Squarespace E-Commerce Websites

Squarespace e-commerce websites are just one of the many solutions available today to have a shop on the internet. At SEO Design Chicago we have experienced Squarespace website developers and can accomplish a Squarespace website for you.

Squarespace Web Development

Squarespace developers have a large group of tools available to them. They can help you customize your Squarespace website by finding tools that are right for you and your online store and content management system. 

Squarespace Web Design and Development

Squarespace is an open source website building platform that offers a free trial designed for people to create their website. Using a drag and drop style, Squarespace is highly visual and provides a wide array of options to make a quality site for a free website builder. It is subscription based and there are a handful of different options available depending on what you need to do. There is no need to know any coding so you can dive right in, assuming you are not already a Squarespace web developer. It tries to take all of the more challenging aspects of website design and maintenance out of the equation. It has been compared to renting a luxury condo and redecorating it. All of the glitz and glamour are up top the user to create and modify. Whereas, all of the guts and infrastructure are left out.

SEO Design Chicago has over a dozen years of creating custom websites using Squarespace. Our Squarespace web developer team has years of experience in the field. Our award-winning graphic design team has created images and creative content for sites of all kinds. If your intention is to create a high quality website with stunning visual imagery that also includes e-commerce, then let SEO Design Chicago create the perfect Squarespace site for you.

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Squarespace Benefits

Squarespace is one of the industry leaders when it comes to website design for e-commerce. If your website needs to offer online store options to make purchases, then the e-commerce integration is a fantastic tool. The platform is designed to be fairly user friendly and it can be simple to make a standard website. You do not need to know how to work with HTML and CSS to be successful. 

There are quite a few Squarespace designs available for your site. They have some customization available as well. It is also an excellent platform for artists, photographers, and videographers for selling online. It allows a wide variety of media to be displayed. 

Another great feature is that it offers a free trial. The free website builder is great for people looking to create a site on a budget.

Squarespace also has an email campaign functionality. This allows a user to use Squarespace email capture to send out marketing materials like newsletters from directly within the interface. There is an extra cost for this however. 

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Why Use Squarespace? 

Squarespace offers some unique advantages over other website building platforms for selling online. It offers a great deal of freedom for artistic representations. There are dozens and dozens of different free plan templates from which to choose. You may also upload your own photos or images. 

Another great advantage is Squarespace’s security. They take care of all of your security on your website so there is no need to download and configure your own security software. 

Because Squarespace is an open source hosted product, that means you can access your content management system from any computer.

Squarespace also does a number of things that Google really likes for its searches. Squarespace uses clean HTML markup and is mobile friendly. It also allows its users to enable Secure Socket Layers (SSLs). Google really likes this security.

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Drawbacks of DIY Squarespace Websites

Website design is not a simple process, no matter what interface you use. Just like any project, an expert will do a better job and do it more efficiently. Yes, anyone can sit in front of a computer and design a basic website. Just like I could go into the kitchen and bake a cake from scratch. It would not look pretty and it may not taste great. But, I could get the job done.

There is nothing wrong with using Squarespace to build a website. It is a great tool in the hands of the right people. Only you can answer whether the investment in your time is worth the trade off in the investment in your website. 

To be effective using Squarespace, it is recommended that you spend a few days reading up about how it works. Then, try to get a clear idea of what you want your site to look like. Once you have done the research and preparation, go ahead and get started. Some users say it takes them a while to get used to it and the terminology is a bit confusing. 

Squarespace would not be labelled as being 100% user-friendly though. The people who have the most success are those that are patient and that have a bit of technical savvy to them.

There are also no rich snippets, an enhanced search result that shows up in SERPS, available for Squarespace. This may not be of importance right away, but most assuredly will be in the very near future.

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Squarespace Design

Squarespace does many different templates available from which to choose for your site. By last check, it was about sixty designs available. This offers some great variety for you to customize how your site appears. There are some limitations, but it should be enough for a basic user. 

One option that is becoming more and more prevalent is to hire a Squarespace designer. He or she would assist you in any aspect of your website. Anything from helping with strategy, creating the HTML and CSS, to creating a logo or template, all the way through designing the entire site for you is available. Many people use web design firms that offer multiple services so that all the details are correct.

