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Are you a consumer packaged goods (CPG) company looking for a digital agency? SEO Design Chicago has worked with several consumer packaged goods clients for years. We specialize in advertising, marketing, and digital strategy services for consumer packaged goods companies in the Chicago area and elsewhere. Our experts will help you create an effective consumer packaged goods marketing strategy.

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PPC Marketing for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

Pay-per-click (or PPC) advertising is recommend for all of our consumer packaged goods clients. Why? Because it is a budget-friendly and effective strategy for selling consumer products.

You only pay for an ad when a potential lead clicks it, and you can set a max budget on your PPC campaign. Many CPG marketing agencies will recommend Google Ads, but other platforms can offer you a better ROI.

SEO Design Chicago can help you create and manage the perfect pay-per-click advertising campaign for your consumer packaged goods company.

Facebook Advertising for Consumer Packaged Goods

Facebook ads are another excellent advertising strategy we recommend for our consumer packaged goods customers. Facebook has a huge audience, so you can reach a large set of demographics while also having the ability to choose your target audience. SEO Design Chicago can create a creative, unique Facebook ad campaign.

LinkedIn Marketing for Consumer Packaged Goods

LinkedIn advertising provides an outstanding opportunity to create a compelling and dynamic branding for any consumer packaged goods organization. The ability to target unique individuals and reach an audience including professionals and retail sales makes it an invaluable advertising tool. CPG advertising on LinkedIn is a great way to expand the reach of your brand.

Consumer Packaged Goods Content Creation

An important aspect of CPG digital marketing is content creation. Your website needs regular new, fresh, and unique content to achieve a high search ranking. By incorporating original content highlighting your CPG products into your website, there will also be a significant increase in brand recognition and reputation.

SEO Design Chicago’s trained staff of over a dozen professional writers specialize in writing optimized content related to CPG ecommerce and consumer goods companies in Chicago. We can create any kind of customized consumer packaged goods content for your website.

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Consumer Packaged Goods Social Media Content Creation

SEO Design Chicago specializes in creating content for social media channels for all kinds of industries, including consumer packaged goods companies. Social media provides an avenue to reach out to a targeted audience and should be a part of any CPG marketing strategy.

Our social media team has over a decade of experience producing content that will increase brand awareness and reputation. Social media provides the opportunity to tell your brands story and highlight your unique selling points. Our Facebook campaign strategy combines original content with a dynamic range of possibilities, which in turn will reach an engaged and specific audience.

Consumer Packaged Goods Website Content Creation

Most consumer packaged goods websites do not provide content that is relevant or convenient for customers. Our team at SEO Design Chicago will create custom text that is specific to the services you provide in the CPG industry, driving brand awareness and loyalty. Among fierce competition, SEO Design Chicago will provide a product that will stand out and attract customers to your business.

Web Development for CPG Websites

SEO Design Chicago is well versed in custom HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Our consumer packaged goods web development team can create additional pages of content for your website on any platform. We also build custom websites that cater to unique services and specialized needs. These sites will offer convenience and develop trust with your customers.

Local Consumer Packaged Goods SEO Services

Search engine optimization is extremely important for your consumer packaged goods company’s growth and success. SEO is the way you attract new customers to your website without having to pay for ads. Instead, you let the customers come to you. SEO Design Chicago’s SEO experts will take care of all of the hard work of optimizing your website for you.

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Local Search Rankings for CPG Companies

Local SEO ranking is exceedingly important for any business’ success, particularly if your business focuses on brick and mortar or companies based in a particular region. If you are a consumer packaged goods company in Chicago, you want your company to appear first when a Chicago customer searches “packaged goods near me,” “CPG companies in Chicago,” or “CPG Chicago.”

Studies indicate that the public has more trust for local businesses. Local SEO Ranking factors are born from multiple criteria, including location information, to make sure your business appears whenever a local person searches “packaged goods near me.” Therefore, Local SEO is a vital component to any CPG marketing strategy. SEO Design Chicago will help you rank better with Local SEO.

Online Business Listings for CPG Companies

According to Google, business listings are still important. It’s important to have updated and complete business listings online for search engine ranking. This is as true for CPG digital marketing as it is for other industries.

SEO Design Chicago’s team has the experience and knowledge to help improve your search engine results. By making your listings and business information consistent everywhere, there will be a marked increase in traffic.

Google My Business Pages for CPG Companies

Google my Business gives your consumer packaged goods business the opportunity to highlight your services through pictures and content. An incomplete profile makes your company seem neglected. It is therefore critical to have the correct content positioned accurately. SEO Design Chicago will make your page look flawless, which will improve your reputation and help you earn customer loyalty.

Yahoo and Bing Local for CPG Companies

Yes, several internet searches are still done on websites other than Google. That is why Yahoo and Bing Local listings are still important for CPG company rankings. This is the one area that is neglected more than any other for consumer packaged goods companies. This presents a great opportunity for your marketing efforts to increase brand awareness and reputation and beat other CPG brands.

SEO for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

The most important components of Consumer Packaged Goods SEO are:

  • On-site Optimization
  • Ongoing Quality Content Creation
  • Off-site Authority Building
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Consumer Packaged Goods SEO Analysis

SEO Design Chicago has helped hundreds of companies with SEO issues. Our multi-tiered SEO analysis for consumer packaged goods companies will give us an opportunity to evaluate your business’ strengths and weaknesses. Our results will help us develop a tailored plan to increase your organic search rankings.

Consumer Packaged Goods SEO Services

SEO Design Chicago provides a vast array of SEO services for consumer packaged goods companies. Some of the most common issues that we see with consumer packaged goods websites are poor speeds, lack of ease of use, and generalization. SEO Design Chicago will correct these problems and help you maintain a well-optimized website.

Link Building for Consumer Packaged Goods Websites

Did you know that link building for consumer packaged goods websites is an important aspect of the SEO process? SEO Design Chicago has over a decade of experience helping our clients improve their link building, which in turns improves their search ranking. Consumer packaged goods websites have a tremendous opportunity with link building if it is done properly.

Consulting Services for CPG Companies

Everyone can use someone trustworthy to let them know what is going wrong and to offer guidance. SEO Design Chicago uses a consultative approach and works with your business to fix problems and find creative and unique advertising solutions.

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Social Media Analytics for Consumer Packaged Goods

You are using Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google Ads, or ads from another third-party company. How do you know if it is really working? SEO Design Chicago is a consumer packaged goods agency that has the analytics experience to answer these questions and address anything that needs to be adjusted.

Web Analytics for Consumer Packaged Goods

Google Analytics is a fine tool for any website. However, there are several additional analytics tools that present opportunities via data analysis. Our analytics team has spent years perfecting these skills which we will put to service improving your site. With our data driven approach, we can overcome any marketing challenge.

Marketing Analytics for Consumer Packaged Goods

With so many consumer packaged goods companies in existence, it can be difficult to identify what marketing tools are effective and what are not. It can also be difficult to find the right consumer packaged goods marketing agency for your company. With over a decade of digital experience with consumer packaged goods businesses, SEO Design Chicago can create a customized strategic marketing approach that is unique to any company’s specific goals.

Contact SEO Design Chicago today to learn how we can make your company more effective with advertising, appear better organically in search, and beat your competition!

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