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SEO Design Chicago created a custom website which allowed for users to not only listen to the orchestra’s music, but view hundreds of photos. This mobile friendly and responsive website helped the orchestra reach new listeners and expanded their reach.



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Create a website to showcase the orchestra and all the band members with a integrated music player.

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HTML Web Development

HTML is one of the most commonly used by designers and developers. By creating a website in HTML we were able to offer this client a website that is unique to them and created exactly for their needs. Especially when building a photo gallery, we were able to provide a website that fit their exact expectations.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a great way to quantify a website viewer’s engagement. Conversion rates can be applied to a variety of different aspects of your website. Ticket sales, email signups, and requests are just some of the subject that we were able to measure and to improve upon.

Google Analytics

Learning more about those who visit the orchestra’s website is a great way to understand who their demographic is. Google Analytics helped to show us who is visiting their website and what they spend their time viewing. This information helped to  inform decisions on what our digital marketing strategy should entail.


  • Posted Video and Audio recordings of the Orchestra for visitors to easily access
  • Showcased bios of every orchestra member
  • First six months showed a 187% increase in organic traffic
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