Google AdSense Advertising

Getting your ads in the right place to find your customer is key. You will only get the highest quality of ads targeted toward your audience on your page. Having space on your website to display ads will help you generate more revenue for your business. There are millions of advertisers competing for different ad spaces and your site could be one of them.

Google AdSense Content

Need not to worry about what ads are placed on your site because all the ads submitted to Google are reviewed so the content is family safe for your page. You also have the ability to block certain ads you do not want to be seen on your page. You can decide on where the ads are located on your site and what they look like. These ads are also ready to be displayed on any device whether it is mobile or desktop.

Making money with Google AdSense

Your website can make money for you. The most common way that this is done is through serving third party ads for products or services on your website. Google AdSense is the most common way that people do this today. Google AdSense has been around for almost 20 years and pays billions of dollars a year to run advertisements. People all over the world take advantage of Google AdSense to monetize their websites and it could very well be a great option for you as well.

Making Money With Google AdSense

What is Google AdSense?

Simply put, Google AdSense is a free and easy way to make a profit from your website. This is done by displaying ad units alongside your content in your website. You can show people ads that correlate to what you are writing about so that they are relevant to your audience.

AdSense software has evolved dramatically over the last 10 years. The AdSense account will help you pick the best ad units, ad sizes and types of ads optimizing for monetization for each of your ad placements.

The advantages of Google AdSense

There are a good number of advantages of using Google AdSense.

One, you will find that there is a huge audience of members. With over ten million websites taking advantage of it, there are plenty of advertisers and publishers out there.

Two, Google AdSense ads come in all different varieties. There are display text, video, image, different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Three, you can rely on the security of Google when running Google AdSense on your site. Everything is safe and transparent between you and the ad publishers. Google acts as a mediator, or a go between, to make sure that everything is done legitimately.

Google AdSense Advantages
Google AdSense

How does Google AdSense work?

Setting up Google AdSense is not terribly difficult at all. You create an account and add some code to your webpages. Google will then begin to run ads on your webpages. They use an algorithm that determines which ads to run on which websites. This is proprietary and no one really knows exactly what the formula is. However, relevance and site quality are seemingly two of the most important aspects.

After that, visitors to your site will start seeing the ads. Once they click on the ads, you will start getting paid!

How much can you earn with Google AdSense?

That is a complicated question to answer. There are a lot of factors that go into how much you will earn. AdSense revenue depends on a large number of factors. Things like traffic, location, ad set up, and types of content all play a role in how much you can earn.

Payments can vary from a few cents up to $20.00 or more per click. The vast majority of clicks will bring in less than $3.00 though.

There are certainly niches that pay much more though. It may seem like a good idea to build your website and blog around the most expensive keywords. While that is not inherently a bad idea, many other people do that as well which drives up keyword competition.

Another approach is to compare keyword competition with the cost per click. This will give you a good idea of areas that can earn better rates with fewer people competing for the same words.

Making money online
Google AdSense Traffic

Traffic is crucial to your success

Making money in Google AdSense depends on a wide variety of variables. Your subject matter, quality of content, and audience. Most importantly is your traffic though. Making money from Google AdSense is dependent on clicks. With the average click through rate hovering around 1%, it is clear that you will need many thousands of visitors to have a chance to earn money.

With this in mind, it makes more sense to write about things you enjoy and know about. Generating more revenue will be easier with more pages. It is unreasonable to expect to make thousands of dollars from a dozen pages on your site.

Beware of manipulating Google AdSense clicks

Google has a number of rules in place to prevent fraud. These rules must be strictly adhered to in order to avoid any sort of punishment.

First and foremost, do not click on ads on your own site. Any clicks must be from natural visitors to your site. Nor are you allowed to use any software or other methods to try to influence the amount of clicks. You may not encourage visitors to click on your ads either.

There are many more rules that yo can look over. However, if you are caught, then Google will likely ban your account. They do not offer warnings and are not kind to people trying to cheat the system. If you have come this far to create great content and increase your site popularity, do not try to manipulate the ads. It simply is not worth it.

Google AdSense Penalty
Google AdSense Tips

Google AdSense Tips

There are some good ways to maximize the value of your ads on your site. You want to make the most out of them, so here are some recommendations:

  • A/B test ads throughout your site
  • Experiment with different colors and themes- If the ads match your site’s colors, it may be worthwhile switching colors around to see if it influences your click through rate.
  • Enable placement targeting-This allows advertisers the ability to choose where their ads go.
  • Set up custom channels- This can allow you to have a better sense of what is working and what is not.

Some of thees items can be done on your own. Some would be better done by a professional agency to get the most out of your testing and strategies. SEO Design Chicago can either help you in your selection process or we can run the testing and placement for you in order to maximize results.

Pros of Using Google AdSense:

  • You can customize your ads by selecting different options and choosing the ones that fit your site the best.
  • There is no cost to sign up. In fact, it does not even take that long.
  • There are not a lot of hoops to jump through. That being said, even a relatively new website would be able to join and start making money.
  • Google will deposit your money directly into your account once you reach $100.00.
  • You can use the same account to run ads in multiple sites.

Cons of Using Google Adsense:

  • When someone clicks on your ad, they are leaving your site. You may lose the opportunity to make money from your own page or site if this happens. But, you do make the revenue from the click.
  • Google can and will disable your account for any fraud that it finds immediately.
  • You need to have a good amount of traffic to make any real money.

How do I know if Google Adsense is Right for Me?

Not every business or website is fit to display ads on their site. Most sites that are incorporating Google Adsense ads are content-based websites. This means that the website is providing information or search data based on the audience’s interests. News websites, search sites like wikiHow, game sites, blogs, and other information websites are a perfect fit. If your site is providing content to your audience, you should contact SEO Design Chicago to implement Google Adsense into your revenue stream today!

Is Google AdSense Right For Me

Google AdSense with SEO Design Chicago

Running Google AdSense on your own is certainly possible. however, many people elect to use the help of a professional team to help with getting the most value from your ads.

SEO Design Chicago has years of experience and has the knowledge to make sure that you are getting the best possible results from your ads. Reach out today in order to find out how we can help you and your website today!

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