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SEO Design Chicago created custom conversions and coding to allow CPA and CPC across various platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Bing ads, and Google ads. We also optimized Google ads, Bing ads and Facebook campaigns for higher conversions and lower cost per acquisition.

increase in search traffic results


Increase in web traffic from digital advertising

Web Page Templates43%

 Increase in new User engagement


A national entertainment company with over one million monthly organic users needed to have some custom backend work completed with Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio to be able to more accurately track conversions and cost per conversions across multiple ad spends.

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video sharing website seo


Google Tag Manager

If you are an organization who is invested in tracking the performance of your website chances are you are already familiar with Google Analytics but what about Google Tag Manger? Google Tag Manager allows you to take your website analytics reporting to the next level by tracking how visitors use your website. We helped this client keep track of where users were going and how they spent their time on their platform. This was done to help better inform UX development and marketing decisions.

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the biggest platforms for advertising online. We were able to help this client by better focusing their current digital advertising efforts. By implementing a better strategy of reaching more of their intended audiences and utilizing CPC campaigns we were able to increase the value of their digital advertising expenses.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the likelihood a website visitor actually engages with the product or service listed. This can be an email signup, app download, sale, or any other call to action. Now that this client was getting an influx of new attention to their site through digital advertising, we wanted to make sure the interest didn’t stop there. By tracking and optimizing key components the client wished to improve, we were able to further boost engagement.


  • Created custom coding for conversion increase over CPA and CPC
  • Optimized digital advertising campaign efforts to increase conversions at a lower cost than what was previously established
  • Refined website analytics tracking through Google Tag Manager, providing better insight into client’s digital marketing efforts
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