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SEO Design Chicago uses a variety of tools and expertise to qualify your current SEO status.

There is no need to use a software that has a free trial that only gives you half the answers.  Our team is ready to review your website’s SEO strengths and areas of opportunities; we also provide tips to help you increase traffic, drive leads, and maximize revenue. We offer a variety of services and options to best suit your needs. Whether or not you are new to SEO and need to get started, are in need of an overhaul, or just need the experts to tweak and help improve your SEO, we have the experience skill to answer any needs. 

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Our team of website analysis experts will do an initial website analysis using our patented website SEO checker technology.  The SEO report will reveal on-page SEO Issues, status codes (and what they actually mean),SEO errors on your website and we will provide an  analysis that will be useful to you.

For agencies and smaller Web Developers, we also offer white label solutions of our SEO audit tool in various markets of the country outside Chicago.

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SEO audits are a great opportunity to analyze your opportunities. 

While we offer a wide variety of SEO services, one of our most popular is our SEO auditing and free website SEO analysis. For an SEO Audit, we will review and recommend updates or changes to a number of different items

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Free SEO Analysis of your Website!


  • Find and remove pages that are unused and do not link to others on your site

  • Identify Mobile issues on your website

  • Make sure that only one version of your website is being indexed by Google or Bing

  • Speed up any pages that are slowing down your site

  • See if your website is being indexed properly by all search engines

  • Our analysis tools identify issues with On Page SEO, Page Speed Problems and Technical SEO



  • Check for Index issues of certain pages

  • Analyze Organic traffic

  • Identify and propose solutions for on page SEO

  • Look at current keywords and additional keywords to rank for

  • Look at your backlinks and link building strategy

  • Do your web pages have enough content on them? Our website SEO checker will identify SEO issues with page speed, quantity of content, header tags and meta tags



  • Fix Broken Links

  • Compare your business to competitors

  • Increase the value of your content

  • Look at User Experiences

  • Create new Meta Tags for pages that have duplicates

  • Optimize for Featured Snippets in search results

  • Is your Social Media setup correctly?  We will take a look at that too!



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