Analytics Data

Without the proper web analytics data and reporting, you are “shooting in the dark.” You can build an awesome website and have all the right content, but we will never know how your customers are interacting with your site. Once we have analytics data and create reports based on your website data, we can make the right improvements to your site and gain more traction with your customers. Our analytics data team is here to help you interpret and understand what to make of all of the analytics data out there.

Website Analytics

There are lots of pages on your website and it is best to see which pages on which your customers are spending the most time. We can see where your customers are coming from, which pages they leave the most, and on what pages they fill out forms. With all this information, we can save you time and money. Develop more pages that interest your audience and optimize existing pages.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free website analytics tool that allows you to view how users get to your website and what they do once they have arrived. It is one of the best tools available to accurately measure your marketing success.

You can easily filter and find out what countries, states, or cities your visitors are coming from. You can find out how many pages they visit on your site and how long they stay on your site.

Google Analytics can be added on to almost any website simply by adding a bit of code. This will also allow it to work in conjunction with other Google services like your Google Ads account and Google Search Console.

Once you have begun to compile data, reports can be run and generated in order to improve your business.

SEO Design Chicago offers professional training in Google Analytics and GA4 for agencies and individuals.

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Gogole Analytics
Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that will let you add small bits of marketing code on to your app or website. It works together with Google Analytics to provide data. Google Tag Manager allows your website to track more data and more events. It can be trained to track specific events on your site in order to have a more in-depth understanding of users’ behaviors. Some of the more common uses of Google Tag Manager are remarketing and heat mapping.

Although it helps to make marketing easier, it is by no means a simple tool to use without training. Most web developers spend years perfecting their knowledge. SEO Design Chicago has the knowledge and the years of experience to not only set up the coding correctly, but to analyze it for you as well.

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Google Search Console

Google Search Console helps measure your site’s level of performance. Additionally, it helps to adjust any errors and helps identify strengths on your site. For example, it will tell you if there is malware on your site. Search Console can also tell you what keywords are being used to get to your site.

Google Search Console is also where you can go to have your site crawled by Google bots. If you add a new page to your site or make significant changes, it would be a good idea to request that your page be reindexed so that the freshest material is available to Google. Search Console is also very effective at measuring your pages’ CTRs and traffic. You can assess what is working on your higher ranking pages and then apply that to the lower ones in order to make your entire site more successful.

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Google Search Console
Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is a powerful tool that gives its users a tremendous amount of opportunity to use data to understand customer trends and to improve a website. It provides real-time analytics and segmentation through various marketing channels.

As digital marketing has evolved, it has become much more important to evolve with the industry. Gone are the days of simply tracking visits and page views. In order to really understand your customers, you need to measure traffic sources, the effectiveness of your content, engagement with multimedia, and customer paths. Instead of trying to understand who is coming to your website, you need to know why they are coming to your website. This allows you to know the best products or the best pages to show them. With Adobe Analytics, you have all of this information at your fingertips.

adobe analytics

Twitter Analytics

With Twitter analytics, you can analyze each of your individual tweets and gain a better understanding of all of your followers. Twitter offers tools that allow you to adjust your tweets and account to better reach your audience. Additionally, Twitter has a campaign dashboard that helps you to optimize your Twitter ads campaigns. It lists impressions, results, engagement rates, and cost per result.You can segment these results or view them holistically. The results can be seen by:

  • Different Objectives
  • Individual Campaigns
  • Individual Tweets
  • Targeting Criteria

Twitter also has conversion tracking to follow up on the ads you serve to view their results.

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Twitter campaign dashboard
YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics

YouTube is one of the largest search engines in use today and attracts millions of visitors. It is also the largest video platform with almost two billion monthly users. YouTube has their own specific analytics reporting. There are three unique segments which offer reporting:

  • Earnings reporting
  • Watch time reports
  • Interaction reports
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Omniture Analytics

Omniture Analytics, also known by Adobe Omniture, was a marketing tool that was created in the mid-1990s. It has since been bought by Adobe and Omniture Analytics runs under the Adobe Analytics name today. It was a powerful tool used as an alternative or comparison to Google Analytics when it was first released.

Omniture Analytics

How Do I Apply Analytics and Reporting to My Business?

We will start by looking to see if you already have a Google tracking code placed on your website. We can set up your Google Analytics and install the code if it does not exist. After we get access to your Google Analytics account or create the account for you, we will create reports of the traffic that is most important to your business. After analyzing all the data, we will strategize on how to achieve your online business goals and what website improvements need to be made. Google Data Studio will help visualize and track data in one forum for ease of communication.

Analytics and Reporting

There are so many analytics and reporting tools available today that it can be difficult to not only select the one or ones that are most relevant, but then it can be equally or more difficult to become adept at using the them.

Let SEO Design Chicago help you to select the reporting and analysis that will benefit your business the most. We can help you understand and interpret the data so that your business can flourish.

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Custom Marketing Reports

SEO Design Chicago works with many ad agencies and clients to provide customized marketing reports for clients. Our team has a thorough background in Google Analytics best practices, Google Tag Manager custom implementations, and troubleshooting Google Search Console issues. Contact us today and let us know what specialized reporting we can provide for you.

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