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SEO Design Chicago offers excellent website maintenance services for websites in a number of businesses and industries. Our website development team will help you maintain and upgrade the performance of your website and keep it in top shape for search engines and your users. Our website maintenance services include tasks like security updates, backups, performance monitoring, and more.Your website is oftentimes the first impression that customers receive of your business, so make sure it stays up and running all day, every day with comprehensive website maintenance services from SEO Design Chicago. Learn more about our website support and maintenance services and packages.

Website Maintenance

So, you have built your website. Congratulations! Unfortunately, the job is not over once you launch your website. Websites are not a set-it-and-forget-it kind of job. Websites require regular maintenance to ensure that they are running smoothly for your users. Website maintenance is best performed by professional web developers. It is a technical and time-consuming process. If you try to handle it on your own and you are not a professional web developer, you can actually make mistakes that cost you money in the long run.

What is Website Maintenance? 

Website maintenance is the service of monitoring and checking your website’s overall health and performance. It involves tasks like monitoring website traffic, updating content, increasing the site’s usability and security, and more.

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Cost of Website Maintenance Services 

The cost of website maintenance services depends on every client, the size and complexity of their website, and how much maintenance their website (or websites) require. Your cost might depend on how many pages you need updated on a regular basis. To learn how much website maintenance services cost for you, contact SEO Design Chicago today for a quote. Our clients typically find that the cost is well worth the peace of mind of knowing that their website is running smoothly and up-to-date at all times.

How to Find Website Maintenance Services

If you are wondering “how do I maintain my website?” The answer is with website maintenance services from SEO Design Chicago. Whether you need WordPress maintenance, e-commerce website maintenance services, or web maintenance services for another web host, our team can help you.

The Importance of Website Maintenance 

If you want to keep your website running smoothly, you need professional website maintenance services. Regular website maintenance is important to prevent technical issues, continuously improve user experience (UX), and ensure your website continues to rank high in the search engine results pages (or SERPs.) Maintenance also ensures that your website looks fresh, modern, and updated, that visitors have a good experience on your site, and it improves your search ranking. Website maintenance also ensures that your website’s interactive components stay up to date and work on all devices. For example, if your customers have issues with the checkout process, that can lead to shopping cart abandonment issues and stop you from earning revenue.

What is Included in Website Maintenance Services? 

These are the following services that might be included in your website maintenance services package with SEO Design Chicago. However, all of our services are customized to each of our clients’ individual needs and goals.

Performance Monitoring and Optimization

We will monitor your website’s performance to help you identify any potential problems before they become major and take additional steps to make sure your site runs smoothly. Additionally, we will optimize your website’s performance to improve your site speed, responsiveness, and other factors. For example, we can speed up web page loading times, optimize images, and update code. 

Ensured Responsiveness

It is important that your website is responsive at all times. This makes sure that users can access your website at any time. 

Security Updates

Users and search engines both check to see if a website is secure. If they get a notification Web development companies frequently release security patches to address vulnerabilities in their software.

User Experience Maintenance 

Part of website maintenance services is ensuring that your website’s UX (or user experience) is easy and fast. If your user experience starts to falter, we will catch and fix the issue right away. 

Plugin and Theme Updates

Plugins and themes need to be updated regularly to ensure that they are compatible with the latest web browsers and security patches. 

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Content Updates

Every website’s content should be updated regularly to ensure that is accurate and relevant. Content updates include adding new content, but also updating older posts, freshening product descriptions, and removing outdated content. 

Backup Recovery and Disaster Recovery

If something goes wrong, it is important to have a recent backup of your website so you don’t lose important content. Part of website maintenance services include disaster recovery planning. Then, if a major problem occurs, you can have your website back up and running quickly. 

Security Scanning

One of the steps to creating a safe and secure website is security scanning. Daily security scanning ensures that your website is secure from any possible threats and is vital in web maintenance. Routine security scans can help identify and prevent any vulnerabilities on your website. This protects your website and its users. 

User Management 

If your website has users, part of website maintenance services can be managing their accounts. User management includes creating, updating, and deleting user accounts; resetting passwords; managing permissions; removing bots and spam accounts; and more.

Uptime Monitoring 

It is important that your website is always available when people want and need to access it. This is referred to as uptime. Our goal is to keep your website’s uptime as close at 100% as possible. If downtime is necessary for maintenance, we schedule it during your website’s slower hours to affect the fewest number of users possible. And if your website goes down unexpectedly, we take steps to fix it as quickly as possible.

SEO Monitoring

Your website needs maintenance but so does your SEO! Part of our website maintenance includes SEO monitoring. SEO monitoring ensures that your website is visible in the search engine rankings. We are experts in search engine optimization maintenance and monitoring practices. After all, SEO is in our name! 

Accessibility Testing

Is your website ADA compliant?  It is important not only to take the steps to make sure your website is ADA compliant, but also to test your website’s accessibility regularly to ensure that everyone and anyone can use your website. This includes people with disabilities, people who are using different types of devices, and people who have slow connections to the internet.

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How Often Website Maintenance Is Necessary

Many clients are curious how often website maintenance is necessary. It is a good rule of thumb to do website maintenance at least once a month at minimum. This ensures that your website is up-to-date and running smoothly.

Depending on your website and platform, you may want to do maintenance more often. Some websites have a large amount of sensitive client data that may need extra protections.

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