Political Marketing & Campaign Services

SEO Design Chicago has been working with political candidates for over a decade. We have provided political advertising, consulting, and digital strategy for clients running both local and regional elections. In today’s changing landscape, political advertising has become a hot topic and having a firm with experience is crucial to a candidate’s success.

Political advertising

Political PPC Marketing

PPC advertising (or Google ads) for political candidates is as integral to a successful campaign as TV ads used to be. SEO Design Chicago has over a decade of experience creating precision strategies with PPC campaigns. We are able to audit a current PPC program and find ways to make them even more effective. We offer both PPC consulting as well as full PPC Management.

Political Facebook Advertising

Political Facebook ads are a fantastic tool to target specific audiences. Facebook demographics are highly detailed and can be used to find the exact audience that you want to reach. This is why Facebook advertising is great for political campaign digital marketing. SEO Design Chicago has created hundreds of Facebook campaigns and has the experience to provide your campaign with outstanding results.

Political Content Creation – Political Messaging

Original content is important for search engine optimization. Different types of candidates need different content creation to hit specific voter targets. SEO Design Chicago has a trained staff of over a dozen professional writers that specialize in writing for SEO. We specialize in writing political specific content, political messaging, geographic landing pages, specialized landing pages, and other original content which will all benefit election opportunities.

Political advertising

Political Social Media Content Creation

Social Media gives political candidates a platform to discuss public affairs, push out messages, ballot initiatives, calls to action and increase awareness about their candidacy. Whether its a senate campaign or a ballot initiative, social media content creation is an important part of political campaign marketing. SEO Design Chicago can assist with creating and updating social media channels full time in order to spread your most current message.

Political Website Content Creation

Most Political official website content is simply code injected by the major Political website manufacturers. SEO Design Chicago creates custom text written by our writers that is specific to your message and views, and consistent with your political campaigns marketing strategy.

Political Website Development

SEO Design Chicago is fluent in custom HTML, JavaScript and CSS and has the experience to create the perfect political campaign website design. We can create additional pages of content for your political website on any platform, including ones that incorporate donation buttons into your web design.

We can also build a custom candidate’s website utilizing political feeds that cater to your special needs.

Political Local SEO Services

Local SEO is one of the most important factors for political candidates. Few organizations or businesses have more of hyper focus on select markets than politicians. Additionally, many political consulting firms are not experts at SEO. Candidates running for office need to target potential constituents with political SEO.

These voters are the ones that will elect them. Therefore, an intense focus on areas and demographics will have a significant impact on your advertising.

Local political advertising

Political Local Search Rankings

Local SEO ranking is very important for political candidates. When a potential voter looks online to review or study candidates, it is critical that a candidate’s campaign site appears first in the search results. Local SEO for political campaigns allows you to target your message with user location data. While some voters are well educated, some are not and vote either on party lines or they vote based upon the names they remember hearing.

Bing Local for Political Campaigns

About 25-35% of all internet searches are done on a platform other than Google. This is why Yahoo/Bing Local listings are still important for political campaign marketing. This is one of the most neglected areas we see from political advertising firms and candidates. It’s a great avenue to have a message heard.

Political SEO

The most important components of Political SEO are:

  • On-site Optimization
  • Ongoing Quality Content Creation
  • Off-site Authority Building
Political analysis

Political SEO Analysis

SEO Design Chicago has helped hundreds of companies with SEO. Our thorough SEO Analysis will give us a opportunity to find areas of focus so that you can rank higher in organic search engine results.

Political SEO Services

We are a political advertising firm that specializes in SEO. We have helped many companies to rank higher by working through on-site optimization, creating ongoing quality content, and off site authority building. Some of the most common issues that we see with Political websites are duplicate meta-tags, duplicate title tags, poor navigation, and poor site speed. SEO Design Chicago will help you to correct the most common problems and maintain an SEO healthy website.

Link Building for Political Campaign Websites

Link Building for Political candidates is an essential part of SEO strategy. SEO Design Chicago has over a decade of experience finding these links as well as analyzing any poor links that may be detrimental to a website. If you build links to your website, optimize meta descriptions, and perform keyword research, your web page SEO will quickly improve.

Political Consulting

Everyone needs a friend to tell them what is wrong and to offer guidance on how to fix things. SEO Design Chicago uses a consultative approach and works with you, your staff and campaign manager directly to correct the problems and find advertising solutions. We are a full service political SEO company.

Political Consulting Chicago

Our bipartisan team of Chicago political consultants offer a full complement of services with expertise in campaign development, marketing, and public affairs, such as press releases. We are experienced in state and local government affairs throughout Illinois as well as political consulting in Chicago.

Political SEO

Web Analytics for Political Candidates

Google Analytics is a great tool for Political candidates, however there are many other data analytics tools that can help you to identify opportunities to reach more voters. We utilize many analytics tools to perfect your digital campaign marketing strategy.

Marketing Analytics for Political Races

With so many Political vendors and marketing products out there, sometimes it can be difficult to identify what works and what does not. With over a decade of digital experience with political candidacies, SEO Design Chicago can work with you to help understand why some political campaign marketing companies offer value and others just take your money. We will also help you develop precision strategies with our advanced data analytics.

Contact SEO Design Chicago today to learn how we can make your media buys more effective, appear better organically in search, and outrank your opponents locally!

Political Ads

We have a full graphic design team that can make Political Display Ads, Political Videos, TV ads and even Political Gifs. We make political advertisements for all kinds of races:

Political Display Ads – Political Videos

  • Primary Races
  • County Races
  • Mayoral Races
  • Senate Races
  • Judicial Races
  • Congressional Races
  • Local Races
  • Ballot Measure Initiatives
  • General Elections
  • Special Elections

Contact SEO Design Chicago immediately to discover how political candidates and politicians can benefit from our extensive suite of services. We are a political campaign marketing company. Our political website services and marketing tools will help you to get more opportunities to speak to voters.

We are excited to work with any candidate, whether you are a running a first campaign or are a multi-term incumbent. Find out how our team can use digital marketing to improve your online presence and make sure you have more votes that ever before.


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