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5 Great SEO Tips for Photographers

Photography is more than just images. For professional photographers, text and descriptions of their photography is becoming more and more relevant.  Even if you are using a system such as Smugmug, Photoshelter, Flicker or another Photo based CMS, there are a few great techniques that will help you get ahead of the pack

Backlinks – Backlinks. We all understand that they are important but how do we get them? I have met many photographers that have worked for major clients, yet have no SEO recognition of it. I would suggest that when you take on a new job, should always ask for attribution in print and in digital as condition of your contract. Print attribution will provide organic searches to your site, while digital attribution will provide direct links.  Also ask some of your past clients if you have a good relationship with them, to link back to your site from your published material.

Directory Listings – Do directory listings even matter anymore?  At least for the time being, until a new Google Update they still carry some small value. A company such as Yext can update all of your directory listings across the Internet at a low yearly price. They also can do wonders for your local SEO, since you can list services and other information relative to the photography business. The down side of this service is that if you cancel the service, the links and all of the work that has been done is reversed.  These services are also offered by a few other competitors in the marketplace such as Localeze. The best way to add directory listings above all others is to manually edit them.  Do you have a good intern with tons of time?

Alt Text on Images – Alt Text descriptions on images. Many photographers miss this easy technique. Alt text is simply the meta information of the pictures published on your site. Search Engines do not read pictures, but they can reach text. If I am looking for a Wedding Photographer in Decatur, IL and I search for Decatur, IL wedding photographers, the photographer that has relevant descriptions of his/her pictures will help rank better than the one that has labels such as image84635. This is something that can also be added through a Lightroom export for ease of tagging.

Alt Text for Photographers

Title Tags – Title tags are used to provide preview snippets of words explaining what the webpage is about. If somebody comes across your webpages for search queries, you will be more successful in landing a click if there is a good description of your pages.  Title tags give viewers descriptions of your website pages in external links, and the internet browser bar as well.  Be conscious of placing important keywords near the front of the tag as well as leveraging your personal branding. If your CMS does not optimize for title tags you can usually add them through custom HTML. To learn about tags you can go to W3schools and grab some code. Learn even more about Title tags from MOZ

Blog Posting

Blog Posting – We have all heard about how important blogging can be to harnessing search traffic.  If you specialize in a particular type of photography such as Travel, Wedding or Product, write some good blogs about your content. For example if you are a travel photographer and you just took a trip to Iceland, write about the specific geographic places that you went to.  Use strong keywords relevant to your topic in the blog. An Iceland Travel Photographer could write about Dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in the world.

5 Great SEO Tips for Photographers – Colin Lewis is a freelance writer for SEO Design Chicago in Chicago, IL

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