • Non-Profit Social Media Content Creation

    Facebook and instagram are essential tools for Nonprofit Organizations. Instagram and Facebook give you the chance to share special events and future plans directly with your current and potential audience.

  • Non-Profit Website Content Creation

    The content that appears on your website is important for Nonprofits. With well written text and high resolution images you can convey the core goals of your Nonprofit in a way that is enjoyable and easy to understand.

Non-Profit Web Developer

An old and faulty website can lead to people choosing to donate to a nonprofit other than yours.  Everybody has stumbled upon a website that is over a decade old with grainy images and dead links. Why would anybody stay on such a website? It is important to keep your site up to date with modern technology that works for you and engages viewers. 


Non-Profit Local SEO Services

Depending on your nonprofit’s focus and reach getting found by local donors may be of the utmost importance.  When people with money to donate look for a cause they often want it to fund the community that they live and work in.

  • Non-Profit Local Search Rankings

    Local SEO for nonprofit groups consists of many different factors and some of them are more obvious than others. Google My Business and Bing Local matter heavily when it comes to Local SEO, directory listings and Business Citations can also be effective.

  • Non-Profit Online Business Listings

    Your nonprofit needs to be listed on the maximum amount of directory listings. In today’s world people use sources such as NPConnect or GuideStart to find where they will donate their money in the future.

  • Google My Business for Non-Profit

    Google My Business should be a primary focus when getting a new nonprofit off the ground. This is the quickest way to get you to the top of searches for people looking for nonprofits in your area. This gives you the opportunity to share images or testimonials that convey why what you do is so important to your community.

  • Bing Local for Non-Profit

    Yahoo and Bing are often overlooked, but people still use these as resources to find local nonprofits. If your nonprofit is easily found on these search engines it may provide opportunities to overshadow the competition that has not paid attention to these sites.

Non-Profit SEO

Nonprofits can have both good SEO and bad SEO. Information about successful past projects and future plans to give back are vital is vital when it comes to attracting new philanthropists. Possible donors will often search for a broad cause before narrowing it down to a specific charity. We’ll make sure that all images and text on your website will be tagged in a manner that will attract the most eyes.

nonprofit local seo
  • Non-Profit SEO Analysis

    The SEO Design Chicago team is here to analyze your nonprofit’s current SEO plan. Odds are we can either improve your current plan or start fresh if you are just getting off the ground.

  • Non-Profit SEO Services

    Some of the most common services that SEO Design Chicago will do for nonprofits includes: Graphic Design, finding common bugs on web pages, and social media management have all been proven to attract the eyes of potential donors and inform them why they should further your cause with their money.

  • Link Building for Non-Profit

    Link building is a very effective tool that is often overlooked by nonprofits busy with their day to day operations. Mentions in Chicago Mag and One Good Deed Chicago are prime opportunities to get the word out about your  SEO Design Chicago can help you to build increase your online visibility with more links on relevant pages.

Non-Profit Consulting

All too often clients come to us with a website that has not been updated since the turn of the century.  In order to keep up with the many other nonprofits in the Chicago area it is very important to adapt to the changing landscape. Integrating new technologies such as Instagram advertising, Google Ads and Sponsored Content are surefire ways to attract new benefactors.

  • Social Media Analytics for Non-Profit

    Just because you have a Facebook page that you update every couple months and an Instagram account with a dozen images does not mean these pages are really helping you. Facebook and Instagram analytics can be confusing for the layperson, but SEO Design Chicago is here to translate these analytics into results. Social media outlets are one of the most common ways for people to discover nonprofits in today’s world. Call us to make sure that you have campaigns that will let people know what makes your cause special and how they can help.

  • Web Analytics for Non-Profit

    The information that Google Analytics provides is extensive. We can tell you where donors are located, how many visits it takes to convert somebody, and how to target former donors who have faded away. SEO Design Chicago is here to find out how we can turn this seemingly confusing information into future funding.

  • Marketing Analytics for Non-Profit

    It is easy for nonprofits to have several marketing strategies with very few of them working. Our experienced team is on hand to discover which methods are working and which are not. This way way can focus on which strategy is most effective at bringing you new donors. SEO Design Chicago understands that every nonprofit’s needs are unique and we are glad what works for you specifically.

Nonprofit groups will have a much better understanding of their marketing needs after meeting with us.  We are glad to assist any nonprofit, whether it be a new group with a very specific niche or a large long running organization that has plateaued lately. Contact us today to find out how we can find you new donors.


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