Squarespace SEO

As a business begins to grow, it is important to use SEO to help the growth develop. SEO features will enable your website to get more traffic and traffic from people looking for your products and services by utilizing keywords and aiding in having your website rank in search engine result pages (SERPs). It is often worthwhile to look into packages that would combine web development with Squarespace SEO help, which will be the greatest value to your web presence. 

Squarespace does offer some advice and some guidance on their SEO features. Before you begin, make sure to read up on how SEO works and how to be effective. Be forewarned that it may be a bit technical and confusing for some people who have little to no knowledge of SEO, or may need Squarespace SEO help.

Schema Markup will be improve your page. If you are unfamiliar with Schema it is, in essence, a quick summary of a website or the webpage being displayed in search results. This is how you can get Squarespace rich snippets to appear. Squarespace rich snippets are visual clues for the searcher about what to expect on the page.

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Squarespace Help

Squarespace help chat is available for assistance if needed. They do not offer phone support. Some people find this frustrating as they would prefer to speak with a person. Sometimes you just want to speak with an expert who can help you navigate the site or help you put your ideas into the site. Conversely, there are many people that have great ideas, but would prefer for someone else to have those ideas converted into the design. That may be difficult to work with Squarespace help chat only. 

Squarespace Blogs

Squarespace does offer the option to have a blog on your website. This is a great tool to help your site thrive. Not only can people read about information that is relevant to your company or industry, but it offers a huge boost to your site ranking (as long as the blogs are written correctly). Some people do not have any articles written, nor do they have time to sit down and write. If that is the case, many web development firms offer blog writing services that will do a great deal to improve your site’s reputation, ranking, and readability. 

Having blogs on your site that are written with relevant and useful data will make your website more reputable and authoritative. These characteristics are what Google looks for as part of their algorithms to determine which search results it shows when a user queries something.

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Squarespace Analytics

Squarespace offers Google Analytics for its sites which is a great tool for any website owner. It gives you all types of relevant data from the amount of visitors you have to their demographics and much more. An experienced analyst can interpret these data to find out what is working well with your website and what areas may need some adjustments. No one should skip out on using Google Analytics.

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Placing ads on Squarespace

One common question is, can you put ads on Squarespace? The answer is yes, you can. Google AdSense on Squarespace is one of the most common third party ad service. Squarespace Google AdSense is one of the most popular topics that people ask. go ahead and Google AdSense Squarespace and you will see a great deal written on the subject.

While AdSense and Squarespace are not natively connected, it is easy to merge AdSense and Squarespace without much difficulty. That is one of the Squarespace benefits.

There are many people that do add Google AdSense on Squarespace on their own with minimal knowledge of coding. It is as simple as injecting a bit of code onto your page.

“Can you put ads on Squarespace? Yes, using Google adsense on Squarespace is easy!”

Squarespace Cost

Squarespace offers four different plans to host your site which range from $12.00 to $40.00 per month depending on the features and the service that you are looking for (e-commerce sites start at $26.00 per month). Squarespace hosting plans also gives you a domain free for one year when you sign up for an annual plan which includes web hosting.

Keep in mind that you can recoup some of those costs by running ads. Your Squarespace Google AdSense code can bring in additional revenue, especially when you have increased your traffic.

Squarespace Alternatives 

While there are dozens of website creation platforms that exist, Squarespace fills a distinct niche very well. Many people who are less focused on back end coding and more on front end visual imagery choose to use Squarespace. Other  Squarespace alternatives are website builders like WordPress, Constant Contact, Shopify, and Wix all have certain advantages and disadvantages. While there are several Squarespace alternatives, it is truly a great product for many people.

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Squarespace is certainly one of the best website builders for some very good reasons. It provides a quality finished product with some great design features. Squarespace packs a punch and can deliver some spectacular results.

The ability to use Google AdSense on Squarespace, Squarespace email capture, and Squarespace rich snippets are all added benefits that should not be overlooked. Keep in mind that their free plan does not include a web host.

Whether you are looking for a complete website, a website redesign, or just help with your existing Squarespace site, let SEO Design Chicago help you with your perfect custom Squarespace project today.

Is Squarespace a Website Solution for Me?

Squarespace websites can be the perfect solution for a small or growing business to scale as you do. Squarespace Development Services by SEO Design Chicago deliver a complete, custom Squarespace solution for your business.

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